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Bonpay Plastic/Virtual debit card

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Free cards for all the Token Sale participants is true?
By participating it is just necessary to leave a request for the Bonpay Card.
We are running an ICO in order all participants can get a card either today or when it will be available in a certain country.
So far, EU residents can apply for the free card right after contributing to Token Sale. Residents outside the EU zone can leave a request after participating and get their free card when it will be available in their country.

So, how to get a free card — step by step:
1. Contribute on https://tokensale.bonpay.com
2. Register free Bonpay account
3. Apply for Virtual Card
4. Get your free card activated

For contributors with 10+ ETH:
1. Contribute on https://tokensale.bonpay.com
2. Register free Bonpay account
3. Apply for Plastic Card
3.1 provide the amount of contribution
3.2 provide the transaction ID
3.3 provide your Ethereum wallet
4. Get your free card delivered within several days.

For contributors outside EU:
1. Contribute on https://tokensale.bonpay.com
2. Register free Bonpay account
3. Apply for Bonpay Card
4. Get whitelisted
5. Receive free card as soon as it will be available in your country

In order to get a free card, the contribution can be divided into parts. It means that you can contribute several times from the same wallet in order to achieve the required contribution amount to get a free card (10+ ETH), Special Black card (20+ ETH) with premium additional benefits (200+ ETH).
If you have made several contributions from the same wallet, please, contact our representative by [email protected]

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Do you want to participate in Bonpay Token Sale with 20% bonus?
Everyone still has such possibility. The bonus of +20% is available during all period of ICO for deposits over 20+ ETH.
Join now https://tokensale.bonpay.com

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Hello friends,


34% of all BON tokens will be used as a strategic reserve.

Considering Bonpay team interest in enhancing value of BON tokens, the mentioned below amount of tokens remaining at Bonpay will be distributed with specific aims.

Bonpay stands for transparency regarding tokens allocation showing the detailed distributions to ITS participants.




More detailed information about each aim is available in our Whitepaper

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Your art on the card!
Join Bonpay card design competition and win Bonpay special Black Card.


You are a designer, painter, artist or just have a great idea about card design? Want to promote yourself worldwide? Don’t know how?
Participate in Bonpay card design competition and have a chance to place your art on our special Black Card. All special Black card owners will be looking on your artwork while using the card. Isn’t that great?

Winner will get Bonpay special Black Card for free!*

What you get with special Black Card:
0,15% cashback;
free one year card maintenance;
priority support service;
better fees;
low unlimited interbank exchange rate.

Here are some rules:
all arts should be in black or dark-grey colors;
design should contain Bonpay logo (leaf). You can find it here https://goo.gl/FhfDQZ. You are free to change the logo’s color;
images from participants should be in one of the following formats: eps, pdf, tiff, psd, ai (png, jpg is required for preview) and have a proper quality and resolution, 1016х638px minimum. Vector images are welcome;
apply your unique arts only, we may ask to provide proof of authorship to avoid any legal issues. Watermark is welcome.

Send your artworks to [email protected] with the subject “Your art on the card”. 

Competition starts on 16th of November and will last till 7th of December 2017.
Deadline for acceptance arts is 26th of November. Images sent after that date will not participate in the competition.
We will pick out 5 best arts and start the vote among our subscribers. The process will be shown on our Facebook page. Voting starts on 29th of November, last day of voting is 6th of December 2017. All the dates are specified according to the London time.

Winner's design will be placed on all special Bonpay Black Cards and the name of the author will be shown on our website. 

*participant from non-european countries will receive the card after it will be available for the country of the participant. All issues will be resolved on a personal level.

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Why Bonpay will find the best solution for spending cryptocurrency as easy as traditional money?


One of the main reasons is our team and advisors.


We are proud to have team of advisors with unique specialty and skill set, who give us support and guidance to provide best services and expertise for our clients.


One of our advisors is Viktor Chkan, who is an expert on payment processing issues, and data security and has unique experience in financial projects, blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures.

Also Velin Vlasev, specialist in launching e-financial services in Europe and USA, became our advisor to help us in providing best card issuing services for our clients.

As we plan to expand our service, in order to fully understand needs of other markets, we invited Eddy Susanto, co-founder of FasaPay, who is Asian market specialist and has deep experience in payment gateways and electronic money transfers.

