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Release your power on FXB account

FXB Trading goes above and beyond to give you and all our traders the trading tools, services and conditions you need to succeed.

- Leverage 1:500
- Spread 0.0
- Instruments 250+
- ZERO fees on deposits
- No re-quotes or rejections
- Negative Balance Protection
- Hedging, scalping and trading the news is allowed

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Wise Trading Words from Pro Traders

Ever wonder how professional traders deal with the ups and downs of forex trading? Here’s a glimpse …
The most successful traders view forex trading as a game of possibilities. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. In fact, there are occasions in every trader’s career when a losing streak can seem to go on forever. Losses happen, but what sets successful traders apart is the way they deal with the ups and downs of the markets!

If you are at the point in your trading career where you just feel like quitting, take heart … All successful traders went through what you are feeling, but overcame their doubts to become seasoned traders. They still lose some trades, but they understand that losses go with the territory and all that matters at the end of the day is that your profits far outweigh any losses you make.
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FXB Trading MT4 Mobile

FXB Trading MT4 Mobile
Trade on-the-go with FXB Trading MT4 mobile trading apps for Android and iOS. The worldÂ’s leading platform, MetaTrader 4, offers feature-rich functionality that frees you from the confines of your desktop and gives you the option to trade anywhere, anytime. Monitor open positions, respond quickly to market movements and analyse opportunities directly from your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

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Strategies for Successful Trading Decisions Going Short or Long

The Forex market is quickly becoming the focus of attention for millions of new entrants as a result of its unique advantages. A large number of people have learnt how to make clever investment choices in order to take advantage of the market. Two strategies in Forex are going long and going short – once you understand these two strategies you will be able to make important decisions in order to be profitable. The two main strategies will be examined below.

Going Short

This trading strategy is when the base currency is sold in order to buy it at a later stage when the price begins to fall, resulting in a return from the transaction. For example, if the current GBP/USD is 1.5345 meaning we pay 1.5345 Dollars for one Pound Sterling, and we have $1000 dollars, we would sell the Dollars in order to purchase the Pound Sterling. This is carried out when the cost is expected to fall again in a short period of time. When the price GBP/USD falls to 1.5350, this means that more Dollars can be purchased with the same amount of Pounds that were obtained at the start. The additional dollars can be kept as profit which were earned by considering the dollar as the base currency.

Risk in Short Position

As with all financial markets, forex involves the same amount of risk. If the prices go in the exact opposite direction than originally expected, there will be a loss instead of a profit. For example, if the GBP/USD goes to 1.5340, you would not even get the same amount of Dollars that you sold initially. This strategy is only profitable if prices drop.

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Trade CFDs on cryptocurrencies

Trade cryptocurrency CFDs and tap into the economy of the future.

Price movements on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are affected mainly by news and market sentiment. These sudden movements can result in price changes which make cryptocurrency CFDs an exciting product for traders. Speculate which way the price of a cryptocurrency will go without the need for a wallet. Take advantage of price volatility by trading CFDs without actually owning the cryptocurrency.

The following CFD cryptocurrencies are available:
Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin cash, Augur, Tether, Monero and Zcash.

Why trade cryptocurrencies with FXB Trading?

  • No commission
  • No wallet fees
  • Improved liquidity
  • Go long and short for increased opportunities
  • Withdrawals in local currency
  • Trade 24/7, 365 days a year

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Is this the best time to get into cryptocurrency?

The financial news has been filled with headlines about cryptocurrency for over a year now and this has undoubtedly played a part in the huge increase in value the likes of Bitcoin and the rest have experienced.

While plenty acted quickly and got in on cryptocurrency, many other potential investors who have been cautiously considering making a move have held back fearing that the opportunity had gone when Bitcoin reached $20,000 and others like Ethereum and Ripple started making big gains.

Warnings about bubbles, regardless of who was making them, have largely gone unheeded. New price records have been set then broken on a regular basis. However, a market correction was always going to happen.

