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Mobile App Development Tools And Trends

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Check out some of the Best Mobile App Development Tools and Trends in 2018

1 On-Demand Apps

2 IoT and Wearable Apps

3 Cloud-Based Apps Development

4 Accelerated Mobile Pages

5 Android Instant Apps

6 Mobile Payments

7 AR/VR App Development

8 Enterprise Apps and BYOD

9 Application Security

10 Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Here is an informative blog with all the details for Mobile App Development Tools: Top 10 Mobile App Development Tools And Trends In 2018

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    • By SagarEspark
      Digitalization era has led to expanding the mobile app market to a different extent, and it is just growing day by day. Naturally, if you want your brand to reach heights and drive more sales, then getting on with the marketing trend is the only key.
      Developing an app for your brand can get you more customers as you can reach and interact with them easily. The first question that anyone would get is, how much does it cost to make an app?
      Well, there is never a ton accurate answer to this question as to the cost of the app highly depends upon the type of the app you want to make.

      The features determine the cost of an app that one needs to get added in an app or the type of the app that one needs to create. For creating an app, an expert agency or a freelancer app developer can get approached.
      So according to a Clutch survey, by skipping all the factors in cost breakdown, the cost to create an app by expert agencies is $171,450.
      There are many App Cost Calculators available online that can be used to get the approximate idea; they give you a price tag of $200,000 to $350,000 for an app consisting of myriad features. And the smaller apps with basic features cost around $10,000 to $50,000.
      Some of the factors that highly govern the cost of creating an app are different developer rates, project complexity, and the time it takes to build an app.
      The aspects that you need to take into consideration the cost of developing an app are:
      Type (Mobile Game, Social Networking, Business, Shopping, etc.) Design (Basic, Individual, Custom) Platform (iOS, Windows, Android) Features and infrastructures Number of pages Any Mobile Application Development Company would provide you with a quotation of app development by taking these factors into consideration.
      An average cost to make an app depends upon the type of app that you want to build. Here’s a list of things that constitute app development cost. Let’s analyze them one-by-one in detail.
      Cost Of Developing a Mobile App
      The Various Types Of Apps Who Can Help You To Develop An App? Cost Of An App Design Geographically Cost According To Key Mobile App Features Cost To Maintain An App Continue Reading...
    • By lewis_elizabeth
      Looking for most reliable Mobile Application Development Services that meets your business requirements? We are a service based Mobile App Development Company based in USA, UK, and India. Our dedicated development team provide complete application design, development, and deployment services. We’ve been in this industry since 14+ years & have built over 300+ applications. Hire our mobile app developers on an hourly or full-time basis.
    • By SagarEspark
      I have my app finally built with eye-catching design, enthralling app icon, and attractive features. I have tested it on every device available and witnessed its seamless work.
      The idea of my app on the genre that I chose is out of the box and innovative. It will have less competition in the market due to the novice idea it is based on. But I am shocked to see; my app isn’t getting any downloads.
      If you are facing this situation as I had once with my app, then its high time to analyze the methods/tips/hacks to catch hold the attention of the people.
      Marketing an app is a hard nut to crack; Knowing How to Develop an App is much simpler. Many people around the globe search for mobile apps that would serve them in different aspects.
      All you need to do hit when the iron is hot❗
      And this isn’t rocket science but proper research of the market. If you think I am trying to magnify, then I have the proof ready with me.
      Near about 12% of smartphone users look for interactive apps. More than 50% of the users search for applications every week. Hold your chairs properly as this figure might shake you well!
      Six million unique keywords/month are recorded. I hope now you believe me that I wasn’t exaggerating.
      Getting back to the point, let us see a few hacks that would boost the mobile app downloads and help you to make some real money.
      But before I share the secret, let us brush up about App Store Optimization.
      In techie jargon, ASO is all about the optimization of mobile applications. The main aim to optimize mobile apps is to achieve a higher rank in the search results of the App Store.
      As per a study, it is said that ASO improves app downloads in less than a month by 1500%. For that purpose, focus on App Store Keyword Optimization.
      So in this article, the simple hacks that one should know for increasing the app downloads are:
      Attract The Customers With a Bonny App Icon Stretching Your Aim In Social Platforms Your App Should be Named And Described App Marketing A Demo Video Is The Icing On The Cake Be Hungry For Reviews Be Loud While Promoting Your App Organize Giveaways Guest Post Attracts Masses To Your App Play Tactfully With Your Keywords
    • By SagarEspark
      When you are new to a city, especially as a tourist, you are unaware of its transport system.
      You go to the bus stop, and you get to know a piece of dreadful information. You get to know that the bus that you wanted to board left five minutes before. The next one will arrive after 2 hours.
      You also find yourself unable to plan your trips. You have no idea how long it will take you to go from one place to another. Thus, to save yourself from all these hassles, you switch to the option of private vehicles.
      This helps to have better control of your trip. Now, this option of touring on private cars will only turn out to be more burdensome on your pocket.

