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Today we are happy to announce updates on our project. We have a couple of small innovations and one significant - this is a new proxy package specifically for mailing!

1) A new proxy package was launched in test mode specially for mailing

We glad to announce that we have a new proxy package "Mail Special", which is already available for purchasing account in the" Standard Proxy "section.


Features of the new proxy package:

  • The online of package is 15 to 30 thousand proxies.
  • Package updates every 15 minutes, while updating you will get 5% of new proxy (2 hours to 40% of new proxy!)
  • All ports on servers are open. (25,465 and 587 ports)
  • For testing and checking we offer 1 hour of free work *!

*For the test, please contact our support service.

Prices for the Mail Special package:

  • Day - 60$
  • Week - 200$
  • Month - 800$

As a result, the Mail Special package is good for demanding customers for white and gray mailings!


Especially for the first 10 clients we provide a 10% discount if you purchase the "Mail Special" package absolutely for any period!

Promotion code «NewOfferRS»

We will be very happy with all your wishes or criticism about the work of new proxies. We remind you that now the proxy is running in a test mode and gradually the quality and online will grow every day. All wishes and comments you can leave both in this thread and directly in our support service.

2) A new form of authorization method selection on personal proxies.

After a few comments from clients about the inconvenience of working with the mechanism of choosing the actual method of authorization on personal proxy, it was decided to change it and make it more convenient! ;)


Now, the new form is a block with a switch button on top that shows the active type of authorization. We remind that now we have authorization by username and password or through the binding of the working ip address. After changing the method, it is necessary to press the "Save" button.

Go to my personal area

3) The availability of Socks5 protocol on server proxy.

Since the activating of the server proxy, only a few weeks have passed, and we have already received quite a lot of requests for adding the opportunity to work through the socks5 protocol. To implement the work of both protocols on the same port, unfortunately we have not succeeded, so we made possible to unload different proxy lists to work with different protocols.


Go to my personal area

This is all news for today. For all questions, please contact our support:

Jabber: [email protected]
PHONE: +1 518 555 0176
Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net
QQ: 3307018252
WeChat: rsocks
ICQ: 560335

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Greetings to all forum users!

News digest from RSocks:

1. We have new special package for work with the Twitch.tv service


Proxies show stable online ~ 200 viewers for a quite long time when you work with 200-300 streams.
Brief description of the package:

  • Geo: World mix
  • Online: ~2500 ip
  • Updating of list every hour to 20-25% new ips
  • Limits: 500 threads and closed ports except for those required to work with Twitch
  • Free test for 1 hour on request and an additional 4 hours for feedback after testing.
  • Cost $30 week / $100 month

Write all suggestions and comments on support service!

2. We started a new package of proxies "Vietnam" specially for working with Asia.


We present to you the characteristics of this package:

  • Geo: Vietnam
  • Online: 6500ip
  • Updating of proxies every 2 hours for 30% of new ips
  • All ports are open
  • Limit: 500 threads
  • Free test for 1 hour
  • Price: $50 / day, $ 150/week, $ 700/month

Also, you can get Vietnam package for free 1 hour to make sure of its high quality. To get a test, ask questions, write suggestions and complaints please write to our support. We would love to hear from you!

3. RSocks Team started the sponsor proxy, specially to work with the Telegram through MTProto Protocol.


Sponsor proxies are proxies which designed to work only with Telegram, these proxies work through special Protocol MTProto, which does't allow you to make any other actions through a proxy, only for connection to the Telegram servers

The main advantage for users is that proxies are absolutely free! At the same time they keep stable connection and high speed of work. Proxy can also be used for audio calls.

Also, an additional advantage for you is that using our free sponsorship proxies you will automatically receive our information and news channel RSocks News, where we inform about all our news, promotions and special offers.


Connect to us! Use proxies, use Telegram!

If you have any questions, please contact our support service:

Jabber: [email protected] | PHONE: +1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335
RSocks News: @rsocks_news

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Hello everyone!

