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CryptoBite Coin (CBC) ICO - Starts (Feb 1st - $0.80/CBC) [Lending Platform]

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Cryptobite has developed their platform with the goal of becoming a decentralized booking service for people who wish to book hotels, flights, event tickets, etc. They are also developing their own USB wallet, which they plan to make available for purchase.
Lending Program
While there are currently no details about their lending program on their website, their roadmap states that they plan to launch it in the upcoming year. Investors can potentially earn up to 20% interest monthly. As we learn more, we will update you.
ICO Details
Cryptobite plans to open their ICO on 1 February 2018 and will run until the 1st of March. The prices for their coin as as follows:
Cryptobites roadmap:
Go to The Website.

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