      The scenario brought the Public Transport App for tracking into the picture. This app comes to the rescue of such tourists. Bus Tracking System comes under this section.
      People can now use these apps to navigate through the lanes of an unknown city like a local without the help of a local. It also helps them keep track of the public transport system of the place.
      Here we take a look at what goes into the development of such an app and what are the costs involved.
      Types Of Transportation App
      General Purpose Transit Apps
      These are the general-purpose apps used for navigating within cities. These apps contain information on commuting options in various cities around the globe.
      With a network of many transport agencies, they show different options. You can avail while going from one place to another in a city.
      Transportation Providers’ App
      These apps are specific to particular transport agencies. They have options for trip planning and buying a ticket.
      It can be within the city or an intercity trip. They also incorporate the feature of purchasing tickets. This buy is at the time of booking the transport.
      Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Apps

      This is the online approach to sightseeing at your own pace. These apps help you to choose from routes that cover the famous places of the city. You can select the path and buy the ticket for that route.
      You can Track Bus Location that you are to the board, and you don’t have to buy the tickets again and again. Here, the Bus GPS Tracker comes into the picture.
      You can also look for the City Bus Tracker. It could turn out to be a masterstroke.
    • By SagarEspark
      Nowadays, Telegram falls under a specific bracket. It’s one of the most remarkable messaging applications.
      It showcases how the platform has evolved along with the market. It managed to develop a secured messaging app with a vast user base.
      In 2016, Telegram managed to cross the range of 100 million active users. It’s a fact despite the cut-throat competition in the market. Telegram vs. WhatsApp is one of the most fierce battles.
      WhatsApp has more than a billion active users. A line has twice of active users to that of Telegrams. The developers are considering Telegram as the role model for a messaging app.
      Another messaging application signal is the main competitor of Telegram. It provides a secured messaging application. But the former has 1 million downloads on Google Play.
      Market Trends, Growth, And Opportunities
      The following statistics indicate the growth of the Telegram in the last few years. Its reach has gone a whole new level with more than 62 million active users.
      What’s more interesting is the numbers of new users joining this app. So, by analyzing these numbers, one can get a great idea about Telegram.

      How To Make An Instant Messaging App Like a Telegram?
      In today’s scenario, developing an app can mean zero level development. It means to code from the very beginning.
      Telegram App Developer can take help of other online methods, i.e., APIs, libraries, tools & protocols. The developer must know how he/she wishes to develop a messaging app.
      The developer must also know the development platforms, i.e., Android Windows or iOS.
      The functions of a messaging app depend on the infrastructure of the databases. (such as storage facility, messaging protocols (XMPP), APIs. Notification services, servers, etc,…).
      There are some things you should take into account while developing a messaging app.
      They’re as shown below:
      Cost Security Timeline Features Design Back-end Front-end Support Click Here To Read More...
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