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My Daily Cash Machine is a revshare , a ptc site, and an advertising platforms, where you can earn money view ads , by buying adpacks and get paid for advertising, but you need to watch 15 ads every day to get paid from the revenue share program .


1-Description of the platform :
This platform is a new platform where affiliates and online marketers get paid, and advertise at the same time from the revenue sharing program .

How it works ?


This revshare work on the principle of sharing his profits from advertising and external income of the platform, this program own a lot of external incomes streams income, the first external income of this business, is the CPA offers (( they get paid from company and online business sites to advertise their sites on their platform in order to get leads for this company and sites )),

Also the company invest into crypto currency to secure engouth funds for the long term of the program,also from the purchase of the service of advertasing that this company offer for their clients ( ptc ads , banner ads , static ads , text ads, ...... ) etc .


To be eligible for the Revshare program, you need to watch 15 ads everyday, and also to buy Adpacks

There is only one revshare plan , the cost of a signal adpack is 35 USD, you can purchase the number that you want of adpacks .

When you Buy this adpack, you will get a return on your investment, the returns depend on the profit made by the platform from the advertising business, the returns are from 0.5 % to 1 % everyday, your adpack will expire when it reach 120 % .

Added to that you will get Banner credits , text ads credits, ptc ads credits, and static ads credits ) in order to advertise your business and to get leads .


You can deposit on the site using : Perfect money, Bitcoin, Solid trust, and Payza , i advice you to use Payza, because there is a risk in such programs, if the program scam with your money you can request a refund from payza .

For affiliation, you will get 10 % on all the purchase made by your affiliate on all the service of the platform .

This platform personally i use it to attract more leads for my online business, because when you are an online marketer, you need to attract as much as possible traffic for your online business .


2-Affiliation : 
For affiliation, you will get 10 % on all the purchase made by your affiliate on all the service of the platform .


3-Information about payment :
You can deposit and withdraw on the site using :


Minimum Deposit : 10 USD
Minimum withdraw : 10 USD

4-Other informations about the site : 

Alexa ranking : 10000
Languages of the site : English, French and Arabic

5-My review about the site : 

This site is a revshare program, it can be used to earn money if you purchase adpacks, view ads, and attract people and build your team, and also to attract leads for your online business, but you need to know that there is a risk involved with this type of business, don't invest more that you can lose .

You can join the site here

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