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Why Less is More in Forex Trading

Less is definitely more when it comes to trading the world’s markets – it really is crucial! To hammer this point home, we’ll look at 3 key points: market dynamics, price action and how not to react to every market fluctuation.

1. Don’t go against the trend
Reacting to each and every market movement is pointless. Make the trend your friend by not going against it with every time market fluctuation

2. Be patient with your trades
The next key point is actually a fact, and it’s that losing money SUCKS
The best way to NOT lose your money is by being patient with your trades. Once you enter the market, let the trade play for you. You cannot trade all those little movements in the market because all they are going to do is make you lose your money in the end.

3. The long-term dictates the short-term
The last thing you need to remember is that the long-term dictates the short-term. the long-term trend dictates the short-term fluctuations. Most traders try to trade every single movement in the market, simply because they are overconfident about their abilities and they think that they can trade every single counter-trade retracement, but sadly, they are likely to lose money.

Read more https://goo.gl/phNmMo

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Wise Trading Words from Pro Traders

Ever wonder how professional traders deal with the ups and downs of forex trading? Here’s a glimpse …
The most successful traders view forex trading as a game of possibilities. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. In fact, there are occasions in every trader’s career when a losing streak can seem to go on forever. Losses happen, but what sets successful traders apart is the way they deal with the ups and downs of the markets!

If you are at the point in your trading career where you just feel like quitting, take heart … All successful traders went through what you are feeling, but overcame their doubts to become seasoned traders. They still lose some trades, but they understand that losses go with the territory and all that matters at the end of the day is that your profits far outweigh any losses you make.
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Five winners of InstaForex contests revealed

The results of the recent steps of the InstaForex contests have been summed up. We are ready to name the victors of the following contests: One Million Option, InstaForex Sniper, Lucky Trader, FX-1 Rally, and Real Scalping. InstaForex congratulates winners on great results and wishes other contestants to find their names in the next digests. Sooner or later, luck will be on your side!

One Million Option
One Million Option is one of the most popular InstaForex contests. It attracts hundreds of participants willing to be recognized as the best options trader and thus fighting for this title bitterly. According to the results of the interim step, Andrey Ostapenko showed the best option trading. The next competition will take place soon: from June 5, 2017 to June 9, 2017.

InstaForex Sniper
The InstaForex Sniper contest gathers the most accurate and fastest traders. Many contestants fiercely compete to get the main prize. Stephen Ibukunolu Ajayi proved to be the best in the recent step. The next competition will kick off on June 5, 2017 and finish on June 9, 2017. Try your hand at sharpshooting in the InstaForex Sniper contest!

FX-1 Rally
Eswara Rao Kommoju showed the best trading and racing skills winning the latest step of the FX-1 Rally contest. Congratulations to the winner on the brilliant victory. We wish the victor luck in the next stages of the contest. If you want to take part in a breathtaking competition, welcome to the start of FX-1 Rally! You can register for the nearest rally that will start at 00:00 June 2, 2017 and run until 23:59 June 2, 2017.

Lucky Trader
Trade perfectly for two weeks and you will sweep to victory in the Lucky Trader contest just like Dmitriy Grebelniy did it. He demonstrated great trading proficiency and achieved the best results among hundreds of participants. We sincerely congratulate the winner and wish him to keep winning. The next step of the Lucky Trader contest will be held from June 12, 2017 to June 23, 2017.

Real Scalping
Short-term trading is rather difficult and meticulous. Not everyone can be attentive, focused and fast enough to succeed in the Real Scalping contest. This time Danylo Zherdetskyi displayed all these features and managed to take the first place. InstaForex congratulates the winner and invites other traders to participate in the contest. Everyone willing to challenge their skills can register for the Real Scalping contest on the InstaForex official website. The next competition will begin on June 5, 2017 and come to an end on June 30, 2017.

Learn more about contests
Photos and comments of the finalists

Best Regards,
PR Manager

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5 Tips for Trading during Volatile Markets


Trading opportunities are improved by a rise in volatility. The market fluctuates continuously which generates a positive mood for a great upward trend; however, there is also the possibility for significant losses if measures are not taken. When the market is volatile, adjustments regarding trading strategies need to be applied as the markets are uncertain.

Helpful advice for trading in volatile markets:

1. Trade selections
Volatility of the market can cause one to take the risk in order to derive profits.

2. Trade with smaller trade positions
Leverages affect trading largely when the market is volatile.

3. Discipline is the key to effective trading
Trade in a more disciplined way when the market is unstable. Maintain your trading strategy regardless of the market condition

4. Tighten your stops
Tightening stops can perform as great risk managers during periods when the market is volatile.

5. Pull up your socks!
It is essential not only to trade with currency pairs, but to adapt your trading strategy in the market situation


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An Introduction to Order Flow Trading

Order  Flow Trading is a profitable form of trading. It provides professional and retail traders with information based benefits, and  it offers the complicated step-by-step analysis of Order Flow in the form of charts that can be interpreted in a simple way. People have been puzzled about what Order Flow Trading(OFT) actually is.

