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Adzbtc - adzbtc.com

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Earn 100% of click value
Earn 20% per referral click
Earn bitcoin daily for free!
Withdraw your earnings from 0.00001000 BTC ( 1000 sat )
No need to invest for cashout, Everyone is paid!
Convert points to Purchase balance or Cash!
No limits to your earnings, Never lose money again..

Bitcoin Faucet
Win up to 25,000 Satoshi with Unique Faucet.

Satoshi Finder
Win up to 25,000 Satoshi from Satoshi Finder

Sister site to Adzbux!
3 Days free Leader Upgrade for all!

adzbtc uses legal EvolutionScript license

Free registration, thank you:

ADZBTC - Earn Bitcoin Daily


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Admin preparing first major update to AdzBTC

Upgrade to Ultimate script - Allowing  implement upgraded security and all the updates listed below..

Activity Points - The activity requirements for cashout are changing, we will be introducing Activity Points. 500 are needed for cashout and there will be bonuses for stages above this 

Casino - Purchase coins to play in our casino, we will be adding more and more games to the casino as the interest grows.

Increased security - secondary password for members

Daily Points contest - Free upgrades every day for the most active members.

Revenue shares - Out over a year we can return 120% of your investment with us without compromising our site stability. Allowed for upgraded members only.

3 Days free Leader Upgrade for all!


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Activity points
You gain activity points doing anything other than clicking ads...
1 Point per Satoshi finder Click
25 Points per faucet claim
5 points per offerwall offer completed (Including PTCWall)
1 Point per forum post
and 1 point per 100 satoshi deposited!

This willl update as the Activity points feature evolves. But for now its very simple.

You only need to earn 10,000 points to start converting!
Using Faucet it can be easy to achieve 10,000 Points +. There are many 10,000 - 1 point prizes.
You can convert points to PB or AB!


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Mining is now live and adzbtc have an Ultimate Evolution Script Website.

Just to explain. BTC Mining is now live..
Admin sharing profits from their mining operations. Each hash costs 0.001 BTC and will mature at 0.0011 BTC That is 10% profit! This can be as quick as 11 days or as long as it takes to mine your profit. As the feature progresses Admin may increase the return for higher level memberships.

More changes to the website and add more cool features will be added!


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We have been working hard behind the scenes to get prepared for everything. Firstly as all of Global Advertising Websites are we are now GDPR compliant.

What a ride... We now are setup with a new banner network to earn us some income for you. THe new PTC setup isnt for everyone i know but it is stable!
We have lowered the minimum payout from 100,000 Satoshi to just 1,000 Satoshi, reflecting the new earning system allowing you to get access to your bitcoins quicker.

We now have a fully working way to pay our members. This make it easier for us to pay you. Therefore from now i am reducing the minimum payout to just 1,000 Satoshi!

Remember you still have your referrals and only need to click 5 ads daily out of 10+ to get your referral earnings.

So here it is the new AdzBTC that is 100% open and honest with just a 1,000 satoshi minimum payout!

Payment on CoinPayments


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