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Hey Guys,
Hope you are doing well,

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    • By Jackkevin
      Paper back task help - experienced essayists, choice writers, quick conveyance and different focal points can be found in our custom written work benefit Quick and solid service from industry best company. Rather than worried about Assignment Service locate the vital help here.
      Hi guys
      I am a business writer specialized in white papers more so, anything to do with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. You can check my gigs on fiverr via this link https://www.fiverr.com/morrisgit/write-cryptocurrency-white-papers?arrived_from_manage_gigs=true&display_share=true or you can reach me directly via email [email protected]
      In Crypto We Trust
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      What would you prefer: to spend a few years in college and graduate from it having to applicable experience or to spend a few years in college and graduate from it being a young and promising businessman? We bet that you loved the second option more.
      And we understand why.
      Making your business still being a student is a good decision for your further career, besides, this is a good way to earn money. You get the experience that none of other students get and you start to understand how everything’s happening in the real life. Besides, if you have enough time in college, it would be a crime to spend it for having fun only.
      In this article, we collected 5 business ideas for college students that require no money or investments, just your desire to grow personally and professionally.
      Running a blog
      The first thing that comes to mind when we are talking about almost free business ideas for the college students, it to create a blog and start working on its popularity. The blog is a perfect decision for everyone, as this is only the platform where you can share your experience on any area that you’re interested in.
      However, to run a blog successfully, you need to be ready not only to write posts but also to investigate the options of advertisements, using SEO and collaborating with other bloggers.
      Owning a popular Instagram account
      Social media is a good way to earn money if you have a good taste and know some tricks that help you gain more subscribers. If you take perfect photos on your iPhone and have a huge number of likes on Instagram, you may give a try to become an Instagram blogger.
      Of course, first, you need to get as many subscribers as possible. We would not recommend you to buy them, as the activity on your account will be low, and no one would like to cooperate with you. It’s better to attract subscribers with great content and regular posts.
      Selling your goods
      If you knit, draw, or make accessories, you can turn your hobby into a business. You can both offer your good to your friends and the friends of friends, or you can just start selling your good on such platforms on Etsy.
      Selling good may seem easy, but if you decided to make it a business, you need to take this responsibility correspondingly. A business will be successful if has some goals to reach. Thus, you need to develop and proofread your business plan to make sure there are no mistakes that can ruin your seller career, you need to analyze your expenses and income and regularly check the revenue.
      Developing apps
      Every college student who studies programming must try himself if developing apps for the customers. Of course, first, you need to find the clients who will be ready to pay for the inexperienced developer. However, it is better to look for the clients when you are still a student, not when you have graduated and you have no experience and no ideas how to find a job. Thus, participate in the competitions and start with taking a low fee for your work. Later, you will get even more money as the customer will come to you all the time.
      Freelance designing
      Every business needs a great design. Moreover, a design is not only the logo and the colors of the brand, this is a web-site, this is a press-release, this is a design of the product itself. Becoming a designer, you get a huge number of options to make your own freelance business taking orders from the customers and working on the in your free time. Of course, to be a designer you need to have some skills and at least to be good with Photoshop or Sketch.
      Every student can use the time that he has wisely. Of course, if you do not want to spend those hours on working, you will hardly be interested in paying efforts to run your own business. Here, your desire and your intentions are early important, as well as your readiness to work hard and to discover all the aspects of the adult life.

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      Over the past few years Options Trading Strategies have gained a lot of popularity. These are highly diversified strategies, which when used correctly, can give you some awesome results. Despite of this, there are many investors who shy away from Options.
      In this article on Options Trading Strategies, we discuss the six important strategies - 1: Long Call 2: Short Call, 3: Long Put, 4: Short Put, 5: Long Straddle, 6: Short Straddle.
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