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Big SCAM - ICMT-Invest.com

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They have robbed my account with 2000$ inside
Soon as I joined an deposited $2K with payeer, they instantly banned my account and I am not able to login to my account anymore

Please, don't ever join this program

It's a big SCAM/ a big fraud

Please don't ever join it

Stay Away! Beware

Forex - My Passion :wub:

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As many new businesses emerge, I have noticed most of them (around 90% ) are scams. Most of the people who register, are invited by someone. That inviter "receives" a comision for referral and then the company assumes that has paid enough. (so your 2000 dlls probably gave your inviter 200 dlls -even if the person who invited you just deposited 10 dlls) So the company spreads and this is the way more people get robbed.

It would be interesting to know how you got connected to this compay, who invited you, what made you trust them (and if they pretend to be certificated by some institution to set a direct complain or prosecution request to that institution that supported the "scam company") and if the support and admin emails have not answered you, so others can take this bad experience as a warning when they find this post.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

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