OFT  takes into account other forms of trading. The aim is to attempt to predict the prices of the stocks through pending orders of other traders. In anticipation of prices it is important to ensure that potential traders have large orders; the traders should be active market participants who have pending orders.

Scary facts about Order Flow Trading

Trade mentors have been advising  the traders to trade what they see instead of trading what they think. The market does not actually move according to your thoughts and it should not. Picking levels is a risky way to exercise your trading, and has been banned by professional traders. However, Order Flow Trading cannot be implemented without picking levels, and this is the reason why OFT has been frightening for many traders.

Traders who were mentally picking up levels, and simultaneously observing the price charts discovered that the levels had been all blown away. However, things can vary by using tight stop losses and especially if you consider picking levels carefully. Consider picking levels with caution and use tight stop losses.

The Methods of Functioning of Order Flow Trading

Picking up levels is actually a complicated matter. OFT needs proper analysis power which most of the traders miss. With the help of proper training, technology and proper support you can learn how to  pick levels to continue with OFT. There are methods of Order Flow Trading:

  1. The trading method, which is recommended by expert traders, is to determine the apparent resistance levels which is confirmed when the price arrives. This is one of the methods of order flow trading since the system is dependent on there being a great deal of orders on the different levels.
  2. The professional traders of order flow trade in a different way. If you know how to trade order flow then you will definitely not wait for confirmation of price action before trading order flow. This is quite a risky approach to OFT.
  3. Wait for the close of hourly candle before you enter the trade.
  4. Pick up the levels to enter a better price. This will assist in getting a higher price which will result in profits long before traders who trade with price action enter the trade.
  5. Use tighter stops to place your stop in a much better pace which is the advantage you gain while trading with level-picking.

Trading against the given trend should not intimidate you. Obvious support and resistance can be achieved through the previous highs and previous lows which is the way to pick up levels.

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Online CFDs Trading

Benefits of Online CFDs Trading in Foreign Exchange Trading

Forex market is the greatest money market in the world as well as the best platform that offers sufficient trading facilities. People can begin with demo accounts to gain skills and knowledge. Then they can start investing with their minimal investments and can become millionaires in a short time. However, in order to minimize the risk, they can use online CFDs Trading that makes investors hedge their investments to reduce the risk.

What is Online CFDs Trading?

CFD in Forex market represents the contract for differences that you can make in order to reduce the amount of risk with a particular investment or currency. These contracts are now being offered to the millions of Forex investors that use the Forex online trading system. It is not necessary for people to visit their brokers in person and look for the trade of CFDs. They can access all the offers through online CFDs Trading and can make suitable investment decisions accordingly.

How is Online CFDs Trading Useful?

CFDs offer people an opportunity to diversify their investment and minimize the risk associated with a particular currency’s trade. This risk can be transferred by investors trading through online CFDs Trading. Every investor has their own risk tolerance level. The best financial partners can provide risk management strategies which can be implemented with the support of online CFDs Trading. Huge returns can be made on investments by receiving the best risk management strategies from reputable sources.

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Online Trading Platforms and Stock Exchanges

The stock exchange market is one of the most liquid markets in today’s economic environment. Trading in shares on these markets is one of the most important activities nationally and globally as it is one of the most effective ways in which companies can increase capital with minimum loss. It also gives traders the opportunity to earn profits.

Traders can choose to use one or both of the available channels to trade in stocks. These are online trading platforms and stock exchanges.

The similarities and differences between online trading platforms and stock exchanges are outlined below in order to provide traders with appropriate information about which method to choose.
Charging of Commissions

The two methods have similarities because in the traditional stock exchange, the stock brokers will always charge a commission on every stock that is traded through them.

The same is also true for online trading platforms because online brokers will also charge a commission on the traded stocks. Sometimes this is hidden in the costs, but in spite of what is usually said, they may not charge a lower rate than the stock exchanges. These rates vary from one online broker to another and sometimes may be higher than those in traditional stock exchanges.

Capital Gains Tax

Governments usually impose a stamp duty in form of a capital gains tax on any stock that is traded on the stock market.

Regardless of the platform, whether it is stock exchanges or online platforms, the trading of shares will attract this tax.
read more

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Strategies for Successful Forex Trading

Are you already a trader who is involved in the forex business and would like to further increase your knowledge of the stock exchange in order to become a more skilled trader? Or maybe you have just started forex trading and require all the relevant information about forex? Whatever the situation may be, it is your opportunity to start implementing what you have in mind. You can earn a large amount of money using these new forex trading strategies. You just need to monitor several forex indicators, and the rest is simple.

Have you had enough of fighting against the foreign capital and the market? Are you annoyed with making attempts in forex trading that earn no profit? Or is it the difference of time zones that is causing problems in your trading?

