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✅✅ Host Proton arrives in Europe ✅ hosting WordPress with support

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The truth is that from our location in the USA thanks to the international network providers that redundant our servers, we can provide a good speed throughout the Americas and Europe. But we wanted to provide better support to our customers in Europe, so during this week all our customers in Europe. Although in Europe the hardware is more expensive, we have selected and prioritized good last generation hardware for the assembly of our servers, thus counting on Dual Xeon E5, SSDs and a minimum of 64GB DDR4 EC RAM.

As usual in our services we provide, our servers run LiteSpeed Web Server (x10 times faster than Apache and Nginx), MariaDB, cPanel, Softaculous, we provide accessible backups from cPanel via JetBackup, SSL free from Let's Encrypt and we have active protocols http2 and QUIC (faster than HTTP2 and only accessible to LiteSpeed users).

For free and as partners of Cloudflare, we provide Railgun, a technology valued at $ 200 / m that we provide at Host Proton completely free of charge. You can also activate using LSCache through the WordPress plugin to speed up your website in WordPress or if you want Magento you will have the possibility to use LiteMage Cache, cache system provided by LiteSpeed for Magento.



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