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another pyament recieved from futureadpro
Money recieved : 0.0912 BTC 
TRANSACTION HASH : 42c9913406001bb69eaf157ed54f385720e8c91e1e88fbf3fda5953c190d8a05

check the transaction hash my friend , if you need picture please send me a pm to give you screentshootn i don't share them on the fouroum due to security reasons 

GRASPGOLD.COM - One of My Favorite RCB Monitor Service.

MYHYIPS.NET - My Favorite Monitor! MYHYIPS.NET - My Favorite Monitor! 

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From the looks of the Alexa rankings, this is in a death spiral and won't recover. It barely has a pulse. A lot of people have lost a lot of money in this one. WB should be ashamed of himself still flogging this dead horse.

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