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AdVerx ICO - The Cryptocurrency Based RTB | Advertising Revolution,Lending Platform

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Billions of impressions will be served programmatically everyday between several ad-exchanges using AVX token once their RTB (real time bidding) platform is launched.
Ticker Symbol: AVX
ICO Date: Jan 10th to Jan 20th
Total Coin Supply: 7.5m
ICO Supply: 3.5m
Price:  $0.90 to $1.70
Exchange: Internal March
Staking: No
Lending Terms: 90-60 Days
Lending Interest: Up to 36% Monthly+0.15% Daily
Trust Factor: Low/Med Risk
Join the AdVerx ICO to be a part of this advertising revolution. The lending platform allows you to earn around 40% ROI per month.
Go to the Website

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