Eliminate all these problems today! Our strategies work automatically so you are not required to monitor the events in the market all the time. You can effectively manage the events while simultaneously enjoying the swing trading using these Forex trading strategies. Certainly several traders have already tried to employ our trading strategies and have achieved great results in the process. The major advantage of these Forex trading strategies is that you can follow the progress by using paper, in tabular form and on the real success stories.

These recent strategies have been devised after thorough Forex market research, based on intensive analysis of the patterns and estimating the specific number of indicators that are responsible for given processes and changes that influence the market. These indicators are the basis of any successful Forex trading.

Let’s move towards achieving goals!

1. Have you been unsuccessful in forex trading? Or maybe you are a beginner who has heard a lot about making money through forex trading but don’t know how? We can help you to overcome these difficulties.

2. We advise you to forget all bad experiences in order to move ahead and start planning the future. We can develop new strategies to help you.

3. Based on well thought-out strategies which have been thoroughly tested, you follow specific market indicators and make careful decisions. The decision-making has become easier with these strategies. They enable you to detect the direction of a currency pair and allow you to create effective techniques to make the most of available opportunities.

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Successful Foreign Currency Trading

In order to successfully implement foreign currency trading strategy, you must be able to recognize, assess and track trends within the Forex Exchange Rates so that you can determine whether it is a good idea to trade or not.

When choosing the currency pairs to trade in as well as establishing the strategy, it is essential to take time to read the historical information as well as evaluating pricing charts so that trends in the Forex Exchange Rates can be followed.

How to Determine and Use Forex Exchange Rates

Many forex traders prefer not to carry out a lot of research and perform with what they have. This is where the Forex software is extremely useful as it only requires past data to begin evaluating the Forex Exchange Rates, and gives recommendations about buying and selling of different trade indicators.

The software creates these trade indicators after examining the progress in the Forex Exchange Rates in a certain period of time. The trading software is programmed to identify any defined trend in the exchange rates as the prices change.

Are Forex Exchange Rates reliable?

At a national and global level, the foreign currency is one of the biggest markets as well as the most volatile place in the economy. The reason for this is because the prices can fall or rise in minutes. Therefore, it is very important to acquire a trading account that will permit you to carry out the tracking and monitoring of the Forex Exchange Rates in real time.

Trading in out-dated exchange rates is usually not advisable because they have a higher risk of losing and taking traders away from their planned profit margins.

Real-Time Forex Exchange Rates or Historical Data?

Historical and real-time data is significant for all forex traders, and have a big role to play in ensuring that the trading strategy becomes successful.

Historical data records changes in pricing of a particular currency over the past few months, or even years. This is really important during the creation of a trading strategy and inputting data into the trading software. The more data there is, the more likely it is for the software to identify the actual trends.

When the actual trades are placed, real time forex rates should be employed to avoid paying too much to buy currency or closing the trades at a loss due to slippage.

Why do Forex Exchange Rates vary for every brokerage website?

As the stock market is volatile some websites may not be updating their rates as fast as they change which makes it appear like different sites have a varied pricing.

Furthermore, some brokers may place their commissions into the spread by adding some pips in the difference between the bid and the ask prices. The result of this is a dramatic change in the pricing in comparison to other brokers.

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Technical and Fundamental Analysis

The rule followed by all investors in all markets worldwide is that they are looking to earn money. However, if they closely analyse and assess the movement of the foreign exchange market or the stock market, they would discover that the nature of the investments being made in these markets, and the nature of the money being placed, is similar to an activity that is well known for either providing heavy losses or enormous profits. This activity is gambling.

Businessmen who gamble for too long often find that they have run out of luck, and this loss of luck eventually leaves them on the streets after they lose everything. This is because gambling is an extremely high risk activity, and is partly based on luck. The high risk nature of this activity can result in profit if the gambler has good luck. However, the balance of probability states that the gambler’s luck will eventually run out, and when the gambler’s luck runs out, he will find that he has lost everything that he had previously earned.

Hence, the smart businessman does not gamble often, and definitely never gambles with everything that he owns. Businessmen who become rich and remain rich usually take a more analytical approach to their investments, especially when these investments are applied in volatile markets such as the stock or foreign exchange market.

In order to minimize risk, businessmen employ analysis techniques so that they can gather information to assist them in making investments that would be profitable.

There are two main analysis techniques that are implemented by traders:

1) The first analysis technique is called technical analysis. Technical analysis involves the studying of past trends in order to ascertain patterns. If the market that you are trading in seems like it is following a previous market trend, the trader can act based on this trend. If there is a pattern, technical analysis usually provides a safe prediction of how the market will behave in the future, and the use of this analysis technique can help investors and traders make sound financial investments in the markets.

2) The second analysis technique is called fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis involves studying the statements and financial dealings of the business in order to determine the amount of assets, liabilities and earnings, as well as the statements and financial dealings of competitors and an in depth analysis of the market’s current status. All this information can give a trader an idea of which businesses may be making a profit in the future, and knowledge regarding future profitability of businesses can allow the trader or investor to make a healthy investment or purchase and earn a profit.

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