It’s been nothing like the drastic fall some commentators have predicted (remember Bitcoin was valued at around $900 in December 2016). However, on January 17 Bitcoin has tumbled to around $10,000 after reports that a ban on trading of cryptocurrencies in South Korea was possible. The fears of a regulatory crackdown sparked a domino effect on the broader cryptocurrency market with Ethereum dropping 23 per cent and Ripple 33 per cent on the same day.

While some may view this as the beginning of the end of cryptocurrency trading, it’s more likely to be the breather this market will take while the new financial instruments that are growing up around cryptocurrencies settle in and the authorities firm up their decisions on how virtual coins will be regulated.

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Historical volatility
Historical volatility reflects the past price movements of an underlying asset. Generally, this is calculated by determining the average deviation from the average price of a financial instrument in the given time period. Historical volatility is important because it helps to predict future price movements and estimate or calculate risk.


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Forex coaching pays dividends

Trading forex is a bit like driving, if you don’t get a few lessons from someone who knows what they’re doing you’ll probably crash. A good forex trading coach will help you become a profitable trader far sooner than if you dive into trading without proper training.

A good trading coach, much like a good driving instructor, is aware of the mistakes a novice is likely to make and is able to steer you around or away from them and can explain why a certain course of action or choice is the better option. Much like driving, most of us want to learn so that we can use it safely, frequently and of course successfully. Driving without caution or at high speeds, without understanding the dangers, mirrors unprofitable or high risk trading and inherently increases the chance of losing money.

Once you’ve accepted that coaching is the best way to start the next step is choosing which coach is right for you. In most situations where you need an expert, your natural instinct is to gravitate to the best available. This is where most people run into their first hurdle, as the industry is littered with so-called ‘forex gurus’ but who are not even professional traders.

A recommendation from someone you know and trust is always a good place to start, but if no-one you know can advise you on coaching for forex trading there are some things to look out for which will help you make an informed choice.

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MetaTrader 5 platforms

MetaTrader 5 offers all the innovative features that MT4 has to offer allowing you to analyse the market with a wide range of pre-installed technical indicators and graphical objects, and functions as a platform where you can place your orders. The platform provides everything you need to trade the financial markets.

Trade CFDs on forex, indices, commodities, and shares from one platform with no rejections, no re-quotes and flexible leverage from 1:1 to 1:500.


MT5 desktop application
If you prefer to trade directly from your desktop, the advanced MT5 desktop platform puts you in control when trading the world’s markets.

Key features:

  • Spreads as low as 0 pips
  • Tick chart trading
  • All order types supported
  • Over 80 technical analysis objects
  • Market depth information
  • Market execution

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Crypto gives you live updates on every cryptocurrency on the market. This comprehensive listing details the Price, Market Cap, Volume and Circulating Supply for every cryptocurrency you want to know about.
The timely and precise delivery of information enables you to make the best trading decisions. Once you’ve identified the cryptocurrency you wish to invest in you can quickly and easily take advantage of its price by going to FXBTrading.com/ and make your desired trade instantly.
You don’t need an e-wallet, simply choose the currency you wish to use to make your cryptocurrency investment and with two clicks you’ve got the crypto you want at the price you want.
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How to choose technology and industrial stocks
The common denominator for everyone who invests in stocks is to make predictions on the price evolution in order to capitalise on market movements and consequently make money.  But how they go about it is dependent on how risk averse they are, and the time frame over which they want to realise profits.

Investing in the stock market is both an intellectual challenge and a reflection of your own character. Before you decide which stocks to pick you need to understand what kind of investor you are.

Growth investors tend to focus on a company’s potential for future profits, and whose earnings are rising the fastest. Since growth-oriented investors are interested in big future earnings, they are often willing to pay a high price for a stock relative to what it earns right now. The metric used to value stocks here is the price-to-earnings ratio (commonly referred to as the P/E).

