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Universa - universa.io (Free 50 UTN)

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Universa is a new generation blockchain protocol, which has every potential to become a significant landmark in the development of a blockchain industry. Alexander Borodich, a creator of Universa platform, explains why this can happen in the nearest future. “Today, the dependence of blockchain on highly costly mining process resembles the dependence of gold coins on the price of gold. Instead, we suggest new cheap and easy way of creating smart contracts, which can act as cash substitutes, in a somewhat original way. If the invention of a bitcoin can be compared to the discovery of gold, then Universa is a new stage, symbolizing the arrival of paper money to the market of mutual settlements,” he says.

Five Key Advantages of Universa over Bitcoin and Ethereum

1. Universa is a pioneer of the new generation blockchain

Universa has originally been developed not as a cryptocurrency, but as a protocol creating and operating chains of smart contracts. Therefore, Universa platform does not depend on mining, which results both in high speed and low cost of procession operations, in terms of the resources required.

2. Universa is 1000 times faster than user familiar Bitcoin

Universa nodes do not require mining and are responsible for verifying the transactions and smart contracts that customers submit onto the network. Waiving mining opened a way to increase network performance by hundreds of times. The Universa blockchain structure is based on the language of smart contracts, developed from scratch. The well-thought-out logical structure and language hierarchy made it possible to reach the speed of 10,000 transactions per second on the network nodes.

3. Universa transactions are 100 times cheaper than those in Bitcoin

Today, it deems absolutely unreasonable to charge $3,85 for a few cents worth microtransaction. Yet, on the Bitcoin platform, this price is a current money transfer fee, which accounts for the speculative nature of Bitcoin exchange rate, and its high volatility. The smart contacts system on Universa platform allowed to decrease such fees by hundreds of times.

4. Universa offers an entirely new smart contract system

Various smart contract chains can be created on Universa platform.  These smart contracts can be implemented in almost all business fields. Universa smart contracts can be applied to programming both intracompany applications and public ones. For example:

•Vehicle smart key
•Fitness and SPA pass card
•IoT - smart home elements working together
•Payments at parking lots or gas stations
•Logistics, cargo tracking 

It will be possible to implement all of the above mentioned and many other ways of Universa smart contracts applications, in the nearest future.

5. Universa is real “smart money”

The Universa platform significantly simplifies the transaction processes in the field of e-commerce. It will make it possible to accept payments in any currency in automated mode in any currency in automatic mode and formalize the transaction document with a smart contract on the spot. Along with everything else, Universa will simplify the process of applying for loans in the Internet, electronic currency exchange, and filling in customs declarations to a great extent.

There is no doubt that Universa will soon become one of the key blockchain platforms and will be widely present in different business spheres. Alexander Borodich is very open about his ambitious plan to  attract at least $ 100 million during ICO. Today, Borodich, the former Mail.ru Group top manager, is the most active venture investor in Russia and the founder of Venture Club crowd investment platform.


In short: Universa defines a set of data formats, protocols and entities, which enable smart contracts owned and controlled by services, organizations and persons, with a decentralized notary cloud that certifies each transaction.

Each smart contract comes in a heavily protected, packed representation, the capsule, signed by at least one party (the owner) and optionally by any number of other parties; the capsule contains an unencrypted public, and optionally an encrypted private part, with multiple-key access. For example, the contract owner may not have access to the encrypted part, and several other parties may independently have access.

Each capsule has a unique ID, by which the notary cloud can confirm and revoke its approval of the respective contract. A capsule approved by the notary cloud contains a smart contract, valid for all purposes declared in its public part.

A party that has the necessary rights (e.g. keys) to perform one or more valid actions under the respective contract can perform those and validate the results, e.g., transfer some e-currency from one owner to another, vote with a public or privileged share, receive dividends, or do virtually anything else.

Sign Up Promotion

Earn 50 UTN for free when you sign up to their website.
Their ICO is set for 28 October.

Link: Universa

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The Universa Token Sale has Come to an End!

As the CEO and founder of Universa, I would like to thank everyone in the Universa community for their support and trust in our project and their help into making this happen. You have supported us and worked together with us to build this great momentum. I hope that you will join me and the Universa team on our journey of building one of the best platforms in this space and continue to make this a success together with us.

We have have sold 3,298,608,688 Universa tokens during the Universa Token Sale for 28,800,060 USD.

