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Factors To Consider When Selecting Best ICOs for 2018

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Factors to consider when selecting cryptocurrencies

There are three main factors to consider in choosing the best cryptos and ICOs. These are the 3Ps. of PEOPLE, PRODUCT and PR. People: the coin must have a strong team of persons behind. Product: The product should be able to solve community problems. PR: The coin should have a huge press or community presence. The amount of buzz surrounding the coin. 

Moreover, Certain tenets define the long-term survival of a cryptocurrency.

a.      The Purposes of the Cryptocurrency

b.      The Market Capitalization

c.       The robustness of the developer community

Based on these factors and with extensive research, these three coins will moon, just diversify into them and see boom by end of 2018 and beyond:

1.    http://bit.ly/2C55K6W   starts 01 Mar 2018. German government backed coin. Will pay 10% on all referrals purchases for life. Already has a market place for selling real products, that support the coin. With Up to 100% cashback on everything you buy. Big team behind it.

2.    https://spectrocoin.com/en/signup.html?referralId=3238596339 BNK(Bankera) The bank for all cryptocurrencies. Pays interest every week on your holdings with them. BNK is sold on spectrocoin.

3.    https://wallet.dorado.tech/Referal/6016baae-d273-464b-9ff9-c76e3e8e14f7 Quarterly payout bonuses, Inovations, experienced team. To transform the way goods move around cities and the world.

Invest in these 3 and you are good to go.

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