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Even if you are well equipped with all the necessary resources, the next big thing you will need is acquiring enough funding or investors so as to back your business with powerful finance. You must have heard about different sorts of investors or funding approaches of fundraising- the foremost requirement to start any business. ICO(Initial Coin Offering) funding is one such trending approach that you may be acquainted with or maybe not.

Here in this blog, you will find everything about ICO that you must be familiar with, like: Initial Coin Offering Website Design

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    • By GGBTC
      Since the beginning of this year, the performance of platform coins has been very bright, and a large number of platform coins have ushered in considerable gains. BNB, OKB, HT and other platform coins of first-tier exchanges have gained more than double-digit gains. Platform coins have the application scenarios and profitability that most blockchain project currencies do not have.
      Therefore, in the current market conditions, it is very necessary to purchase several potential platform coins.
      At present, GGC gradually enters the mainstream line of sight, and the entry cost is low. Only a breakthrough hot spot is needed, and the appreciation space will be very huge. GGC’s appreciation logic now seems to be very clear.
      Limit GGC circulation velocity
      GGC issued by GGBTC is a real application token, which can fully penetrate all nodes of the exchange ecosystem, with a total of 1 billion. At the same time, the exchange will take out 20% of the total ecological profit per quarter to repurchase the GGC until it reaches 50% of the total. This repurchase and ultimate deflation mechanism can largely support the price trend of GGC.
      GGBTC introduced the game industry to design the circulation mechanism of GGC. GGC is one of the value certificates of the game platform while representing the equity of the exchange. In addition to expanding the circulation scenario, it is particularly worth mentioning that GGC plays an important role in the compensation and refund rules for the loss of “Game Interests”, mainly through lock-up to bring multiple additional benefits to users.
      It should be noted that almost all users have the demand for the refund of the lost part of “Game Interests”, and if they cannot sign in every day for 180 days in the process of the refund of rights, the refund must be achieved through locking GGC, thus contributing to the reduction of the overall circulation of GGC.

      Benefit users
      It is almost the practice of the exchange industry to list their own platform coins. However, it also limits the richness of tokens. GGBTC believes that the quality currency is the true core competitiveness. GGBTC broke this practice and launched dozens of popular tokens with millions of communities, such as GXC, INE, FIST, VGO, FOR and find a fast track to obtain users.
      GGBTC team believes that the essence of current exchange user operation is to “benefit users”, and based on this, it has built an encrypted asset promotion platform. Through exclusive airdrops, customized discounts, time-limited promotions, GGBTC users can earn considerable income.
      All in all, all hot projects will participate in cost-effective promotional activities on GGBTC. For the project side, a lot of new users can be obtained on the platform; For exchange users, high-quality token can be bought with low price; For the platform, it can promote the overall prosperity of the trading platform, and break through the traffic blocking pattern formed by the Matthew effect under the current exchange competition pattern.
      Promote community construction
      With the launch of GGBTC2.0 and the simultaneous launch of FM (Free Market) Zone, the GGC community is also developing steadily. Weibo + WeChat group +14 enterprise accounts on domestic leading financial media platform , with more than 100,000 users. Twitter + Facebook + Telegram (English and Chinese) + YouTube+ Medium+ Reddit+ Steemit+6 overseas professional websites with more than 300,000 users.
      In the early stage, GGBTC mainly used the community mode to promote the construction of nodes in overseas and domestic cities. At present, the Chinese community and English community have relatively large user scale and high user activity. With the continuous expansion of the market, GGBTC’s community organizations in various regions of the world are also expanding, such as the Korean community, Japanese community, Thailand and Vietnam community and so on, which launched in July.

      GGC resonance time: expected July 20th
      The first 10 levels of the resonance pool are the Genesis level, the initial ratio is 1ETH: 9000GGC, and each level is decremented by 500.
      The 11th to the 100th are the Torch level, and each level is decremented by 50.
      The activity rules
      1. To participate in resonance, you need to spend 10USDT to get event qualification.
      2. 85% of the GGC obtained by resonance will be used for lock-up, and 5% will be unlocked every week
      3. GGC can be used to deduct trading fees on GGBTC and the ratio is 1GGC: 0.5USDT.
      The activity rewards
      When a user recommends that other users successfully participate in the GGC resonance, the user will receive 5% resonance GGC of the first-level and 2% resonance GGC of the second-level and the given GGC is unlocked.
      Trading Opening Time
      The GGC/USDT trading pair is opened within one week after resonance.
      The PC and mobile APP beta will be officially launched on July 13.
      As of may, GGBTC has been jointly invested by American GONE Foundation, LD Capital, Hunter Capital, Bitrise Capital, Consensus Lab, Hui&Brothers Capital, ZY Capital, Landscape Capital, Insight Capital, Distributed Foundation, AlphaCoin Fund, The Force Partners and Tachyon Capital, with the total amount of financing exceeding 50 million RMB.

