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You can join the site here 

USI-Tech is a company created and led by a team of financial analysts, Forex traders and developers, working together for a long time.

1-Description of the program :

This platform opened its activity to the general public on the Web in  November 1, 2016, after 8 years of research and  Development, including 3 years of real testing on large customer accounts for more € 100,000  of  equity in the forex market to validate the concept.

Today this company offer for the investors, two types of products , to choose between them, linked by a common sponsorship matrix:

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- A high Forex robot, working on the correlations between traditional currency pairs, with very stable performances over a long period (earnings are between 2% and 6% per month, but in practice close to 10%), which made this the company very popular in the world of forex investment,Supplies and withdrawals are made in euro by bank transfer, CB or via different payment processors.

- "Bitcoin packages", available from only 50 € (price of a package), each package generating daily revenues by associating the Bitcoin trading with a robot similar to the one mentioned above and the mining of different crypto- Currencies. The target yield (not guaranteed of course) is 1% per day per pack for 140 days. Supplies are made in euro (via the 2Pay4You processor) or in Bitcoin (via a wallet of your choice) and withdrawals are made exclusively in Bitcoin (always via a wallet of your choice). The maximum number of BTC packages that can be purchased with external money is 2000 per person.

Due to the working days of the Forex market, each of these products generates earnings 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.

No skill in Forex trading or mining crypto-currency is needed (unless you want to understand in detail how it works). Everything is completely automated.


This last product, the BTC packages, is the most interesting for those who do not have much money to put in such a business and want to get good results quickly. It is in pre-launch until the end of March, but totally functional, including withdrawals. The specificity of USI-Tech is to combine the already very interesting characteristics of these two products with an extremely powerful sponsorship matrix, which allows to multiply your earnings if you decide to sponsor (and even if you do not sponsor). This is a 3 x 3 matrix on 12 levels with forced overflow with compression! The earnings generated by this sponsorship matrix are essentially (but not only) funded by commissions paid by the German partner of USI-Tech (ArgusFX) on each trading transaction and partly redistributed to the company following a Contractual agreement. Sponsorship also produces other types of commissions .

Note that in the case of BTC packages, you unconditionally receive 10% on all purchases by your direct referrals (that is, those you have recruited yourself, regardless of their position in the matrix) And 3% on all purchases by your level 2 referrals. If you want to earn 1% to 3% commissions on all your referrals from level 3 to 12 (many will arrive by overflowing higher levels), you must Buy a lifetime license of 600 € (quickly refunded by the earnings from the matrix). If your affiliate  do the same, you will  automatically receive € 120 on each license they buy.

Important: earnings  from the sponsorship matrix can be withdrawn via the 2Pay4You payment processor, by SEPA, PayPal, Bitcoin or dedicated debit card (soon).

After the official launch in April and considering the number of scams that are currently r around the crypto-currencies, USI-Tech is committed to provide detailed information proving the reality of trading and mining associated with Its BTC packages, as it had already done with the Forex robot. also an earnings  simulator is also provided in the back office.

Presentation webinars are organized virtually every week and archived on YouTube. Several Facebook groups are available to interact with the company and other customers. Contact me and I'll add you to the groups. Technical Support is responsive and developers are working fast.

2-who is behind this company ?  : 

João Severino: Of Portuguese origin, he is a Forex trader and developer with 15 years of experience, having been responsible for accounts in this company since 2007.

He has created more than one hundred Forex robots in 8 years before he started, To reach a level of maturity that allows him to deliver a "general public" product for USI-Tech.

Ralf Gold: Originally from Germany and living in Brazil, a Forex trader has been responsible for "VIP" (over € 100,000) accounts  over the last three years on prototypes of the current USI-Tech robot. Reported an average of 7.8% per month to its customers over this period.




Ad to this :

Mike Kiefer: Originally Swiss and living in Dubai, he is responsible for marketing USI-Tech products worldwide.

Horst Jicha: Head of Management .


3-where is the office of Usi- Tech : 

USI-Tech Limited

Registration number ICC20160282

P.O. Box 122036


United Arab Emirates


You can join the site here : 


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