We are glad to inform you that today new personal geos of Turkey, Switzerland and Japan have become available on  RSocks!
New countries are already available for purchaseing, they can be purchased on your control panel.

QuUtMyl.png Wxio7My.png GVvmn5M.png

We remind you that we expand the pool of countries according to your numerous requests. This can be done on the rsocks.net website or via our customer support team.

Send us your questions and suggestions, we are always in touch!

Also don't forget about our free proxies for Telegram!


Jabber: [email protected] | PHONE:+1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335

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Do your proxies get banned too quickly?
Need a more frequent update, but you have a limited budget?


We have a solution!
Present you the two new proxy packs Micro USA and Micro Europe with 100% update every 5 minutes! You will receive about 15 000 unique proxies per day. Packs contains 50 ports and because of this costs only $70 per month!

Stay in touch:
Jabber: suppo[email protected]
Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net
ICQ: 560335

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Hello, guys!

The Shared package is a perfect solution for projects with small proxy requirements. Just after the release, it immediately drew a lot of interest and the demand is growing every day.

We appreciate your trust in our business and we do everything to make your work more profitable. So from now on there will be twice as much proxies in Shared!


Now you have access to more than 20,000 IP addresses for just $10 per month! And all protocols supported!

The package contains proxies from more than 100 countries. And with our free proxy checker you can quickly filter only the proxies you need.

If you have any question, be sure to reach out our support. They stay in touch 24/7:
Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net
ICQ: 560335

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Hello everyone!
Today we want to tell you some great news!

As you all know RSocks is constantly developing and expanding the range of plans to meet the requirements of any task: from maintaining a single account on Instagram to parsing search queries!

Now it is even easier to find your plan, because we have increased their number to 38! Have you seen such diversity anywhere else? We haven't!
We present a new plan - Exclusive USA!


What is this package and how can it be interesting?
Key features of Exclusive USA:

  • Proxy online: 2000 IP
  • Number of threads: 500
  • Updating: Up to 10% every hour
  • We charge $50 a day | $300 a week | $1200 a month

This is just the beginning!

The best way to make sure of proxy is to try it for free!
Have any questions? Support team will guide and help you out 24/7:
Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net
ICQ: 560335


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Hello dears!
We keep pleasing you with good news:)

Today RSocks starts the coolest promotion of its most favorite proxy packages! And all this is for you, dear customers!
From August 21th to September 1t, everyone will be able to purchase our most popular packages Russia PRO, Europe, Europe PRO and Mail Special at a nice 20% discount.


Actually these packages are already available at following prices:
Russia PRO: $24/day | $160/week | $/640month
Europe PRO: $24/day | $160/week | $/640month
Europe: $24/day | $120/week | $480/month
Mail Special: $48/day $144/week | $480/month
The offer is very tempting, but you're not sure if proxies will suit your needs? Apply for a free trial or ask a question to our support team..

Be sure to buy a proxy at a very reasonable price, because the promotion lasts only until September 1t!


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Hello everyone!
August was a very busy one, so we have prepared a digest of the most remarkable news of this month!

The first report!
Because of the growing popularity of USA data center proxies RSocks is constantly increasing their supplies and now it has reached 7000 IP!
And we don't even push our limits!
Current specs:
 — Proxy number: 7000 IPs
 — Threads: Up to 1000 (default 500)
 — Unlimited data
 — We charge  $170 a week | $680 a month.

The proxies are good to go, so hurry up to try them right away!
And don't forget to give some feedback on the new package on our forum thread 😉

The second report!
We also released a new exclusive proxy package. Behold Exclusive USA!!
Why should this catch your eye?
— That’s why:
— Proxy number: 2000 IP
— Threads: 500
— Updating: Up to 10% every hour
— We charge:  $300 a week | $1200 a month

It's become even easier to choose a plan, because there are 39 of them now! Have you seen such diversity anywhere else? We haven't!

The third report!
Additionally, we keep going our 'Country of the week' campaign.

