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Alphabite - alpha-bite.net

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Got interested and wish to learn more about the Alphabite? Well, here is how it works.

Back in 2014, our team entered the world of cryptocurrency by building its first ASIC II farm.
Since then, we have been accumulating experience and expertise in this area to create a solid platform, which would be beneficial for all parties: our business keeps developing, and our partners gain direct profit from their investments in our work.
This is what we call the Alphabite

Partnership programs

Duration: 10 days.
Daily, includes benefits of the two-level partnership program, deposit withdrawal available upon completion of the 10-days period
112% profit in 10 days.
Minimum deposit amount: 0.01 BTC
Maximum deposit amount: 5 BTC

Duration: 30 days.
Daily, includes benefits of the two-level partnership program and 1/30th part of the deposit amount
165% profit in 30 days.
Minimum deposit amount: 0.05 BTC
Maximum deposit amount: 5 BTC

Benefits of two-level partnership program: 7/2% for each investor invited.

Please pay attention that the Alphabite project operates in Bitcoin only. You can also place finances on your deposit using such payment services as Bitcoin, but any such transaction will be immediately converted to Bitcoin at the current exchange rate. Any profit you make is awarded in Bitcoins.

08.07.2017 15:03:49 UTC+03:00
0.08000000 BITCOIN
№ a4ba543b0927840222456314c1ee9d340cca3de1648a971458bab0cec44c424c


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[AlphaNews]Open beta testing, stage 2.

That’s me again, my friends. Another day has passed, and again I’d like to share the latest news with you.

News #1: we keep working on new design features for our website and do our best to finish all that needs to be done by the release date. Those who’ve been with us since the very beginning have already noticed the changes we’ve made to the front page and to the account overview page. All our potential users should know that we are going to make our website more informative. Apart from the link to the Bitcoin Wiki, you’ll find a short video on the main basics of cryptocurrency theory. More details are on the way.

News #2: I’d like to give my special thanks to all of you who keeps sending us your feedbacks. You make a great contribution to the Alphabite project, and thanks to you it keeps moving forward and getting steadier day by day. As you requested, we’ve lowered the minimum initial investments to the 30-days plan from 0.05 BTC to 0.01 BTC.

That’s all for now. Take care!

Sincerely yours,

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