    • By blockchainerz
      Long gone are the days when businesses, to raise funds for their business, needed to know a ton of investors and have a great network. Today, there is a large number of substitute for raising money mediums. One of which is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding earned its popularity with the different online sites that enabled business people or ordinary people to raise assets for a wide range of requirements. As time passed, crowdfunding kept on developing and still does. The most recent advancement, crowdfunding withblockchain innovation, has made more straightforwardness and responsibility in the framework.
      How did blockchain comprehend these issues?
      Smart contracts are agreements give a way to keep the assets bonded. It discredits the likelihood of organizations abusing capital for purposes other than what was expressed. It additionally guarantees that assets are moved back to the financer if the organization is unable tp convey their guarantees.
      In peer-to-peer, the whole total gathered in a conventional crowdfunding occasion does not achieve the organization. Blockchain deletes middle people, so permitting the gathering pledges organization to use the entire sum for their tasks.
      The above are two reasons why blockchain-based crowdfunding is making waves in the business universe. There are many layers to blockchain innovation that is yet to be found and fused. Crowdfunding is only one viewpoint and can be performed in various ways relying upon an organization’s necessities.
      What are the different crowdfunding platforms?
      1. Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
      Blockchain crowdfunding began off with the ICO, a stage where organizations could raise assets from people in general, without central guidelines. It offered tokens in return for cryptocurrencies. The first ICO was propelled in 2013. But it was in 2017 that the crowdfunding system began drawing into consideration. From all the ICO ventures, a total of 875 brought $6.2 billion up in 2017.
      2. Security Token Offering (STO)
      As the name recommends, a Security Token Offering is a crowdfunding occasion in which organizations offer the open their advanced tokens sponsored by outside resources. After the ICOs went downhill because of the flood of tricks, STOs made its entrance. An STO is neither an IPO nor an ICO, but instead an amalgamation of the two. A Security Token Offering empowers allow financial specialists and real organizations to take part. An organization can raise assets through three kinds of security tokens – Equity Tokens (speak to the estimation of offers), Debt Tokens (speak to liabilities and remarkable obligations), and Real Assets Tokens (speak to proprietorship to a benefit). STOs expect positive development and are transmuting money on a huge scale.
      3. Introductory Exchange Offering (IEO)
      IEO or Initial Exchange Offering is very unique in relation to its antecedents. In contrast to the ICO and the STO, an IEO is led by a digital cryptocurrency trade, a built up one. The sale of the token is conducted on the trading platform. Token issuers need to pay a posting expense alongside a level of the tokens sold during the IEO. So, the tokens of the crypto new businesses are sold on the trade’s stages. And their coins are recorded after the IEO is finished. As the digital currency trade takes a level of the tokens sold by the startup. The trade is boosted to help with the token guarantor’s promoting tasks. IEO members don’t send commitments to the smart contract. Instead, tRather, they need to make a record on the trade’s stage where the IEO is directed. The contributors then fundtheir exchange wallets with coins. Then use those funds to buy the fundraising company’s tokens. BitTorrent, Fetch.AI, and VeriBlock are a couple of examples of IEOs gone right.
      Crowdfunding has opened up roads for organizations hoping to raise assets and at the same time empowers retail and institutional financial specialists alike to add to the reason. Blockchain innovation has demonstrated to be the foundation of a noteworthy segment of the advances towards a precise and higher standard of business.
    • By GGBTC
      Recently, GGBTC has received user feedback that some fake communities pretend to be GGBTC cooperative communities, falsely promoting the sale of GGC. In this regard, GGBTC makes the following solemn statement: so far, Landscape community and Shuimu community are the designated community incubator for GGBTC’s GGC. GGC for community ecological construction has been completely controlled by Landscape community and Shuimu community, all of which are used for the ecological construction of GGC.
      Other communities that claim to hold circulating GGC are not true.Please be aware of the risks.
      We hope GGBTC users do not believe the false community publicity. Please conduct transactions after verification to avoid being confused or cheated by malicious activities. Thanks for your support.
      Find us on:
      Website: https://www.ggbtc.com/
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ggbtcofficial/
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/GGBTC_Official
      Telegram English Group: https://t.me/GGBTCOfficial_EN
    • By blockchainerz
      By acquiring blockchain properties, smart contracts offer immutability and distributed storage. This is the thing that separates them most from traditional agreements.All the cryptocurrencies are very unpredictable today. So developers are consistently attempting to introduce such cryptocurrency which is less unstable and can be trusted by everybody. The possibility of a less unstable cryptocurrency has prompted the invention of stablecoins.
    • By blockchainerz
      By acquiring blockchain properties, smart contracts offer immutability and distributed storage. This is the thing that separates them most from traditional agreements.
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