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Argo Consultants Limited - argobyte.com

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The Internet platform ArgoByte is a unique investment product of the UK company Argo Consultants Ltd, whose specialty is indirect investments in the industry of cryptocurrencies technologies.

"ArgoByte" is a ready-made and adapted system for accumulating and multiplying savings, a clear and understandable financial plan that allows you not only to receive a guaranteed, pre-calculatable income, but also to provide its customers and partners with perfect investment protection.
Working with the platform does not require any special knowledge, technical skills or equipment, all calculations are routinely made in US dollars using simple and understandable merchant gateways.
The client independently decides on the amount of deposits created by him or her, and also determines the time frames for his investments.

 The minimum investment amount is $ 1.00USDD
 Replenishment of balance and withdrawal of funds at any time
 Automatic capitalization every 2 days
 Automatic accrual of income 2% every 2 days
 25% of the income from each referral without investment of funds

The client's income is 2% each 48 hours. The income is accrued to the deposited amount that has continuously stayed within the system at the client's account for 48 hours. The income interest rate is the constant and does not depend on outer circumstances. 

The partnership program allows to get the stable and guaranteed income without making an investments. The partner’s income makes 25% of the each invited person's income. The partnership program does not require the positive account balance. 

Date : 10/19/2017 17:20
From/To Account : U16454698
Amount : -100.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 191861461
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. 
Payment ID : D008BEA75C63CF65055A1DB8C4D20853

Argo Consultants Limited

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