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Don't Lose Your Money

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Many are attracted to these Hippy Hyip sites. Sites who tell us that we can make from 1000% returns. Even up to 6000% and more in a few months. Of course it feels great to give like $1000 and get back 5000% on it after a few months.

But please guys. THINK about this for a few moments. WHY would someone do this for you?

These Hippy Hyip sites are popping up with thousands and many of you are jumping in it without thinking. Sorry to say but it is stupid and insane. We see it over and over again. These new Hippy Hyip sites, promoted along the Social Media.

I wish i could take a look in each one of your minds. To know and to understand what you think. Why you guys give this person or sites your money as a investment or whatever it is. Or to sites who give you 20% to 30% a day or even more. To many of you, especially the new ones are falling in these traps. To many don't understand it how to make money online.

Realize this,  there is a lot EVIL in this world. There are to many people who create sites just to make a lot of money Only for themselves. They want to make millions i a short period and then disappear and you will never hear anything from them again.

Think about this scenario. You give $1000 to some site because they promise you 1000% after 2 months. They tell you, they will invest this money for you in whatever business they say. And in return after 2 months they will give you $10.000 ... ... 1 Question, ... WHY? Why would someone do that? Think about that! Why would someone give money away just like that?

The only RefShares that will make money for you in a long run are the ones who offer you 0,5% to 5% a day. From the moment that they offer more then 6% a day it's already a red flag.

Use your brain, Think!! Don't be the one who step in a scam without thinking. Don't lose your hard earn money so easy.

If you want to invest in a good long lasting opportunity then take a look in our HOT Now section.


#http://hyiprace.com#The Best HYIP - High Yield Investment Programs Rating and Monitoring listing along with information, strategies and articles, news, advice make money online.





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      Security of contributions and life-long payments guaranteed by the Ethereum blockchain!
      This is ETH cryptocurrency distribution project: www.333eth.io/en
      He started on Septembers, 3, 2018.
      It's called 333ETH, and its mechanism is very simple. Basically, it uses the ether contributed by new members to pay
      dividends to those who have joined earlier. I can already hear you say, "But wait - it's a pyramid!" But there are a few
      key features that make 333ETH very different from a traditional pyramid.
      First, it is completely decentralized, and the organizers have no control over the funds transferred to the
      smart contract address - the contract includes a special ownership waiver to this effect. This means that the
      administrators won't be able to disappear with the money. In fact, even if the organizers decide to quit, the project will
      go on working perfectly well without them. Potentially it could even provide lifelong payments!
      Second, the dividend rate are not outrageously high - it is 3.33% daily, and 17% of it is withheld at withdrawal and
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      Third - and here lies the key to the system's stability - you can only withdraw the dividends. What makes all classic
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      Registering and transferring ether is extremely easy (you just need to have a personal ETH wallet, not one
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