To give all of you a better overview of where we are now and to tackle repeated questions we have added a short Token FAQ for you below:
Universa Token FAQ:

What is the circulating supply?

The total amount of tokens sold during the Token Sale is 3,298,608,688. This equals the circulating supply and makes up 66% of the total supply.

What is the total supply?

The total token supply is the total number of tokens sold (66%) plus the tokens for the Universa Foundation (20%), the tokens for the Universa team (10%) and the tokens for advisors, partnerships and the bounty program (4%). An exact division is given below:

- Tokens for the public 3,298,608,688 (66%)
- Tokens for the Universa Foundation 999,578,390 (20%)
- Tokens for the Universa team 499,789,195 (10%)
- Tokens for advisors/partnerships/bounty 199,915,678 (4%)

This tells us that the total supply will be 4,997,891,952 (100%)

What will happen to unsold tokens?

Any tokens that have not been sold during the Token Sale will not be created and therefore simply will not exist. The maximum total amount of tokens was set at 15 billion if the harcap during the Token Sale would have been reached. As described above the total amount of tokens will be 4,997,891,952. Therefore, 10,002,108,048 tokens will not be created.

When will the Universa tokens be released?

There will be UTN-P tokens and UTN tokens. The UTN-P tokes are placeholder tokens (hence, the P) until the actual UTN tokens are released, and the UTN-P tokens will be ERC20 compatible. The UTN-P tokens will be eligible for withdrawal by the end of December 2017 or early 2018. Youll be able to provide a personal wallet address to withdraw your UTN-P tokens to at your account on https://check.universa.io. Please be aware that this has to be an ERC20 compatible wallet.

The Universa UTN tokens will be released early 2018 once the main net is operational. When the Universa Mainnet is operational  you'll be able to exchange your UTN-P tokens for UTN tokens on a 1:1 basis. These UTN tokens can be held in the Universa wallet that is under development at the moment. Before all of this will take place, there will be an explanation or a step-by-step guide on how to do all of this

What is UTN-P?

UTN-P Tokens (the ERC20 token) are the tokens which you have purchased during the Token Sale. UTN-P which is a valid token to use on the Universa network is a temporary token which is eligible for transfer immediately after release.

What is UTN?

UTN is the actual Universa token. Once the Universa Mainnet is operational you'll be able to exchange your UTN-P tokens for UTN tokens on a 1:1 basis. These UTN tokens can be held in the Universa wallet that is under development at the moment.

How do I change UTN-P to UTN?

Once the Universa Mainnet is operational you'll be able to exchange your UTN-P tokens for UTN tokens on a 1:1 basis. These UTN tokens can be held in the Universa wallet that is under development at the moment. Before all of this will take place, there will be an explanation or a step-by-step guide on how to do all of this.

Your balance that is displayed at your account on https://check.universa.io shows the number of tokens that are linked to your account. Instead of withdrawing UTN-P tokens from the balance of your account at https://check.universa.io you can also choose to wait for the release of the UTN tokens. Once these are released you can withdraw the displayed balance on your account at https://check.universa.io.

When will the Universa wallet be ready?

The web wallet is already up and running, see access.universa.io (also for the Testnet). The team is now working hard to complete the mobile wallet. The Universa wallet is expected to be launched together with the Mainnet.

Can I use MyEtherWallet (MEW) for Universa?

You will be able to use MEW or any ERC20 wallet to withdraw your UTN-P tokens as soon they get released. The UTN tokens can be held in the Universa wallet however we are also having talks with different major wallet providers to provide an integration for UTN.

What will be your KYC policy for withdrawals after the Token Sale?

People who have contributed 10K USD or more will have to complete a simple mandatory KYC procedure. In other cases, the Universa team reserves the right to apply a mandatory KYC procedure if they feel it is needed.

When will Universa be listed on exchanges?

The Universa team is working hard on this and we will share any announcements when things are ready and can be shared.

When will the Mainnet be released?

Right now the alpha version of the Mainnet is live, we expect an operational Mainnet Early 2018.

Is there already an accessible Testnet?

The Universa Web Client and the Testnet have been launched (https://access.universa.io/contracts), the console client (Uniclient) is made available. Currently, the best approach to learn the system in the fastest way, is probably to start playing with the web client/Testnet directly. For the manual on how to do this see https://access.universa.io/docs

Where can I find more technical info and documentation about the Universa Platform?

