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No, PowerPoint is not good enough to make professional presentations. You can use some online powerpoint tool like- Canva, Piktochart, Venngage.    

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    • By Walter
      Instagram is a very effective social media platform through which you can earn millions. Over the last few decades, the concept of marketing a product has shifted rapidly. These days, the social media platforms are the best sources to market a brand or product. Platforms like, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr are effective in spreading awareness about the products and services.
      Besides having tons of Instagram followers, you may also make money through this platform. If you have some basic idea about the social media promotional procedures, then you would probably know the importance of follower engagement. Yes, it is what matters the most. You need to make sure that the marketing campaign enjoys a strong fan-following. This is known as follower engagement. There must be comments, likes, shares, and replies to ensure that the campaign is being followed by the followers. Only then can the news about your campaign be spread.
      Focus on Your Own Brand and Services
      This is the most important part. Your Instagram account should focus primarily on selling the brands and services that you or your business venture offers. This is what makes the scenario more effective. Building your own business is more important than gaining some good money through brand partnership. You need to create your own identity. This will help in creating a brand for you. Create your own Instagram account, display your products and services, and market them through the portal. It will be more beneficial in increasing sales and business popularity.
      Share Relevant Content
      Start sharing relevant content in the form of photos and videos. Use the appropriate hashtags to spread a higher number of awareness about the products and services to the targeted audience group. You can also opt for Instagram-only promotional campaigns while giving away incentives to those users who would share your content along with your product. Share unique photographs that have a certain relevancy to your brand awareness campaign. You can even share short videos to discuss your products or services. All these approaches help a lot in marketing your brand and making you earn big time through Instagram.
      Connecting with the Followers
      Connecting with the followers helps a lot in achieving a high amount of success through any social media platform. It also helps in developing a strong and extended chain of networks. How to connect with the followers? You can use the LIVE Video option to have an interactive session. At the same time, you also need to take time out from your busy schedule for replying to the comments of the followers. You can comment on specific follower using hashtags. All these are a clever, yet intelligent approach to connect with the followers. It ultimately helps in improving the branding, resulting in better gains.
      Instagram is a very popular and effective platform to create brand awareness while engaging with the consumers. It is not only about sharing photos and videos through this popular social media platform; rather, if utilized correctly, you can earn big from it.
    • By Daniel Jameson
      Start an S-Corporation with following steps-
      Choose a legal name and reserve it. Draft and file your Articles of Incorporation with your Secretary of State. Issue stock certificates to the initial shareholders. Apply for a business license and other certificates specific to your industry. File Form SS-4 or apply online at the Internal Revenue Service website to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Apply for any other ID numbers required by state and local government agencies. Requirements vary from one jurisdiction to another, but generally your business most likely will be required to pay unemployment, disability, and other payroll taxes – you will need tax ID numbers for those accounts in addition to your EIN. File the IRS form 2553 within 75 days of your corporation formation.  
    • By Daniel Jameson
      Social Ideas- Today , social media has facilitated the spread of ideas rapidly and inexpensively.
      Books- Books are also helpful, where you can get business ideas for successful.
      Business owner- Talk to other business owners, through networking events.
      If you have any idea please share with me.
    • By Daniel Jameson
      Company formation is a process of incorporation your business under the government law. It is some times refer as business registration.
      You can register your business with these following steps-

      Gives your company an attractive title
      Want to gain fame then first give your company the suitable and appealing name. It should be unique and reflects the motive and services of your company. For this, go through the list of existing names of the business of the same field in the state. The company's name and trademark should not match with any of the current company. A good sign attracts the customers and investors and provides a direct support in the business growth.

      Get a registered agent for your company
      If you are planning to start a company in a new state then it is necessary to get a registered agent, who would collect your legal and tax documents. It can be a company or an individual having a physical address in the state and available in the working hours of the business days.

      Article of Incorporation
      Finally to create a corporation, one has to file "Article of Incorporation" to get it approved by the secretary of the state. In case to start an LLC, these documents are called "Article of Organization".

      Providing name and addresses of the people/companies involved
      The officers, directors and other members form a company. It is mandatory to give name and proof of address of each member who is the part of an organization.

      Federal Employer Identification Number
      The US Internal Revenue Service issues an identification number for companies known as Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) also called EIN once the company gets registered. This number is necessary to open the bank account in the state.

      The actual work starts after receiving authorization for incorporation.

    • By Daniel Jameson
      A seller’s permit is a state license that allows you to sell items at the wholesale or retail level and to issue resale certificates to suppliers. A seller's permit allows a state to identify a business as a collector of sales tax.
      When you sell or lease merchandise, vehicles, or other tangible personal property in your state, even temporarily, you are generally required to register with the State, and to pay sales tax on your taxable sales. Sometimes people incorrectly refer to a seller’s permit as a resale number or resale permit. Seller permits may also be referred to as a resale permit, resell permit, permit license, reseller permit, reseller number, resale ID, state tax ID number, or reseller license permit.
      As seller’s permits are issued by the state tax department, by applying for a seller’s permit you may be responsible for tax assessments from the state based on your taxable sales or projected taxable sales. It is your responsibility to file tax returns and pay assessed taxes.
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