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Are You Sure That You Have Got the Best Diet to Lose Belly Fat?

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When you first start a weight loss program you will likely see more Green Barley Plus rapid and pleasing drops in your weight. This can be very motivational but it can also be a mental trap if you are not prepared. You see some of this weight lost is water and your body will rebalance it's water level meaning that it is not unlikely for your weight loss to slow or even reverse at some point over the first few weeks.
To lose our excess body fat means we have to change make some fundamental eating and life style habits. And the changes can be quite easy-ones that you can quickly incorporate in your daily habits. For example:

1. Cream and Sugar. If you are a coffee or tea drinker that adds cream and sugar, you are taking just adding needless calories. Did you know that 2 tablespoons of sugar in your coffee has the same calories as a big piece of chocolate? That would not be so bad-just eating one piece of chocolate, but if you drink 3 or 4 cups of coffee with cream and sugar every day that would be like eating 3 or 4 big pieces of chocolate, and most of us would not do that on a daily basis. So, help you get that flat stomach, substitute the cream and sugar for a no-cal creamer and an artificial sweetener.

2. Dark Tea. Don't think you have to give up coffee or tea if you want to avoid cream and sugar. In fact, drinking black tea and coffee, which contain no calories, do contain an organic chemical called alkaloid which inhibits hunger and stimulates your metabolism. This is definitely a good reason to drink tea for stimulating weight loss and losing that excess body fat.



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