You can find some additional info here: https://access.universa.io/docs

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Universa had a video ad last month in Times Square, New York.



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Holiday Message from the Universa CEO:


As we come to the end of 2017, I think it is important that we use this time of the year to reflect back on what has been achieved from the Universa team together with community members like you. It gives me great pride knowing that we have set a number of significant steps towards achieving the goals of this project.

Community support is one of our greatest strengths and I really appreciate the ongoing support from each and everyone of you! Alongside a supportive community, we have a motivated and passionate team. This motivation and passion enables us to continue developing one of the best platforms of our time. We have an exciting year ahead of us in which we will continue to accomplish important milestones in our journey of developing the Universa platform.

There is so much to look forward to, so keep an eye on our Telegram Announcement channel, Facebook Page, Twitter, and Medium Posts for further exciting news and announcements to come in 2018.

Here is a summary of the latest achievements and news:

Let’s kick off with the achievements of last week:

Universa Blockchain has won the prestigious Blockchain Startup 2017 award in Russia.

Universa already has 700,000 users and these numbers are growing every day.

A new article about the cryptorouble is out now by the RACIB (Russian Association of Crypto-Currency and Blockchain)

- https://m.rns.online/opinions/Kak-kriptorubl-pomozhet-Rossii-preodolet-riski-svyazannie-s-tsifrovizatsiei-ekonomiki-2017-12-15/ (in Russian, sorry)


Business development

Last week I spent 3/5 working days in Russia, so we got a lot of local news — 

- I have negotiated the integration of a system a-la Ripple, based on the Universa Blockchain, with Alfa Bank (one of the biggest Russian private banks).

- I negotiated an integration with the crypto-exchange Voshkod with RTS (nprts.ru).

- I held a meeting with the government of the Samara region about introducing Blockchain into public services (colored coins — control of the state budget spending, registration of contracts and transactions).

- We continue our work with the Russian Association of Crypto Currency and Blockchain on the creation of a cryptorouble -https://m.rns.online/opinions/Kak-kriptorubl-pomozhet-Rossii-preodolet-riski-svyazannie-s-tsifrovizatsiei-ekonomiki-2017-12-15/

We have assembled a team of business developers whose task is to create a pipeline of 10+ projects for integration with Universa in January-February and bring these projects to a successful release.

The Universa Asia Team held a roadshow in China in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Huchzhou and Changxing. During the visit, negotiations were held and presentations anout the Universa platform were given in the technology parks Zhongguancun, Fengtai (Beijing), the city of Xianghe Robotics and the Changxing industrial zone, University of Shanghai. During the talks, the parties agreed to expand the presence of the Universa Blockchain protocol in two provinces of China and the cities of Beijing and Shanghai in order to create a Blockchain Association and a Blockchain Academy for training the elite business workers of China.

As a result of successful negotiations, an agreement on cooperation and integration with Beijin Kuyshu Quantum Technologies Co was signed. It allows Universa to open an office in any of the three technoparks in Beijing, with support of the state-owned Techcode.

Furthermore, an agreement is being prepared to implement the Universa Blockchain in SmartCity in conjunction with the Greenland Group.

An agreement was reached on establishing a teaching structure for the Universa Blockchain at the Shanghai Institute of Economic Development.


Support // Missed Token

Almost all transactions have been recovered. People who purchased their tokens through KickICO but forgot to create an account with us at check.universa.io will receive a letter this week. Later, all users will receive an email concerning the mechanism which will allow them to start transferring tokens to their personal ERC20 wallet.


SmartContract // Token Distribution

The tests for the withdraw process of the UTN-P ERC-20 tokens are being finalized and the withdraw will be ready within days.

At the moment, we are developing two smart contracts to make the circulating supply of tokens in publicly available both in Ethereum (ERC20) and Universa.Network Blockchains. Our current estimation of the time it will take us to finalize and audit the Ethereum Smart Contract is  7–10 working days. For the Universa Smart Contract UTN.Final the estimation is 10–15 days. We would like to avoid the history of the DAO, that’s why we are so careful with smart contracts. I Hope you understand the importance of this task.


