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I'm not an administrator or an owner. The topic was created for informational purposes only.

project start: 05.11.2017


О проекте:


We from 5 Mining believe in affordable mining equipment for everyone. Our goal is to become one of the biggest mining companies worldwide.

Currently we are working together with some other Mining-Companies to keep up with demand, but in long-term we aim to be completely independent.

Help us and become one of the first enthusiast of the new era!


Investment plans:

 3.5% / day
0.000 - 0.100 
1 GH/s only 503 Satoshi!
No withdrawal fee
8% profit from your Referrals
4 confirmations needed
auto reinvestment option

4% / day
0.101 - 1.000 
1 GH/s only 440 Satoshi!
That's 0.00000440 BTC!
No withdrawal fee
12% profit from your Referrals
3 confirmations needed
Your deposit will be activated by the system when the transaction is confirmed at least 3 times.
auto reinvestment option

5% / day
1.001 - 3.000 
1 GH/s only 352 Satoshi!
No withdrawal fee
16% profit from your Referrals
2 confirmations needed
auto reinvestment option

6.5% / day
3.001 - 50.000 
1 GH/s only 271 Satoshi!
No withdrawal fee
20% profit from your Referrals
2 confirmations needed
auto reinvestment option

Payment systems
 - bitcoin

Affiliate program:
Beginner - 8% profit from your referrals
Novice - 12% profit from your referrals
Professional - 16% profit from your referrals
Expert - 20% profit from your referrals

view / invest

Our deposit (listing)


The topic was created for review and is not a call to any action.
All responsibility for the safety of your money lies only on you.

I'm not responsible for your decisions!

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