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Yovia --- Yovia.com (Be An Influencer And Earn Lots With Your Facebook/twitter/g+ Account)

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In Yovia you are paid to be an influencer , there are many tasks that everyone can do and you are paid for doing them

There is no minimum payout
Payments are sent each 10th of the next month by Paypal

Per example you earn 1$ in month of may , you are paid on the next 10th june
You do simple easy tasks all based on your activities in social networking platforms, like facebook, twitter, google plus etc.
Sign Up as an Influencer and earn doing influencing activities such as commenting on a facebook post, installing a facebook app, following a twitter post, joining a google plus community and many more such tasks which pay much higher than the normal market rate for such tasks.
The payout ranges from 0.05$/task to 5$/task.
And get your payment as soon as you want.
Moreover, you can also sign up as a Sponsor, and pay the influencers for doing stuffs that you want them to do.
Apart from all these, a very good option to Earn is to refer other influencers or sponsors. For each influencer, you refer, you get paid 0.50$, and for every sponsor referred, you get paid 10$, which is quite a good amount.
But, earnings from referrals are only paid out once you reach the minimum of 50$.
So, do not worry and think much. Just Sign Up and start Earning. Remember, you do not have to invest or pay anything in order to earn. You just earn simply and take cash home.

Payment Processors are PAYPAL, PAYZA, Wire Transfer(FOR US ONLY) and more payment processors are going to be added.

Very easy and trusted company (Have paid more than 179,000$)
And sign up is FREE


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