Value investors hone in on the current value of a company’s assets (factoring in its debts), and look for stocks that are cheap compared to those assets. Optimistic forecasts for profits are less important for them so they end up buying stocks with lower P/E ratios.

Taking the value approach sounds like a more conservative approach, but there is the risk that these stocks go out of style for long periods of time.

What may have initially looked like a bargain may turn out to a bad investment which other investors avoided because they identified serious problems with the business.

That’s why solid research is critical when buying stocks, and the most common advice you’ll read about investing in stocks is to diversify.

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FXB Trading app for the on the go trader
Manage your trades and investments while you are on the go with the FXB Trading mobile app.
Get access to the members' area and get the latest news affecting the markets whether you are on your smartphone or your tablet.
Place your trades instantly with one-click trading and have complete control over your trading account anywhere, anytime.
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On 5/15/2017 at 5:28 PM, FXB trading said:

The team at FXB, a licensed online broker, offers premium Forex trading services to traders and partners in hundreds of countries around the world

The driving force behind online trading broker, FXB Trading, is a dynamic group of finance industry professionals who, by drawing on their specialist skill-sets, have created a brokerage that is taking online trading to the next level.

As an FXB client, you’ll benefit from: reliable and fast STP execution on Forex, Commodities, Shares and Indices, access to the most popular trading platforms around, friendly 24/5 support, an unparalleled FX trading education and so much more:

  • Trade on the world’s most advanced trading platforms – MT4 & MT5
  • Gain access to a deep pool of top tier liquidity
  • Rely on proven client fund security
  • Take advantage of low latency and fast execution times
  • Depend on us for super-tight spreads
  • Choose high leverage of up to 1:1000
  • Select from a choice of real/ demo account types
  • Claim trade-enhancing promotions and bonuses
  • Learn how to trade in the FXB education centre




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If you are interested in buying cryptocurrencies, there are many crypto exchanges operating all around the world that allow you to buy cryptocurrencies. It is a good idea to register and verify your accounts with multiple exchanges. The reason for this is that the process can take time if there is an increase in registrations every time there is an increase in the price of Bitcoin. Different crypto exchanges have different features, fees, policies and coin listings. Leading brokers usually allow clients to use fiat currencies to buy cryptocurrency. These are traditional currencies such as Euros, Dollars and the British Pound.

A guide for buying cryptocurrencies
Once you have a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies, you can follow the steps below in order to start building your own portfolio.

1) Open an account with a cryptocurrency exchange
The first thing you need is to know where to buy cryptocurrencies. If you want to buy Bitcoin, there is a wide range of exchanges to choose from. Make sure your desired cryptocurrency is listed on the exchange. Always research your chosen cryptocurrency exchange and read reviews.

2) Choose the cryptocurrencies you want to invest in long-term
You can invest in multiple cryptocurrencies. However, it is advisable to start with one currency first. There is a wide range of cryptocurrencies to choose from. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies available on exchanges around the world.

If you want to invest, you should enter initially with small amounts to familiarize yourself with the basic functions of the exchange.

It is also important to get used to the market volatility so that you don’t panic sell. During a rapid fall in prices, price swings can be huge in a very short period of time.

3) What price is your chosen cryptocurrency trading at?
An important thing you need to take into account is the price of your preferred cryptocurrency. For instance, you need to determine if it is cheap, at a high price or a low price. You should never make a purchase based solely on the price, but you should consider other factors as well. These factors are valuation, the available supply of currency, the technology it uses and the targeted market.

In order to maximize your gains, it is essential that you apply the ‘buy low, sell high’ principle. This is a successful cryptocurrency trading strategy.

4) Store your cryptocurrencies in a wallet
A cryptocurrency wallet acts like a bank account for your cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins are stored in a bitcoin wallet and Ethereum coins are stored in an Ethereum wallet. The same applies to all other cryptocurrencies which are stored in the appropriate wallet.

