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Hi brother or sister,

My name is Danny. I'm 28 years old. Have two daughters age 4 and 7 I think. I do not see them at the moment, because I fucked up.

I just can't stop working on creating the lifestyle that I deserve. I do not wan't fame or riches. Just some food and a place to sleep.

In the evening I have a fixed sum that I can use to buy a cup of coffee, at Starbucks. I would be happy if I could just make a difference

and see the change that one can put into another humans life. Enough about this sentimental crap.

With the two divine hands that I have. I can create websites, graphics, write articles / books / info graphics and everything else. I can

write front and back-end code. I can do so many things. The only thing I really care about is my writing. I am not the next Hemingway yet.

But, oh boy, I love to write. It is the highest form of magic that I can shoot out from my fingertips.

I have some ideas as to how I can take around 15 people into my network and help them with everything they need.

You just need to have an idea and some willpower.

Light, Life & Love



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Hello @Danny Blååberg,

Welcome on Top Gold Forum. 

Really nice to see that you share your life path with us. I always appreciate open minded people that work to become better in every aspect in life.

Don't be so worried we all fu*** up some things in our lives at some point. Just put yourself back on tracks man.

Oh and yeah I see that you love to write and your pieces are really inspiring. Keep them comming

Also let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

See you in the forums.

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