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Bitkong : Online casino Gambling

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Bitkong is a free online casino where you can earn some bitcoins by gambling with the Games of this platform .

1-Description of this casino :

BitKong is a  fun and addictive provably fair bitcoin betting game. We are not going to try pouring cold water on that claim. Somehow, we are convinced that this site is indeed trying to offer something a little different and is fun to play. It even has a mission statement, presenting the goal of not just offering another bitcoin dice game or third party copies of other slot machine games, but offering a 100% provably fair game that is entertaining to play.

Before  you get to play on BitKong, you will be greeted with a dialog box asking you if you agree or disagree as to whether or not you meet the site’s requirements for playing. There are two requirements, which are basically the standard requirements for almost all online casinos: being at least 18 years old and the legality of the site in the jurisdiction where the player resides.


As of April 2016, BitKong claims that at least 1,000 BTC or 1 billion bits have already been wagered on the site. During its first three months of operation, according to one tweet it posted on its official Twitter account, the site already facilitated more than 1 million games and by the time we did this review, more than 3.9 million games have already been played on the site with 1.287 million mBTC or 1,287+ BTC wagered. These are indeed great numbers for a small bitcoin betting site.

BitKong is a decent gambling site that could be a good option if you are looking for something that allows you to play quickly. It even offers free bitcoins you can use for playing.

BitKong Game Software and Fairness

BitKong uses proprietary software that makes for a provably fair game system. The site states that the game uses an “elaborate system of coconuts, ropes, and pulleys” but of course that’s just to infuse some humor in the About Us section of the site. BitKong makes use of a random number generator (RNG) just like almost every other game site.

BitKong’s random number generator makes use of hashes taken directly from the bitcoin blockchain. As such, the game is provably fair. Well, BitKong calls it “verifiably fair.” To verify or prove the fairness of the game results (for the next game), just go to the bottom part of the game interface and click on the Verify Ticket Fairness button (below the Easy, Medium, Hard game difficulty toggle). It will quickly show you the hash and client seed for the next ticket or game.


BitKong Is Mobile-Friendly

The BitKong site is actually mobile-friendly. We just don’t know why it returns an error on Google’s Mobile Test tool.  BitKong does not have a mobile app for playing the game on smartphones and tablets. However, we reckon such an app would be unnecessary since the mobile-friendly website already provides a good enough mobile gaming experience.


BitKong Bonuses and Promotions

Just like most other single-game sites, there is no deposit bonus on BitKong. However, free bitcoins are offered through the bitcoin faucet as well as through the site’s affiliate program.


The bitcoin faucet can be accessed through the game interface. Every time you lose or every time a game ends, you will be presented with three options: Play Demo, Deposit to Play, or Get Free Bitcoins. Click on Get Free Bitcoins to go to the faucet. The faucet provides 10 bits after every 10 minutes.

2-A video tutorial about this casino :

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2gYfQ5v0Cw&w=854&h=480]

3-Information about affiliation :

Bitcoin kong offer a high paying affiliate program, you will earn money on all the best of your affiliate even if they lose money, the revenue share is 25 % on all their deposit and bets on this platform .

4-Information about payment :

You can deposit on this casino using :

Bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin

the minimum deposit is : 0.001

the minimum withdraw is : 0.001

4-Others information about the site :

Alexa ranking : 10000

Site language : English, French and Russian language

5-My Review about this casino :

Bitcoin Long is one of the best site to earn money by Gambling and their free faucet .

You can join the site here 




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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general become more and more popular every day, so that there is nothing surprising in the fact that top gambling sites offer to play on bitcoins. Just choose reliable sources please! Here is Best Poker Sites Review . Good luck!

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So many of my plans from this bitcoin. first I will sell bitcoin if its price has started up even more expensive than previous high price. I plan to open a business in my life, and buy everything I want. hopefully all my plans can be fulfilled, and now I focus on finding bitcoin by following bounty. Also, I'm a great fan of gambling!  I totally adore that special type of fun which it gives to me so in my case it became a hobby a long time ago. I even think sometimes that I could be considered as a heavy player but in my case it's mostly that time which I spend to various games, not money because I always control my separate budget for this hobby  Yeah, I know my limits and I try not to concentrate too much on money I can win, for me general process of playing is much more pleasant, I think that it's a common thing for many players, maybe that's why it's so easy to become addictive in this case like in case of other types of games too.
To tell the truth, I'm not a great fan of real casinos, I tried them several times but it seems that it's just not my type, smth with the atmosphere which isn't perfect for me... I prefer online ones mr green casino much more, various slots and craps are my favourite in this case, however it's really hard sometimes to find a good one, not a scam. On the other hand I really like that there are many games where you can play free just for the process without spending money which in my case is really a nice solution sometimes  And in case of prizes... I'm not a very lucky person for casinos, my biggest prize was smth like 120$ in general but it was a pleasant one anyway.
I like card games too, especially bridge and poker but I play them only in real life, usually in a company of my friends, for me that's really interesting only in this way  Sports bettings and lotteries are my favourites too but I've never been lucky with them 



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Thank you for your feedback. I know these games. I played them. Now this is not relevant. My friends play games on the Internet. I play with them. I like to gamble. That's interesting. This is where I play https://mr.bet/fr and make good money. It's cool when a hobby can make a good income. What do you think of this? I am very interested in your opinion!

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