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I'm not admin of this project, the theme is created for information.
The official start of the project: 16.11.2017



Our company offers powerful new servers for rent, which are located in the United Kingdom. Our high-tech equipment ready for operation and meets all quality requirements and technical characteristics for such devices. Cooperation with the World Mining, the official English company, ensures legal and economic protection to each and every client. World Mining customers can choose the speed and capacity of the equipment, to calculate the revenues from the use of servers on the online calculator. Our experienced traders and analysts are constantly working to diversify risks and increase profitability of the equipment. Feel the wave of cryptographic algorithms and "golden" Bitcoins: start to earn high profits in US dollars today!

About us World mining

World Mining is a British company that is involved in cryptocurrency mining. It was officially registered in the UK in October 2017. World Mining has a solid experience of operation on the market.

Since February 2017, the company is professionally and successfully working in cryptocurrency mining filed, using professional powerful and modern equipment with an average capacity of more than 67 PH/s. Until recently World Mining deals not only with the production of electronic gold for own use, but also leases servers of different capacities on rent. Our customers are able to choose the power and speed of the leased server, calculate its profitability, payback period of rent, size and net profit. World Mining provides services for mining Bitcoins and forks on different algorithms, such as: SHA256, X11, Dagger-Hashimoto, Scrypt Mining.

From February 2017, the company has steadily increased its own database of cryptocurrency, is gaining industrial momentum and modernizing production capacity.
At the moment, in the world of cloud and software mining is unlikely to find a better offer for a stable income. And it is not just that the fact that World Mining offers the lowest rental rates, decent interest rate, reasonable terms, and much more. Our team is proud of the stability and reliability of the systems that we happily share with our partners.
The World Mining company is steadily developing and showing decent growth rate in earnings since the beginning of its operation. Our main goal is to boost the capacity of the data center, improve the competitiveness and efficiency of cryptocurrency mining.

Among the achievements of World Mining are the following:

• Income increase from March to September by 15%
• Purchase of new powerful equipment
• Reduction of electricity and cooling systems expenses up to 23% through the use of natural resources and the transition to natural cooling
• Signing in energetically favorable contracts
• Provision of high interest rates on rental servers for our tenants

World Mining is the best interest equipment rental, low rates on servers rent, as well as appealing and profitable affiliate program.

Our servers "Investment"

The total capacity of the company equipment is more than 67 PH /s. Bitcoin mining range from 997 BTC and higher, taking into account Halving rewards and the growing complexity of the system, bearing in mind that the exchange rate fluctuations amounts to 7 725 688 $. In general, despite the multiple increased of mining complexity, the cryptocurrency mining maintains at consistently high level.
We offer to use a Bitcoin mining calculator.
For calculations: approximate price of $ 170 – per 1 terrahash or 0.15 $ - per 1 GH/s.

Server S1 100-13500 Gh/s

Profit forthe whole period: 324%
Profit per day: 0.9-1.1%
Profit per month: 27%
Rental period (days): 360

The capacity allocated from the total volume of the server:
from 100 up 13500 Gh/s
Cost of 1 Gh/s: 0.15 $
Payment Days: Monday and Thursday;
Interest is accrued daily.
On a monthly profit influences: the algorithm used for mining, network complexity, costs on energy and cooling equipment, the technical features of its exploitation.

Renting cost: from 15 to 2025 $


World Mining – the future that is already here

Affiliate Program

9 levels for getting profit allow to receive up to 11% of remuneration!

- Level 1 program – 5%.
- Level 2 – 3%.
- Level 3 – 2%.
- Level 4 – 1%.
- Level 5 – 1%.
- 6-9 levels – at 0.5%.

General questions

What you need to rent a server?

Sign up on the website, confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy of the Company, accept the rules and agree to comply with them. In some cases, management may request copies of identity documents in electronic form.

What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?

Minimum amount for withdrawal - 5 $.

When can I withdraw funds?

On monday and thursday. Days of withdrawal can be changed at the discretion of management. The duties of site management include timely informing the tenants about any changes regarding days and timing of withdrawal.

How long time an application for withdrawal of profits is processed?

Applications are processed by personnel within 24 hours. In some cases, the time frame can vary, for example, in case of technical issues. Management is obliged to prevent any malfunctions and set time frame in which the problem should be solved.

Payment processor:

PerfectMoney - AdvCash - Payeer - Bictoin

To register


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 List4HYIP.com Monitor-> Telegram&Skype online support: list4hyip

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I am in this program with $200 Deposit.

Payment successfully completed!
Transaction ID     9e1c7a90-a6be-4e26-a5db-8fb322e37998
Date and time     17.11.2017 13:48
Shop     WorldMining
Payment amount     $200.00

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