Blockchain Product Development

Universa Blockchain Network // Universa.Network

The release of a new version of the Universa Blockchain (Universa.Network v2.3), which has a built-in mechanism for the synchronization of nodes that were unavailable for a while, has been published on the Testnet. When a significant amount of discrepancies accumulate, an additional component of the node (an inspector) should be used, which would have scanned the ledger and synchronized it with the network consensus. In the rare case where synchronization has not yet passed, the network could mistakenly reject a complex composite contract, and we would have to wait for a resynchronization. The protocols of the new 2.3 version recognize this situation automatically and perform resynchronization during the transaction.

As the increase in the transit time of such a transaction is non-critical, the network restores the integrity of the data on this contract and makes the right decision at once. This is a planned stage of the network development in the transition from simple contracts and changes to complex ones involving a large number of related contract chains.

The next planned stage for the transition to paid services is calculation and control of the contract capacity price (Gas equivalent). Expansion of the network will allow real-time monitoring of the resources spent on verifying the contract and interrupting the verification when the paid-for threshold is exceeded.

An additional level of “smartness” of related contracts has been introduced and implemented. It allows building relationships such as “if a condition has already been fulfilled earlier and is still active” and “if the result of the transaction is a positive one and therefore the condition has been met”. It allows building significantly more complex network-verified rules and restrictions, for example, several contracts, the change in the state of which depends on the acceptance of another contract within a single transaction. You can now use the certificate of acceptance of work and the check for payment for works as independent contracts that refer to each other rather than building one very complex contract. Making the connections between the contracts open, substantially increases the flexibility. For example, you can now set up a “selling” contract that sells something without defining the amount and method of payment, which can later be linked for the purchase using any type of asset — not necessarily a coin — so the currency type does not have to be specified in the original contract. This brings significant simplification to trading, inter-companies document flow etc.


Universa.Payments // the block of cross-chain payments

UniPayments is a service that will be used for the entire integration with other blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum), including one the release and conversion of UTNP / UTN tokens and TU purchases. This is the core of the system, so it is critically important to put extra effort into security and real field-testing procedures. This is the entrance gate for external and partner cryptocurrencies. At the moment UniPayments is able to accept and send currencies for BTC, ETH, ERC20 and is undergoing the load testing and analysis for vulnerabilities to hacking.


UniXchange // token exchange

We have released the first version of the gateway for all exchange operations; for the token conversion from the TokenSale; UTN / UTNP; a means of control over issued UTNs and so on. UniXchange allows us to start the procedure of converting tokens to UTN / UTNP, the completed works allow you to place it in highly protected private equipment sue to rewriting it in a different language using an inconvenient system. Its performance allows avoiding the use of cloud instances for handling large traffic. In addition, the service now corresponds directly with the Universa core libraries, which makes it faster and more reliable.

Mobile wallets


- Basic functionality: key pairs, crypto cloud & messenger, contracts (including template-based), wallets, transactions.

- Still missing a range of important ‘convenience’ features. Beta-testers only.



- Basic functionality: key pairs, authorization & profile, crypto cloud, contracts (including template-based), wallets, transactions.

- Still missing a range of important ‘convenience’ features. Beta-testers only.


Links to the appstores

📱 Universa mobile apps

Click here for iTunes

Click here for Android


& Happy Holidays!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you happy holidays and a very prosperous new year.

Warm regards,
Alexander Borodich

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Happy New Year from the Universa Protocol Team!


Our team wishes all the joy and success in 2018! Let’s build a new world based on trust, decentralisation and cooperation together.

Withdrawal of ERC20 tokens to Ethereum - Must read!

We released the promised opportunity for all the tokens buyers (as well as those who received tokens in bounty) to withdraw the ERC20 tokens to their Ethereum addresses (of course they should understand the ERC20 token format, for example, I use MyEtherWallet).

To withdraw ERC20 you need to log in to your account at check.universa.io and click on the Withdraw button. On the following screen you can select how many ERC20 tokens you want to withdraw to your ERC20 Ethereum Address, enter the address of the Ethereum wallet and also an email address and password that you will use to access the storage of your remaining UTN tokens. The minimum amount of the output to UTN-P is 1000 tokens.

If you are subject to KYC you will receive a notification with information regarding a simple KYC procedure you have to complete before receiving any requested UTN-P.

Attention: make sure that you have entered the correct email and Ethereum address. After sending the indicated number of ERC20 tokens to you, we will not be able to return it or to help you in accessing it, if you lose the account or misname the address.

