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Low Cost High Performance Shared Hosting with Upto 200 IP Addresses | 99.99% Uptime | 24/7 Support

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RankFirst Hosting provides managed and unmanaged SEO hosting solutions with datacenters in California and Michigan. SEO Hosting is hosting your websites through a lot of IP ranges utilizing several name servers and c class networks. By working on this you are ensuring the real financial success of your online business(s) as a result of your promotional and hosting campaigns. Our hosting services are very good furthermore our staff are here to help you with your hosting wants. We work hard to provide you with top level support to all of our customers and also would love to show you our volume of good care by hosting your websites.

Our Shared Hosting Deal 1 _ ORDER NOW
10 IPs + 10 GB Disk Space + 80 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $15.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 2 _ ORDER NOW
20 IPs + 20 GB Disk Space + 120 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $30.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 3 _ ORDER NOW
30 IPs + 30 GB Disk Space + 160 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $45.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 4 _ ORDER NOW
40 IPs + 40 GB Disk Space + 200 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $60.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 5 _ ORDER NOW
50 IPs + 50 GB Disk Space + 240 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $75.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 6 _ ORDER NOW
60 IPs + 60 GB Disk Space + 280 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $90.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 7 _ ORDER NOW
70 IPs + 70 GB Disk Space + 320 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $99.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 8 _ ORDER NOW
80 IPs + 80 GB Disk Space + 360 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $100.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 9 _ ORDER NOW
90 IPs + 90 GB Disk Space + 400 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $112.50/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 10 _ ORDER NOW
100 IPs + 100 GB Disk Space + 440 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $125.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 11 _ ORDER NOW
110 IPs + 110 GB Disk Space + 480 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $137.50/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 12 _ ORDER NOW
120 IPs + 120 GB Disk Space + 520 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $150.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 13 _ ORDER NOW
130 IPs + 130 GB Disk Space + 560 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $162.50/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 14 _ ORDER NOW
140 IPs + 140 GB Disk Space + 600 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $175.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 15 _ ORDER NOW
150 IPs + 150 GB Disk Space + 640 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $187.50/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 16 _ ORDER NOW
160 IPs + 160 GB Disk Space + 680 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $160.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 17 _ ORDER NOW
170 IPs + 170 GB Disk Space + 720 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $170.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 18 _ ORDER NOW
180 IPs + 180 GB Disk Space + 760 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $180.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 19 _ ORDER NOW
190 IPs + 190 GB Disk Space + 800 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $190.00/month)

Our Shared Hosting Deal 20 _ ORDER NOW
200 IPs + 200 GB Disk Space + 840 GB Bandwidth (PRICE: $200.00/month)

Below are some of the features which are are providing with all our shared hosting deals.

Security Features:
Daily backups
R1Soft Bare Metal Backups with multiple restore points
Password protected directories + IP-blocking

E-mail Features:
POP3, IMAP and web-based e-mail access
E-mail spam and virus filtering
Mailing lists
E-mail forwarding, auto-responders, filters and aliasingsel

Tracking Features:
Web-based file manager
Webalizer and AWStats site statistics

Other Features:
PHP, Perl, Python and MySQL
cPanle and Softaculous
Ruby on Rails
Cron jobs
ReCommerce ready
Shell access
Error pages

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Website: https://www.RankFirstHosting.com
Email: support[at]rankfirsthosting.com
Phone: +1 718 414 6543

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      bodHOST is a business solution provider. It offers solutions ranging from managed dedicated servers, shared hosting, custom server solutions, data centres, VPS hosting, web hosting, backups and spam experts.
      It offers robust infrastructure and hosting plans supported by SSD for enhanced speed, 99.99% uptime, 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection. 
      Here's what you can benefit through the latest promotion.
      Use Discount Coupon - "SH25OFF" to get 25% OFF
      This is a limited time period offer and ends  31st Jan, 2020. So hurry up!! before the offer ends.

