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Bankera ICO - Online Banking on The Blockchain

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Bankera is an operational fork of SpectroCoin. As SpectroCoin to be competitive has developed bank-like infrastructure, but was not intended to become a proper bank, it is releasing Bankera to leverage its regulatory and IT infrastructure to develop a bank for the blockchain era. Bankera as a proper bank will offer payments, investments, and loan and deposit solutions. Later on, it is planing to develop new types of money, such as inflation linked baskets.

1-Description of the Platform : 

After raising 25 million Euros during one of the biggest pre-ICO sales to date, Bankera, a blockchain based banking service, has announced it is going to hold its ICO sale on November 27.

To raise capital for the project Bankera has organized several fundraising rounds offering Banker (BNK) tokens for investor acquisition. A month ago, it concluded a successful pre-ICO by selling 2.5 billion tokens in just three weeks. The pre-ICO has helped the company determine the ICO token price which will start at 0.017 EUR per BNK. During the ICO 30% of the tokens will be available for sale to the public on the SpectroCoin platform. Investors will be able to purchase BNK tokens using any of more than 20 payment methods. This includes utilizing a variety of cryptocurrencies, such as, ETH, BTC, NEM, DASH; fiat currencies like EUR, GBP and USD; and many other options.


Now, How to purchase The Bankera ICO on 27/11/2017

Step 1 : You open a Spectrocoin account here 

Step2 : You fund Your spectrocoin account Using Dollar or Euro ( via : Perfect Money, Payeer, Netetller, Skrill, Mastercard, Visa , SEPA ) or vi crypto currency using (Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum) here 

Step 3 : You Buy Bankera ICO here


What are the advantages of Bankera ICO ? :

  • Each holder of Banker (BNK) tokens will be entitled to a referral commission, paid weekly; this will be constituted of 20% of Bankera and SpectroCoin net transaction revenue. This will be implemented by taking 20% of Bankera's and SpectroCoin's net revenues and sending them to the smart contract. For example, if net revenues of Bankera for a week are 10,000,000 EUR, 2,000,000 EUR as referral commission will be sent to the smart contract.
  • You will get an international Bank Number IBN .
  • You will get the chance to get loans from the Banker Bank to fund your Entrepreneurship Projects in the future .
  • You will be part of one of the biggest ICO sales in the world


Coin Information :

Total market cap :  7,500,000,000 BNK

Start of the ICO : 27/11/2017

White paper : https://bankera.com/

2-Information about Affiliation :

The pre sale happen on Spectrocoin, what means that you will get 5  % on all the fee that spectrocoin take on your affiliate .


3-Inforamtion about payment :

You can purchase Bankera ICO using :

Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Dollar, and  Euro

NetellerPerfect MoneyPayeer



4-Other Information about the site : 

Alexa Ranking : 10000
Language of the site : English

5-My Review about this ICO : 

I can Only Tell you that Bankera ICO is the future of the Banking on the Blockchaine .
You can Join the site here 
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