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Did the markets miss what happened in Vegas?

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Vegas starts to come to terms with shooting but the markets remain unaffected despite 50 lost lives

Over 50 innocent lives were lost in Vegas in another act of random violence, shocking everyone except the markets.

The market reaction to the deadliest shooting in modern US history? Predictably, gun stocks have soared while the value of MGM shares (the company that own the hotel chain) have plummeted. 

But for Wall Street and the other markets it’s almost like it never happened. 

But imagine yourself, if you can, in America’s playground today. What would you be doing? 

How many people are out and about enjoying what makes Vegas what it is?

Would you still want to party in Vegas?

How many have decided to end their visit early and go home? 

Have others have decided to cancel their trip to Sin City? 

How much money that would have been spent in Vegas today and in the coming weeks is going to stay at home. Probably billions, but that disturbance to the economy is being treated like a scraped knee. 

In Catalunya, violence during the referendum for independence from Spain saw 850 people injured. It also had a direct effect on the value of the Euro. It’s likely to have an ongoing influence on Euro/Dollar trading as the aftermath and implications of the Catalan vote are factored in. 

It could be argued that the two events shouldn’t be compared. It’s a valid argument until the memory is cast back to how the markets reacted to the 9/11 attacks. 

Every event that significantly affects the flow of money has an effect on the markets. It’s like taking some of the oxygen out of the air – it’s going to get harder to breathe.


For More Detail : Did the markets miss what happened in Vegas?


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