We will send out the tokens as soon as the majority of participants of the Token Sale have filled in this form. WE THINK THIS SHOULD TAKE ABOUT ONE WEEK. Before this, the tokens will not be accrued, so do not worry if you don’t find them in your wallet today!

Even if you want only UTN you have to request your withdrawal now!

Here goes the summary:

Guide on withdrawing ERC20-tokens to compatible wallets:

    Sign in to your account at check.universa.io
    On the next screen select how many ERC20 tokens you want to withdraw to your ERC20 Ethereum Address
    Enter your Ethtereum wallet address
    Enter the email and password that you will use to access the storage of the remaining (UTN) tokens
    CAREFULLY verify the correctness of the email and the Ethereum addresses.


Token distribution(ERC20)

More than 22,000 users have already decided where they want to receive their tokens. This week we’ll begin the Token Distribution. Hopefully, those of you who demanded it so badly for the last four weeks, will be satisfied a bit :).

Our First Deal

Very soon you’ll read the news in the press. For now a teaser: Universa has acquired 50% of криптовалюта.рф (cryptocurrency in cyrillic). Arthur Lipatov will become the Community Director, and Universa will get an opportunity to use the resource channel for publishing articles, and blogs about blockchain generally, and Universa particularly.

Artur and I will represent Universa Blockchain in CryptoCruise. So if you’ll be on the ship or in Singapore, find us. We’ll be glad to meet you.

Do you want to have a Master node, you have 1M tokens and a dedicated server?

Fill in the form, and let’s prepare the hardware together, try to run the node image and test the Net with us — https://borodich.typeform.com/to/vUb6ou.

Business Development

This week I had negotiations with a couple of African countries, Belarus, USA, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Africa — In Africa we started negotiations on the highest level about the blockchain-based economy and emission of national cryptocurrencies powered by Universa. Hopefully, these negotiations will lead to a phase of working projects. If you have contacts and opportunities to help us implement Universa Blockchain in any country of the world, write me right away.

Russia — I was in Russia to have negotiations with a potential integrator, but have gotten to the Bitcoin’s birthday, where I gave an interview to the RussiaToday channel. I hope, there will be a sharable link soon. That day has ended with a deal with криптовалюта.рф (see at the beginning).

Belarus — As you remember from the previous posts, Belarus has adopted a law (not without our contribution) which legalizes cryptocurrencies and allows any crypto-businesses, including ICOs and crypto-exchanges. I have been to Belarus this week and started the opening of our office branch in High Tech Park (http://park.by/post-1749/).

USA — In the USA we begin the preparations for a regional office opening; Our first conference, where we’ll participate will be the North American Crypto Conference — https://one2crypto.com/cryptocurrency-basics/events/north-american-bitcoin-conference-2018/. If you live in the USA and want to talk about the future of Universa and its possible applications in working projects, find our representatives at this conference.

Switzerland/Lichtenstein — Negotiations, which lasted for 6 hours, should give us a good result. Especially with our team of financial specialists and lawyers working there. While the endless paperwork is going on, here is the teaser of what Vontobel can do in crypto — https://www.vontobel.com/en-int/about-vontobel/media/communications/vontobel-launches-first-short-mini-futures-on-bitcoin/.

Technological news of the project

This week we fought against Specter and Meltdown

On January 3rd 2018, two highly dangerous hardware vulnerabilities in Intel/AMD/ARM processors were announced by the researchers from Google’s Project Zero, together with some collaborators. These vulnerabilities got the names Meltdown and Spectre. Since the moment of the announcement, the Universa team has been working hard to estimate its impact on the Universa architecture.

The primary concern with these vulnerabilities is that they are hardware vulnerabilities, making it possible to violate many security guarantees provided by the operating system and the software. This is also the reason why these vulnerabilities are so severe — being the vulnerabilities of a processor, rather than a program, they may affect virtually every computing system available: according to the researchers of the Meltdown vulnerability, “every Intel processor which implements out-of-order execution is potentially affected, which is effectively every processor since 1995 (except Intel Itanium and Intel Atom before 2013)”. The Spectre vulnerability is even more general (though harder to utilize), and has been shown to affect Intel, AMD and ARM processors, including desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

When applied to Universa (and any other distributed system with the architecture containing some servers or nodes), the primary danger could be running these servers or nodes on the shared hosting or cloud hosting: with Meltdown vulnerability, a malicious application potentially could read the data from other processes running on the same cloud server; and with Spectre vulnerability, a malicious application could potentially even induce a hypervisor to write the data to the guest operating system and its processes.

