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How long have you been making money on the Internet? Most importantly, have you?
A community of financially independent people based on the best principles of the MLM industry. Thoroughly developed marketing is built not only on mathematical, but also on psychological calculations. Having become a partner of Mr.HeisenBot, you will not just start earning money, you will become a part of the community of financially independent people.
Our project's marketing is not very simple, and not everyone understands its essence at once. Let's start by saying that adding funds to Mr.HeisenBot deducts 10% from your deposit
5% to your inviter 5% to the administrator of the project
Afterwards, the deposit starts working and grows
by 0.88% every day
Taking into account the compound interest calculations you see on your screen, the sum you invested will appear on your balance on day 12, and all remaining days of working with Mr.HeisenBot will be bringing you net profit of 0.88% a day.
What do you think? We killed the essence of creating multiple accounts and disclosed the percentage of administrator's earnings.
It is profitable where there is no stealing, keep it in mind.
1st month30.06%
2nd month69.16%
3d month120.01%
4th month186.15%
5th month272.18%
6th month384.07%
7th month529.60%
8th month718.87%
9th month965.04%
10th month1285.22%
11th month1701.66%
12th month2243.28%
Minimal Spend: 40
Max Spend: 700
Referral: 5%
Date : 2018-02-28 07:44:22
From/To Account : U041537791191
Amount : -300.00
Currency : USD
Transaction Name : INNER_SYSTEM

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