We remind you that until the end of the week you can buy a proxy of Singapore at a nice discounted price of $3 per month!

Hurry up to buy a proxy before it's too late!

The fourth report!
And for completeness' sake we down-priced our most popular packages as well.
From August 21 to September 1 every customer will be able to purchase our most popular packages Russia PRO Europe, Europe PRO and Mail Special at a tempting 20% discount.

Packages are already purchasable at such trivial prices:

—  Russia PRO: $24/day | $160/week | $640/month
—  Europe PRO: $24/day | $160/week | $640/month
—  Europe: $24/day | $120/week | $480/month
—  Mail Special: $48/day | $144/week | $480/month

The fifth report!
We want to make the end of this summer really hot, and so we start the third promotion. That's all for you guys! Use the promo code FORUM20 now and buy proxy package Russia DC at a 20% discount.

Make haste to buy proxies at very cost-effective prices, because the discounts will last only until September 1!


Have any questions? Support team will guide and help you out 24/7:
Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net
ICQ: 560335



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Greetings to all the forum's members
We want to tell you that today we're releasing a new version of our RSocks Proxy Checker!

For those who do not know, this is our free software for checking and filtering proxy servers, that can work with any proxies out there.

The proxy checker of the latest version 2.1.0 has some new features, for example: proxy upload speed checking, "do not include" operation, proxy list refreshing button on the main window and other nice improvements.
For our new customers a "How to use the Proxy Checker by RSocks" video was made. The link on the menu.


You can find the list of "what's new" or download the checker here.
You can also read an article about this application on our Blog.

Talk to our customer support team, if there are any suggestions or bug report. We really appreciate all kind of feedback, so you're always welcome 🙂

Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net
ICQ: 560335

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Hello dear friends!

It's always hard to choose the right proxy to work with, isn't it? Because of you RSocks never stop to develop its packages, so here comes World mix Pro! World mix Pro is an interim solution for those who need something in between regular World mix and Exclusive mix.
Wow, now there are 40 different plans with this one!


Main features:

  • Number of proxies online: 10 000
  • Updating: 20% every 2 hours
  • Threads: Up to 1000 (default 500)
  • We charge: $10/hour, $30/day, $150/week, $600/month and $3000 for the whole six months

Don't pass by if you think you're a real pro!

Take the new package on trial to make sure of it right away and completely for free

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Here come Shareable Personal Proxy!

Guys! We did what you longed for!
We received a lot of questions about when we would create private proxies that still can be shared among friends a colleagues.
And here they are! And most importantly, we have best deals anywhere! You can even buy a proxy for just one week and it will cost you only $0.15!.

What countries are available?
Right now you can choose following countries: Russia, USA, Germany, Netherlands and the UK.

We charge:

  • 1 week - $0.15
  • 1 month - $0.30

One price for all countries!


Buying a shareable proxy, you can specify the purpose of using to isolate your tasks from other users.
One proxy can be shared with up to three users.

By the way, in the near future we will release Personal Residential Proxy! So stay tuned!

If you have any questions, please contact us! We work 24/7.
Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: rsocks
Skype: rsocks.net
ICQ: 560335
Discord: RSocks#3550

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Don't miss the New Year sale of proxy and VPN!

Santa has prepare nice presents for anonymity-fanciers. We cut 20% off everything and credit 120% funds to your account, if you send over $200. If for some reason you haven't purchased lifetime VPN subscription yet, it's time to do it now! Lifetime for mere $190. Period.

Don't postpone this event. It will last only until December 31th. RSocks
Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: rsocks
Skype: rsocks.net
ICQ: 560335
Discord: RSocks#3550

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Happy New Year, dear friends!

RSocks wishes happy holidays to all supporters of the safer and anonymous Internet! This year was an exciting and eventful one. We were in constant preparations of new offers. And we wish good luck and success to your projects in the upcoming year. We're planning to surprise you with new proxy plans in the next year. Let's celebrate the New Year!

Oh, and don't forget about presents, because the sale is only until the end of this year and the time is running out!


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