      cPanel Shared Hosting
      5 GB Storage 25 GB Bandwidth cPanel Control Panel Softaculous Up to 5 Domains Unlimited Emails 24x7 Support 99.95% Uptime Price - $1.99/mo | order now  STANDARD
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      Skype: live:SocksHub.net
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    • By Adwita123
      A Perfect Web Hosting Plan to Host A Blog or Personal Website! We offer a range of reliable, affordable hosting plans to suit any requirement or budget; all accounts are activated INSTANTLY following payment, so you'll be able to get started right away. You can now enable a number of Powerful services like Cloudflare, Attract (SEO Tools), Site Apps Optimization Command Centre for the SMB Website and many more right from your hostripples control panel.
      Features of Hostripples Linux Shared Hosting:
      Unlimited space
      Unlimited Bandwidth
      Unlimited email account 
      Unlimited FTP account
      Free SSL Certificate
      Free Data Migration
      Free  Softaculous
      Free CloudFlare
      Free Setup Fee
      99.9% uptime
      24/7/365 tech support
      30 days money back guarantee.
    • By Adam Greer
      Dear forum users!
      We are glad to present INXY Hosting marketplace!
      INXY is the unique marketplace where you can choose from the vast array of hosting services, getting the most advanced solutions for your budget and ask for help and advice of quality engineers.
      Why choose INXY?
      Convenient server catalogue with a vast number of solutions. Many providers in one place. Just come, compare prices, check the performance and buy. A unique CDN calculator combining many top notch CDN providers. Compare the geographical coverage, prices and other CDN features then just purchase everything in one place. Many hosting services in one place - forget about hopping around and keeping the access credentials of 10+ sites to monitor everything. All providers are tested and only the best ones end up in our marketplace. Benefit from a double support - from our team as well as from any listed provider. Choose us and you will also benefit from:
      Free consultation on any hosting-related question from quality specialists. Different payment methods. Your advantages with dedicated servers:
      High-performance servers with the discounts of up to 50%! Our data-centers are in Europe, the USA, Asia and Russia with many more locations to come. Best net providers, including Tier-1 - Level3, GlobalCrossing, Telia, Deutsche Telecom, Tata Communications, IPTransit, IPTP Networks, PCCW Global, Cogent Communications. We can provide you with up to 40 Gbps of bandwidth per server. For some servers we give up to 8 IPs for free. 500+ Servers Catalogue ➨ https://inxy.com/dedicated-servers
      Your advantages with our CDN solutions:
      Free test period for up to 1 month! Our professional expertise in CDN. We'll examine your project for free and we'll prepare the most suitable offer that you will benefit from! Best providers in the world - AhCDN, EdgeCast (Verizon), Highwinds, UCDN, CDNnow and Leaseweb with more to come! Global coverage (including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Russia and CIS). Quick connection - our engineers will stay in touch with you and contact you as soon as possible for connection. We provide you with free tutorials on how to connect your project to CDN and assist you with setting everything up from the side of CDN. CDN Calculator ➨ https://inxy.com/cdn/
      Your advantages with our storage and backup solutions:
      High availability and high speeds. Reliable protection from data theft or loss. Support for most programming languages and frameworks. Other goodies:
      Order a managed server. DNS service from Verizon. SSL for CDN - we connect websites secured by SSL technology and help to tune everything up. Hosting audit service - examine your current infrastructure and optimize your costs with us. Colocation services - host your equipment in the most secure and powerful datacenters with us. P2P video distribution - for large audiences there is clear benefit - you can save on CDN bandwidth and as well increase performance. Server management  - pass the complex IT tasks to our quality engineers and concentrate on your business. We will be glad to answer all your questions here on forum, in live chat on the official website https://inxy.com/ or in Skype inxy.com
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      Vikhost.com strives to provide quality web hosting services at affordable rates. We love what we do and always try to provide bests for peoples who trusted us. We are here 24/7/365 to assist you with any hosting questions.
      Allow us the opportunity to exceed your expectations!!!
      Find out more about affordable and reliable Sweden dedicated servers
      Xeon E3-1230 v2, 4 / 3.30 GHz cores, RAM 16 GB , 250 GB SSD or 1 TB SATA
      Order now
      Xeon E5-2430L, 6 / 2.00 GHz cores, RAM 16 GB , 250 GB SSD or 1 TB SATA
      Order now
      2x Xeon E5-2430, 12 / 2.20 GHz cores, RAM 64 GB, 500 GB SSD or 4 TB SATA
      Order now
      2x Xeon E5-2660, 16 / 2.20 GHz cores, RAM 128 Gb, 500 GB SSD or 4 TB SATA
      Order now
      Dedicated servers can be deployed with operating system of choice. We can provide servers ready-to-go with your choice OS pre-installed. Configuration for servers can be upgradable to your needs!
      VIKHOST's Payment Methods: Visa/MC, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Google Pay etc.
      VIKHOST offers:
      - We offer services with NO CONTRACT
      - We offer services which are based on MONTHLY BILLING prepayment.
      - Our 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT always ensure that its customers have peace of mind by offering support.
      - FREE SETUP, you don't need to pay any fees
      - FREE reboots and OS reinstalls
      - 99.99% network uptime
      - 1 Gbps Network connection
      If you need server with lower cost , don't hesitate and order Sweden SSD VPS
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