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Re: Market news and trade recommendations by FBS

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EUR/USD Daily Analytics
10:58 19.03.2018


The main trend is still bullish, but there's a "V-Bottom" pattern, so the market is likely going to test the Moving Averages. If a pullback from these lines happens little later on, there'll be a moment for another decline.


There're two "V-Bottom" patterns in a row, so it's time for a bullish correction. The main intraday target is the nearest resistance area at 1.2313, which could be a departure point for a decline in the direction of the next support at 1.2254 - 1.2233.


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08:48 19.03.2018



The yen is appreciating against the greenback again. Despite attempts of the US dollar to return its positions, news from the White House did not let the greenback to recover. Worries about the Trump’s protectionism and trade wars were reinforced by the replacements in the White House. The US President fired the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and appointed the ex-director of CIA Mike Pompeo to this position. Both economic and political international policy of the US may become tighter. A new White House economic adviser announced a tougher policy in regard to China. Today the dollar weakened further as investors considered the implications of continuing personnel turmoil in the Trump administration. According to the Washington Post, Mr. Trump plans to remove his national security adviser.

Now the pair has come to 61.8 Fibonacci Retracement, if it is able to break it, the next support lies at 105.5.

However, there are chances that the greenback will find the support next week and the direction of USD/JPY will finally change. On next Wednesday we anticipate the US rate’s hike. According to forecasts, the Fed will raise the interest rate to 1.75%. Furthermore, a scandal with Japanese finance minister that is related to the school land sale still puts pressure on the yen. If there is an escalation of the scandal, the yen will weaken. That is not so bad for the Japanese currency because the dollar’s plunge below 105 will be critical for the yen and the Bank of Japan policy.

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10:56 19.03.2018



There's a bullish "Flag", so the market is likely going to test the next resistance at 1.3996 - 1.4069. This area could be a starting point for a decline towards another support at 1.3928 - 1.3888.


The price is still consolidating in a range of the developing "Flag" pattern. Also, there's a pullback from the Moving Averages, so the pair is likely going to test the closest resistance at 1.3996 - 1.4023 in the short term.

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