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[Article] How Startups can Monetize Their Social Media Audience

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Startups have a lot of potential when are managed properly. That’s why you need to maximize every opportunity you can get to make your business grow. Our friends over at FindMyWorkspace discuss how startups can make their social media presence earn money for them.

Social media has changed how businesses reach and attract their customers, and it has shaken up the status quo. Everybody, from small businesses to big companies, now have access to the same audience available through the different social media platforms.

The difference now lies on how they use and maximize their opportunities to capture the attention of their target market, how to keep them interested and engaged, and how they can convert that interest into sales.

There are several ways to monetize your social media following.

The tips below are most especially geared towards audiences found on the top social media platform, namely, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Include them in your marketing strategy, and you should be able to successfully see sales coming in.

#1 – Offer valuable content to attract customers

You have managed to gain quite a following on social media, but what are you going to do with them? How are you going to attract more followers who would actually try out your products and services?

Content marketing is a very effective way to attract exactly the right audience for your business. How does it work? You create and offer content that your target market will find relevant and useful in order for them to get hooked.

Read more: https://monetize.info/startups-can-monetize-social-media/#ixzz4lEa2HQM9 
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How Startups can Monetize Their Social Media Audience

#1 – Offer valuable content to attract customers

#2 – Offer promotions and deals

#3 – Make your audience feel special

#4 – Sign up for affiliate accounts

#5 – Take advantage of the “live feed” feature

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