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    • By johnvalentin1966
      I am not admin / owner of this project!
      Online Date : 2019-09-23
      Investment Plans :
          36% Hourly For 4 Hours     58% Hourly For 4 Hours     76% Hourly For 4 Hours     124% Hourly For 4 Hours  
      Referral Commission : 7%
      Accept Payment : BitCoin, PerfectMoney, Litecoin , Ethereum , Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash
      About Project :

      I have made deposit of $10 - 0.00119 BTC to Plan no. 1 (36% Hourly For 4 Hours) using CoinPayments.net

      Transaction TX: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/d4aa3a6b4b886ee5a3ad671a3b996c9d2b5a79d18659847cdd3868bead1f688b

      Ref Link: http://sunnyprofit.fun/?ref=johnvalentin1966
      Direct: http://sunnyprofit.fun

    • By Treebark
      I am a real user of this program and Not a Monitor. I have not been paid, My deposit it not being reflected in my account and the admin is not responding/helping me.
      I would recommend NOT using this program.

      This is the message I received from the admin before they stopped replying. I send them this transaction code that shows my Deposit.
      I would urge you to research before you spend your money.
    • By XKUS
      Site closed on March 15th 2017 (for 15 working days, up to date no backoffice, nor money has been returned to investors, under the illusion of "an evolution" where only newbies investors would receive (if reopened) their investments ranging from $USDLLS 125 - $1100 USdlls accounts (that offered up to 50 dlls 5 days a week payment for 2 months for maximum revenues of 68%) Site was supposed to open on April 10th,2017 (not 15 working days) website still under coming_soon
      Domain will expire in July 2017
      Saltillo, Mexico Offices closed in March 2017.
      Ecuador offices closed in April 2017
      Reopening unknown. Information scattered by pyramid scheme. Only news: "all members will start from zero if they had already made a re-investment"

    • By XKUS
      TYPES OF PLANS: PLAN INVERSION (Investments from 100, 300, 700 and 1000 dlls paying daily interest to double amount in 1 month), PLAN IMPULSO (.0001 bitcoins to get income as other investors would join) 
      LAST DAY OF PAYMENT: Stopped operating on February 14th (last payment)
      MLM PROMOTER: Owner was supposed to be from Israel, but MLM Promotor was Colombian Jeyson Ortiz, who stopped all kind of communication since March 2017.
      FACEBOOK PAGE: Created in Colombia as records from facebook showed.
      WEBPAGE: Created via GO-DADDY
      Thousand of investors were requested for a period of 90 days to get their investments back, while simultaneously were invited to reinvest in PLAN IMPULSO which never started paying. Page dissappeared since domain expired. Started workig in November 2016 ended in February 2017, Lifetime: 3 months.

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