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Argumentative topic paper topics can be used to measure how well the students argue a certain topic and their views on a different topic. This helps to improve the student’s level of criticality and reasoning skills. By doing these argumentative paper topics the student’s grammar tic knowledge increases. Some of the argumentative paper topics include;

1.      Are the test-scores the most accurate measure of the individual’s competence?

On measuring the student’s level of thinking and English competence, the students can write an argumentative paper topic on whether their test-scores can really be used to justify the student’s competence. Through this, the teacher can use to determine the learner’s views by reading their arguments.

2.      What are the causes of an increased number of teenage mothers?

The students can write an argumentative paper topic on why the number of teenage mothers and pregnancies are increasing. On discussing this topic, the students’ level of critical thinking will increase and their development in English as a language will be enhanced.

3.      Do we have a pure form of democracy in the world?

Students can be asked to write an argumentative topic paper whether truly we have a pure form of democracy in the world. Some students will argue that some countries like the United States enjoy full democracy while other students will oppose saying that pure form of democracy does not exist in the world. Through this argument, the teacher will determine the level of critical thinking in every student.

4.      Politics is a dirty game and is found everywhere.

Students can be asked to argue on the level of the corruptness of the political world and where exactly it is. Through this, the teacher can also use this as a tool to determine the different political views of different students and measure the level of integrity in their arguing skills.

5.      How will our world look like in technological view in the next century?

Students’ level of competence can be determined by asking them to write on how we expect our world to look like in the next century. This will make the students look at their past technological developments, the present and then foreshadow about their future. Through this, the student will improve the ability to think critically and plan for their future.

6.      Should the metal music be banned due to violent lyrics?

A topic on whether to ban metal music from societies can be a true measure of the level of students’ level of English competence. Through this, some students can on banning it and others allowing it, the kind of point development and sentence structure will be used to measure the students’ level competence.

7.      How can a school effectively punish students?

Students can be asked to argue about how a school can effectively punish students without administering corporal punishment. The type of answers given by students and the flow of sentences will justify the English competence among students.

8.      What is the role of school uniform?

Students can write a topic on the role of school uniform. Some students are expected to oppose saying it’s of no importance while others propose on it’s an identification tool. Through this, the teacher can easily determine how each student’s level of competence.

9.      Is the cost of education too high?

A topic whether the cost of education is too high can be effective to read various arguments of different students. Some will argue it to be reasonable while others saying it’s too high to be reached by some students.

10.  What are the advantages of going to a single-sex school?

 Students can argue about the importance of being in a single-sex school over a mixed. Some will see a mixed being better than a single school while others will see a single-sex school being of any importance.

11.  Should alcohol consumption be legally restricted in the country?

Since alcohol crises have increased, a topic on whether restricting alcohol consumption will be an important emerging issue. This will help to keep students informed on what is taking place in society. Then others will argue to oppose in terms of taxes and economy as others will propose in terms of health defects.

12.  Should gay couples be allowed?

An argument whether to allow gay marriages will be among the finest test for criticality in students. This will enable students to argue based on different religions and backgrounds. Through this, the teacher will truly determine the integral capacity and social views of students.

13.  Should male employees get paternity leave from work?

Whether to allow male employees for a leave when their partners are giving birth can equally be determined on argument through writing and the students are given an opportunity to freely argue.

14.  How can naughty teens be handled?

Students can be given a topic to write on how to handle naughty teens. This will allow students to exercise their feelings through writing, and if it should be punishment they explain what punishment.

15.  What is the role of age in relationships?

Arguing on whether age matters in relationships is of a great concern. Some may perceive that age difference is healthy while others will feel it as of no role.

16.  Abortion is a crime

Writing an argumentative essay on whether abortion is a crime can equally be determined on paper. Students will be free to exercise their freedom on such argument. Some will see it as a crime and unacceptable while others will feel that if it’s for the good of the mother it should be acceptable.

17.  Is stealing from basic needs illegal?

Stealing of basic commodities like foods to satisfy one’s primary needs should not be treated as a crime. This is because it was to satisfy one’s primary needs and not for luxury.

18.  Can students evaluate and critique their teacher?

An essay whether students have the mandate to criticize their teachers can be used to measure the level of integrity, reasoning and critical thinking of their students.

19.  Role of the government in fighting corruption

An argumentative writing whether the government has an upper hand in fighting corruption or is the role of people. Some students may view that the government has no key role while others may feel that is the role of the government to fight corruption.

20.  Should corporal punishments be banned from schools?

Some students may feel that corporal punishment is healthy for maintaining discipline in schools while others may perceive it as torture and unhealthy for a teacher-student relationship.

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Written by Evelyn Eden who is an educational specialist working with writing challenged clients for more than four years now. She normally provide ghost writing, Do My Essay For Me, coaching and ghost editing services. This is a great assistant for the student.

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