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I'm not an admin and I do not know him! 

BTChash - Project start 2017-10-13 

Plan : earn 3.84% daily and get your profit in your account every minute . 

>> Register here: BTChash.io


BtcHash investment program is a super-flexible project for those who like to quickly get tangible results and prefers full control over their finances at any time of the day or night.

You can withdraw your total deposit whenever you want with 5% commision



I am in with 0.0088 BTC


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    • By garden.stranges
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      Over 1000 project. Projects are divided into categories: pay, pending, problems, scum.
      Each project has a description of the idea and technical characteristics of the platform. Work with comments of users in the project card is provided. Very beautiful portal design
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    • By EtherBomb
      Im NOT OWNER of this project!!!
      Start - 03.09.2018

      Cryptocurrencies and blockchain turned the world of finance upside down. Unfortunately, the market is currently stagnating. The investors are very much upset with the low exchange rates and have to sell off the assets out of fear to lose them completely.
      The site 333eth.io is a striking contrast to the market. Site creators claim to invent money issuing everlasting machine. The investors get 3.33% net gains daily at the very same time. The minimum amount to contribute at a time is 0.01 ETH. Around 500 investors made a contribution of almost $100000 for just a few days that resource is online (the equivalent of 460 ETH). The numbers get bigger as the time goes by, there are graphs available so that users could track the changes.
      A few words on how it works. The smart contract with “waiver of possession” option enabled is acting as incorruptible money distributor. The code is thus independent and runs automatically. One does not have to take the developers’ word for granted now, as computer takes over both honor and honesty. The process is independent and does not require any human being to interfere with it, which eliminates human factor. In fact, there is no way to interfere with smart contract running on blockchain.
      The project itself may seem very easy at first glance; however, it possesses immense potential. Authors carefully analyzed similar projects to create a well thought-out income and expenditure system. As a result, all the required details were foreseen to eliminate the need to interfere with the smart contract. Contract distributes the funds the following way: wage to administrators (2%), commission fund to cover the fees (1%), customer support expenditures (3%) and advertising expenses (11%). Another 83% of the fund income are distributed between the investors.
      Daily payments are not the only pleasant feature available. There is also a referral system active; it enables the investors to earn as much as 3% from the first referral’s payment on top of their daily payment of 3.33%. The maximum possible contribution amount is not limited. Thanks to that fact, everyone can get a pleasant bonus for inviting the friends. To activate the 3% reward the referral has to fill in the DATA field with the Ethereum wallet address of the person who recommended 333eth. This has to be done during the first contribution.
      According to the creators, the maximal income of such a fund is usually seen at the very beginning of their operation, meaning that right now is the best time to make most of it. The project can save the investors from stagnating crypto-market negative influence. The investors can not only save their assets with the help of 333eth, but also significantly multiply them.
      During the first several days of operation, the project displayed excellent finance rates. According to the official data from the website, around 500 investors are already getting daily rewards of 3.33%, 500 ETH for only 3 days! The amount of money invested shows exponential growth! Developers affirm that you will only spend no more than 3 minutes to get familiar with the resource. These minutes can make you a millionaire.

      Now 819 investors have invested in the project 1456 ETH !!! It's incredibly cool!!!      
    • By Oleh50
      Security of contributions and life-long payments guaranteed by the Ethereum blockchain!
      This is ETH cryptocurrency distribution project: www.333eth.io/en
      He started on Septembers, 3, 2018.
      It's called 333ETH, and its mechanism is very simple. Basically, it uses the ether contributed by new members to pay
      dividends to those who have joined earlier. I can already hear you say, "But wait - it's a pyramid!" But there are a few
      key features that make 333ETH very different from a traditional pyramid.
      First, it is completely decentralized, and the organizers have no control over the funds transferred to the
      smart contract address - the contract includes a special ownership waiver to this effect. This means that the
      administrators won't be able to disappear with the money. In fact, even if the organizers decide to quit, the project will
      go on working perfectly well without them. Potentially it could even provide lifelong payments!
      Second, the dividend rate are not outrageously high - it is 3.33% daily, and 17% of it is withheld at withdrawal and
      allocated for marketing and tech support. That is, the project has enough funds to attract new members, provide
      adequate protection against hacker attacks, and so on. The system makes automatic payouts to the
      account of your choice every 24 hours.
      Third - and here lies the key to the system's stability - you can only withdraw the dividends. What makes all classic
      pyramid schemes collapse is the fact that they return members' deposits upon request, which makes payout volumes
      unsustainable. In 333ETH, you cannot withdraw the main body, only the reward. This may seem unfair at first, but in
      fact it's enough to stay in the project for just over a month to receive a profit. In fact, the organizers' decision to let
      members withdraw only the interest (minus the commission) seems like
      a very wise and responsible one. 
      Registering and transferring ether is extremely easy (you just need to have a personal ETH wallet, not one
      from an exchange). The project is only a few days old, but it is showing strong growth, which can be monitored on
      Smart contract address:
      Current fund account balance:
      Look the transactions of ETH input in a project:
      The team already has a successful smart contract that has been working without interruptions for a few months, so I
      don't see why 333ETH shouldn't succeed, too. The model is transparent and fair, the dividend rate is attractive, and
      overall it seems like a great solution to wait out this period of low ETH prices. I have made a moderate deposit two
      days ago, and the dividends were paid on time. Could this be what we've all been waiting for?
      To get + 3.33% to your deposit, insert 
      in the Data field when sending the transaction
      See project: www.333eth.io/en
      Do you have questions? 
      Write to me, please:
      [email protected]
      Yours sincerely, Oleh
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