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4 stage of change model


It's high time and so again forex traders have looked for opportunities to change their current habits.


 The Stages of Change model can be applied to trading habits if traders are no addicts in their trading:


1. Denial


Where you don’t even know that is denial – a statement that something is not true – the action of denying something - the refusal of something requested or desired.


Now you might think that you don’t need any help or interference even though your trading account states oppositely. You are still likely blaming the markets, the broker who managed your account, your computer, or your favorite pet for your losses.


If you’ve substantial and regular losses but unable to pinpoint what’s wrong with your trading strategy, then it’s time to get help. With the help of best forex trading signal providers like FT4U, their different signaling services can improve your trading strategy or you may ask questions from other traders.


2. Plan


Make a suitable plan according to your account personality. You know what you need to Do and you know that you should do it, but there’s one brief period of time when you just can’t seem to jump. That’s what this stage is about.


Expert traders know exactly what's their problems are and what they really need to do. But there are obstacles, such as currency, time, and negligence that keep them from making the plan.


Think, you want to trade the New York session but can’t wake up quick enough to it. Or maybe you thinking that trend trading would give you more pips but you haven’t study much about it till now.


In this stage, you should focus on your Pacific goals into more achievable tasks and focus on actually taking action.



3. Action


Once you decided to take action, your focus should be on acquiring the skill. If you have done forex price action trading course, it will help you for choosing your preferable trade.


This will help you actually put a stop loss to your trades, stick to your trading plan, or stay away from the markets when the odds aren’t in your favor.


Remember that you must have the required skills and a solid plan. And if your first plans don’t work, make adjustments.


4. Maintenance


The least and unquestionably the most difficult part of making new habits is being regular with them.

Once you have started realizing your change, your focus shifts to making them habitual. If you’re strong-minded enough, you will turn your new habits into good trading habits.

A lot of traders fail to follow through on their strategy to change because they often fall for right into making them without proper preparation.



But if you really know your situation, mindset about your purpose, then you will have a better opportunity of not putting the same decision back on your list next year.




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