Basically, a wallet is software which communicates with the network. You can tell the blockchain when you want to send or receive transactions.

Cryptocurrencies can be stored both online and offline in a paper wallet or a hardware wallet, and can also be stored on the exchanges where you bought them.

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A beginner’s guide to trading cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency trading
Cryptocurrency trading is becoming more and more popular and many investors are jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. However, it is essential to understand that trading cryptocurrencies is not necessarily a ‘Get rich quick scheme’. Before you start investing in cryptocurrencies, it is important to do your research. Read our guide and find out all you need to know about trading cryptocurrencies.

What are cryptocurrencies?
Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptographic techniques to secure transactions and control the creation of additional units of the currency. Cryptocurrencies are a digital asset and exist only in an electronic form.

What are the most common cryptocurrencies?
The most common cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Zcash.

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How far will cryptocurrrencies go for security?

Zcash go nuclear to generate random numbers to ensure security of digital coin in latest step by cryptocurrencies gain acceptance
The security of cryptocurrencies is an issue for some people. The founders of digital coins know that stories about exchanges being hacked damage their image.

For cryptocurrencies to be commonly used by the general public they must gain trust. The same trust that people have in the bank coins and notes they use to buy goods and services.

The developers of privacy-obsessed digital coin zcash have gone to unique (and extreme) lengths to ensure their digital currency’s security.

Zcash used nuclear waste from the infamous Chernobyl power station to create low-level radiation. This was converted into random numbers to generate zcash’s public cryptography parameters.

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Bitcoin value has dropped by almost 45% after hitting a high of almost $20k this month but some experts feel the crypto currency is set to climb again in 2018

Investors who joined late will feel the latest headline about Bitcoin value is a bad joke. Most people who invested in Bitcoin recently are sitting on negative equity or have cashed out losing.

Ethereum and Ripple backers have similar stories to share with their Bitcoin owning counterparts. But for portfolio manager Jeet Sign cryptocurrency volatility isn’t surprising and he envisages Bitcoin’s value hitting $50k this year.

Singh gave his views about cryptocurrencies to RT while attending the Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland. He’s been operating in the cryptocurrency space for the last six years. He’s seen similar volatility time and again. And he’s also experienced fluctuations by more than 80% and above on a regular basis.

Singh drew comparisons between cryptocurrency and the early performance of Microsoft and Apple stock.

“If you look at Microsoft or Apple when they went public their stocks were very volatile because the market wasn’t mature,” he said.

The lack of vendors accepting cryptocurrencies as payment results in cryptocurrencies being used more like as a store of value. However, in countries with high inflation (Indonesia and Thailand) cryptocurrencies are more readily accepted.

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Historical volatility
Historical volatility reflects the past price movements of an underlying asset. Generally, this is calculated by determining the average deviation from the average price of a financial instrument in the given time period. Historical volatility is important because it helps to predict future price movements and estimate or calculate risk.


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Samsung joins cryptocurrency bandwagon

Samsung reveals plans to create mining chips as it officially enters cryptocurrency arena
Samsung have announced that their foundry business makes chips designed for cryptocurrency mining. The move was reported by Korean newspaper The Bell who revealed the chips will be application-specific integrated circuit (Asic). It marks the first official move by Samsung into cryptocurrencies.

Garrick Hileman, a cryptocurrency researcher from the University of Cambridge, said the move indicates that Samsung does not see Bitcoin as a bubble that is about to burst.

Samsung’s foundry business is currently engaged in the manufacturing ocryptocurrency mining chips

Bitcoin may be the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency today. However, it has been joined by many others over the years with new coins being launched regularly. Samsung’s chip manufacturing decision is clearly influenced by more than Bitcoin. The combined market value of cryptocurrencies has gone from less than $20bn to more than $540bn making it impossible to ignore.

The South Korean company’s semiconductor business is booming. It overtook Intel to become the world’s biggest chipmaker last year. Asic chips are designed to carry out a single task, which in this case is mining.

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