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https://secretsofsarah.com Femme Youth - women health (35+)
https://www.secretsofsarah.com/secretsofyouth - Secrets of Youth - vitamins
https://www.secretsofsarah.com/woman - Love for women - Viagra for Women  (Libido enhancer)
Femme Youth
Payout:  $60 trial + 45$ upsell. 
Love Yourself
Payout:  $55 trial + $45 upsell. 
Secrets of Youth
Payout:  $55 trial + $45 upsell. 
Love for Women
Payout:  $65 trial + $45 upsell.
Conversion Point: offer converts on a valid free trial purchase
(CPL with phone confirmation*)
Allowed Methods: Premium Media Buy, Search PPC, Social PPC, Organic Search, Banner Display, Contextual, Email, PPV/CPV, Mobile
Not Allowed: NO Incent, NO Classified Ads, NO Adult Traffic, NO SMS, NO Trademark Bidding, NO Co-Registration, NO Fiverr Traffic, NO Email Traffic from Purchased Mailing Lists
Allowed Countries: US CA IE UK AU
Mobile Opt.
I do not sit on the forum!
skype~  live:frankiefigs.qq

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