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CGI LIMITED. (Coinsinos) Get paid via multiple streams

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Hello Everyone,

I did like to introduce you to an opportunity, which is quite new.




What is Coinsinos

•Coinsinos combines the addictive industry of Online and Physical gaming and Cryptocurrency to create one big opportunity for people to take advantage of to make money.

•This company backed up by the mother company Softec Digital created a cryptocurrency initially to solve the problem of moving money by game players. This innovative cryptocurrency is now being expanded into the lifestyle industry including accommodation, travel, restaurants and dining, etc.

•The Coin, called BetChip will be launched in a public ICO before the end of the first quarter of 2018 with a starting price of $1

•In Addition to the betchip, the company owns a mining farm in Costa Rica where they mine cryptocurrency for profit.

•The Company is billed to start full operations in March 2018 but Pre-launch has started since the beginning of February, 2018.


What are the Benefits to you?

By Investing in an affiliate package, you are entitled to the following:

1.Tokens of the Betchip given to you based on the package acquired. ( For the month of February 2018 alone, this is doubled). This is over now.

2.You get monthly return paid to you from the mining for profit activity that the company does. This is called the Power 365.

3.The company shares a percentage of the quarterly profitmade from both online and physical gaming platforms with all affiliates depending on the number of shares owned which depends on the active package purchased. (Pool Points)


Packages and Benefits

Coinsinos Compensation Plan

Once you get started as an affiliate, you can invest in one of the seven packages below:


Bronze – $100  ($50 worth of betchips)

Bronze Elite – $500 ($250 worth of betchips)

Silver – $1000 ($500 worth of betchips)

Silver Elite – $5000 ($2500 worth of betchips)

Gold – $10,000 ($5000 worth of betchips)

Gold Elite – $25,000 ($12,500 worth of betchips)

Platinum – $50,000 ($25,000 worth of betchips)



Monthly ROI

Each Coinsinos package is tied with a monthly ROI for 12 months:


Bronze – $8.40 a month (12 month ROI = $100.80)

Bronze Elite – $42 a month (12 month ROI = $504)

Silver – $84 a month (12 month ROI = $1008)

Silver Elite – $420 a month (12 month ROI = $5040)

Gold – $840 a month (12 month ROI = $10,080)

Gold Elite – $2100 a month (12 month ROI = $25,200)

Platinum – $4200 a month (12 month ROI = $50,400)



How you make Withdrawals.

•You can use your earnings to sign up new members and keep the cash.

•You can transfer your earnings to another member and the member will pay you cash.

•You can make withdrawals to your bitcoin, bitcoin cash or Ethereum wallet and exchange the cryptocurrency for cash through local exchangers or through online exchangers.

•You can be paid in Fiat currency.


DISCLAIMER: I am not the owner of the company, just a partaker. 



Kindly see the image attached below:




expected signup bonus.jpg


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