However, the hardware vulnerabilities, even on such a great scale, were already expected and envisioned by the security experts of Universa, and their risks were predicted and taken into the account. After the security analysis, we are happy to announce that Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities have negligible to no effect on the functioning of Universa platform.

And now some details on various Universa subsystems:

    URS (Universal Reserve System — this is what keeps secure your reclaimed UTN and UTN-P tokens, their exchange, and will provide many other cross-blockchain features very soon) — not affected. Runs on dedicated hardware not just non shared with any untrusted users — there are not even any of user login accounts; so no malicious code can be installed or executed.
    Crypto Cloud (this is what keeps your contracts and the chat messages, when you login to the web client at https://access.universa.io/contracts) — not affected. The whole idea of Crypto Cloud is that all data and all messages are end-user-encrypted. There is no data stored in the crypto cloud, that could be decrypted a malicious code gaining the access to it from a different user process; and there is no data in the crypto cloud, that could be overwritten by a malicious code from a different user process, without the data corruption and cryptographic signature mismatch being noticed. Besides that, the cloud hosting provider claims the security patches are already being deployed to the affected systems.
    Universa Testnet Network nodes: minor theoretical impact (each Testnet node), not affected (Testnet network as a whole). Even though each particular node running on a cloud host theoretically can be affected, any malicious change of any stored data would bring it out of consensus; so to alter any data globally in the whole ledger, an attacker would need to successfully attack at least 90% of the nodes. The current Testnet consists of 30 nodes, so successfully attacked should be at least 27 ones. Considering how many clients and how many servers are used by the cloud hosting provider, a chance that a single attacker can run enough virtual hosts so they get distributed and end up on the same hardware as our 27 test nodes, is negligible. Besides that, the cloud hosting provider claims the security patches are already being deployed to the affected systems. Please note that this is applicable to Testnet network only; so if the vulnerability is not fully fixed before the Mainnet launch, the Mainnet will be launched on dedicated hardware only.

The scope of these two vulnerabilities is extremely wide, and the Universa team will keep track of the progress of it being fixed and patched. We will make sure that the hardware is fully patched or only the dedicated hardware is used, before the Universa Mainnet is launched. Also, the risk of similar attacks is the reason why the requirements to running an Universa node are not as loose as for running a node for some different blockchain technology: the conditions of licensing an Universa node will have some hardware and software details to protect of similar attacks.

At the moment, the Universa users should consider that the most insecure parts of the systems are, unfortunately, their own personal computers, laptops and mobile devices.

To be protected from Meltdown and Spectre, it is highly suggested to observe basic IT hygiene — keep the operating system and the software patched with the latest security patches; do not use unlicensed software received from untrusted sources; create a complex random passwords and never write them down; keep the files that should be stored securely (such as private keys) on encrypted storages, that is decrypted before every use.

News and Press

I’ve briefly answered forklog’s questions on Token Sale (in Russian)— https://forklog.com/ceo-universa-kak-my-proveli-tokensejl-na-28-mln/

John McAfee has been mentioned among top-10 people of the year as Universa’s advisor and a person who gave a risky promise to eat his own cock — https://forklog.com/top-10-personalij-2017-goda-v-bitkoin-i-blokchejn-industrii/

Got a share from CoinTelegraph — https://twitter.com/Cointelegraph/status/945954733965094913

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      We will combimed technology of big data,artificial intelligence,collective intelligence,block-chain and crpytocurrency to intriduce new features for the leisure, travel tourism industry
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        BEAT is a blockchain technologu which collects and stores your heakth and fitness data and allows us to share it with potential sports sponsors, talent scouts, doctors, researchers, insurance companies & many others.   You might worried that our health data is shared, which is actually not. It will share only pecific data points which we the users allow.   Users can download NoExcuse and earn BEAT toekns by working out in the Gym.   This will take care of your health while earning BEAT toekns   Advantages
      1. Unique idea not seen elsewhere. 2. Supports ERC 20 Technology. 3. Earn BEAT tokens while working out in Gym. 4. Already listed in bedarf.de & Yobit. 5. Collection of complete health records which can be used when ever we needed. 6. Expert Team.  
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