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USI-TECH usi-tech.info

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USI-Tech is a company created and led by a team of financial analysts, Forex traders and developers, working together for a long time, who opened its activity to the general public on the Web on November 1, 2016, after 8 years of research & Development, including 3 years of real-world testing on large customer accounts over € 100,000 to validate the concept.

The two founders are:
João Severino: Of Portuguese origin, he is a Forex trader and developer with 15 years of experience, having been responsible for accounts receivable since 2007. He has created more than one hundred Forex robots in 8 years before he started, To reach a level of maturity that allows us to deliver a "general public" product for USI-Tech.
Ralf Gold: Originally from Germany, a Forex trader has been responsible for "VIP" (over € 100,000) accounts receivable over the last three years on prototypes of the current USI-Tech robot. Reported an average of 7.8% per month to its customers over this period.
The team:
Mike Kiefer: Originally Swiss and living in Dubai, marketing USI-Tech products worldwide.
Horst Jicha: Head of Management


- "Bitcoin packages", available from only 50 € (price of a package), each package generating daily revenues by associating the Bitcoin trading and the mining of different crypto- currencies.
The target yield is 1% per day per pack for 140 days.  (via the 2Pay4You and Payza processors) or in Bitcoin 
The daily winnings from the "BTC packages" can be withdrawn every single day after 00h10 in btc. Paying without condition

- MLM plan 3x3 unilevel 12 level compress and dynamic. 

10% first level 3% second level unconditional . The complete plan is on the back office. 

REGISTER NOW       Best Choice   see GOOGlE PLAY  usi-tech app

With compounding: see below incoms btc packages



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