Dmitry Grushetsky, CEO of JustForex, fintech and banking expert with 14 years of experience in financial technologies, helps us in improving liquidity to guarantee stable and secure service for our clients.


So, we decided to start Token Sale to raise funds for developing and improving Bonpay service. With the support of committed clients we were able to reach soft cap in just few days. But Token Sale is still continuing and will last until November, 28.


Join now to be the part of great project!

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Dear friends,


There are few days left to the end of Bonpay Token Sale and we would like to share some news with you:


1) BON token has been listed on EtherDelta. More exchanges are coming soon. You are welcome to join Telegram chat and be tuned to all latest news.


2) Until the end of Bonpay Token Sale, you can get reward for encouraging your friends to participate.  

For every friend who joins Bonpay Token Sale, you will receive 10% from tokens that he or she has purchased. Your friend will also get 5% bonus for joining Bonpay.


For example, your friend buys 1000 BON tokens.

You will get 10% from this amount — 100 BON tokens, and he/she gets 5% — 50 BON tokens absolutely free.


Please consider that only ETH transactions take part in this.


To confirm the invitation, both participant who invited friend and participant who was invited should fill in forms. If you have invited someone to participate in Bonpay Token Sale, please, fill in this form, and if you have been invited, please, fill in this one. We ask you to provide real e-mails that were used while participating in Bonpay Token Sale, in order to successfully get bonuses.


Don’t hesitate — join Bonpay Token Sale during sale and get your exclusive reward!

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Don't miss your chance to join Bonpay project! Only 3 days left.


Apply for BON tokens now and get:

- 30% Bonus for Black Friday and Cyber Monday event

- 20% Bonus for contributers of 20+ ETH

- Free Bonpay Plastic Cards (already being delivered for EU)

- 10% Bonus for inviting friends (and your friends will have +5% bonus)

- Special access to the newly launched products


Participate here


Important: Applications for Bonpay Bounty program will be closed November 28th.


BON token has been listed on Cryptopia and EtherDelta exchanges!

It will become tradeable in a few weeks after the end of Token Sale (November 28th).

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Your Art on the Card voting starts on our Facebook!  
The last day of voting is 6th of December 2017.
Winner’s design will be placed on all special Bonpay Black Cards, author's name will be shown on our website.
Choose the one you like the most! Vote here


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Dear Bonpay Bounty participants!


We have made all the calculations. And now we are posting the final spreadsheet of Bonpay Bounty campaign.

All the campaigns are in one file, just check needed page:



We will update the spreadsheet according to the process of payment.


Best wishes,


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Dear forum members,


If you missed the opportunity to buy BON tokens during Token Sale, you are welcome to buy it on Cryptopia or Etherdelta exchanges.


Moreover we are happy to inform all our supporters that BON tokens for Twitter Bounty participants have been already sent.

You are welcome to check updated spreadsheet here https://goo.gl/4p3sQ1


Blog/Article distribution will be started soon.


If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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Bonpay Update on 9 January
WaveCrest changes, Card accounts, Withdraw option.

The latest news concerning card accounts closure, associated with our card issuer conditions changes, doesn’t derail Bonpay Team’s intentions and doesn’t sidetrack from the further development course. However, due to the current circumstances, we are doing our best to compensate all inconveniences and in this view, we made an Update.

Assets refund

All assets that trapped in pending operations were completely refunded to our clients.

The list of customers with stuck balances was requested from Wave Crest Holdings Ltd, in order to let these clients use their funds. As soon as we get this list, each client mentioned in it will be mailed individually regarding further steps to be taken.

What about cards?

So far there were a lot of card orders, but in the view of the recent situation, cards were either not received by users or unavailable anymore. We value every one of our clients and would like everyone to remain with Bonpay. Thus, customers, who have already ordered the Bonpay card but haven’t received it yet or those, who already have one but due to the circumstances can’t use it, will get a new Bonpay card for free.

Bitcoin withdraw option

We appreciate each customer who has chosen us to use Bitcoin. Our aim is to give clients an ability to transfer it to Bonpay card. Owing to the current situation of searching for a new card issuer, we decided to enable our clients to withdraw their Bitcoin without further verification.

We are grateful for staying with us and becoming a part of Bonpay community. Every our step and intention are based on thought about our clients.

The next upgrade is on the way. Stay tuned with Bonpay.

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