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QCashPay serves since 2013 as fully automated exchanger and specialized for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, Monero, Ripple, WEX Code, EXMO Code, Perfect Money, FasaPay, Tether, Web Money, EPAY, Western Union, MoneyGram , Bank Wire and UnionPay. The order will be completed within less then 20 minutes which payment mode is automated and 12 hours for semi-automated and 24 hours for manual payment. QCashPay is legally registered in Hong Kong with operational office in China. We have linked with various company in the world for receiving and outgoing payment by western union and moneygram.

Webmoney (WMZ) can be exchanged from/to Western Union, Money Gram, UnionPay and Bank Wire by

For clients who would like to sell large volumes of e-currency or cryptocurrency on regular basis we provide them low rates and faster services.

Certified exchanger:
We provide e-currency exchange service on professional and reliable level therefore QCashPay.com is officially certified by -
2. https://www.wmtransfer.com
3. https://www.epay.com
4. https://www.fasapay.com
5. https://www.dash.org and many more e-currency and cryptocurrency listed exchanger.

User friendly website and support:
Our websites designed with simple interface for our clients so that they can place order easily. We designed easy registration system. No hard registration and verification procedures are required in the beginning.

QCashPay Support Team are always ready to assist you and answer your questions 24/7 hours a day as well as process your transactions round the clock.

Affiliates :
We have nice affiliates feature for our customer so that they can earn commission by his/her invitation to others. We offer upto 20% commission from affiliate.

Skype: [email protected] (QCashPay.com)
Support: [email protected]
Gmail: [email protected]


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I exhange three transactions 2000 USD Each to this webside www.qcashpay.com the thing is I paid from my PM account they did not proccess my orders and did not answer my email , I think they stole my money. I want to open a compleint about this matter to see if you can help me to get my money back.

this is all the information about this three transactions:

Transfer 223694613 U6389624
QCashPay.com -2010.00 10.00 2938.83 Sent Payment 2000.00 USD to account U6389624. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Exchange Perfect Money USD To Western Union USD 91528825. Payment ID: 91528825 

Transfer 223694415 U6389624
QCashPay.com -2010.00 10.00 4948.83 Sent Payment 2000.00 USD to account U6389624. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Exchange Perfect Money USD To MoneyGram USD 67911336. Payment ID: 67911336 

Transfer 223693573 U6389624
QCashPay.com -2010.00 10.00 6958.83 Sent Payment 2000.00 USD to account U6389624. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Exchange Perfect Money USD To Western Union USD 16775716. Payment ID: 16775716

Attention work team TopGold Forum, you are the number one responsible for the scams perpetuated by this company because your page is about placing the best and most reliable certified exchangers and you have www.qcashpay.com on  your list.

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