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TheAdsPro - 15.03.2017 - Unique 125%

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I am not the admin,

Launch date: 15.03.2017

Available Plans:
1) $10 AdPack
- expiry at 110%
- 100 traffic exchange credits
- no membership fee
- limit of 100 adpacks
- 5% direct referral

2) $25 AdPack
- expiry at 115%
- 200 traffic exchange credits
- $25/month membership fee
- limit of 100 adpacks
- 8% dirrect and 1% level II referral

3) $50 AdPack
- expiry at 120%
- 500 traffic exchange credits
- $50/month membership fee
- limit of 100 adpacks
- 9% dirrect and 1% level II referral

4) $70 AdPack
- expiry at 125%
- 1000 traffic exchange credits
- $75/month membership fee
- unlimited
- 10% dirrect and 2% level II referral

Additional Information:

- Minimum withdrawal from 10$ to UNLIMITED per day.
- Quick pay outs processed 7 days a week. EVERYDAY is a PAY day.
- Earnings from Cash Links (PPC pay per click ads).
- Sustainable business model for long term success
- Payments Accept : Payeer | PM | BTC (at this moment)
- You need to have at least 2 active AdPacks and surf 10 ads per 24h to qualify for earnings.
- Earnings are shared hourly.
- All earnings needs to be withdrawn and new AdPacks needs to be purchased only by adding fresh funds.
- Commission on sales of AdPacks goes to the repurchase balance which can be used only to purchase new AdPacks.
- No commision from AdPacks purchased from repurchase balance.


Thank you,
Best Regards,

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    • By angelyen2014

      Hello, I just want you guys invite to this new Filipino-made revenue sharing program – City RevShare (CRS) – official launch date is on February 22, 2017. Pre-launch promo (free $5 - can be used to buy Adpacks) – available for first 1000 members only!
      Founded by Yohan Monteverde, City RevShare, is an advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as an additional and limited earning opportunity to members through revenue sharing.
      Below are the details of AdPacks (Advertisement Packages) offered by City RevShare:

      How to start?
      Sign-up first at Make sure you’re using my link to avail referral cash back offer. Then log-on to your account, update your profile and your preferred payment processor. Wait the launching of City RevShare this February 22, 2017. Eligibility to receive profit sharing:
      Members must first purchase Adpacks. Then the member MUST also log into City RevShare account on a daily basis and surf at least 7 of our members websites in the traffic exchange module. We do not sell any kind of surf-free plans and members will receive the revenue sharing rewards only when they qualify by surfing 10 ads in the TE module everyday.
      Once a member becomes eligible, profit share is distributed every 1 hour, if we have received sales for that period. This is done automatically and will continue till the Adpacks mature at 110%/115%/120%. At this point the adpacks will cease to earn further.
      Withdrawal requests are allowed everyday at City RevShare. Minimum amount to withdraw is $5 and maximum amount each member can withdraw is $300 per day, provided they have sufficient withdrawal amounts in their accounts. Payouts/Withdrawal requests are usually processed within 48 hours from request.
      Payment processor used by City RevShare are Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, and Bitcoin. Payments through these processors are automatically and instantly processed.
      Referral Cash Back Offer:
      Be one of our downlines and receive referral cash back on your first 5 deposits. Referral cash back will take 2 to 7 business days to process via Bitcoin.
      - 50% on your deposit up to 5th deposit if you buy minimum of $2 up to $499 worth of Bitcoin.
      - 60% on your first deposit and 50% on 2nd – 5th deposit if you invest $500 up to $2,499 worth of Bitcoin.
      - 70% on your first deposit and 50% on 2nd – 5th deposit if you invest $2,500 or more worth of Bitcoin.
      For more details visit this blog post. If you have any questions about the system or the process please contact us via this page. We will be glad to give you detailed answers during business hours.
    • By pchylinsky
      TheAdsTeam - Best RevShare 2017

      TheAdsTeam (TAT) is an Online Advertising Revenue Sharing StartUp from UK which was officially launched on 15th of October 2016. It has a decent pay plan which shares revenue up to 120%. I did a bit of a background search about the owners and their vision. They want to create a billion dollar company with an advertising revshare business model, affiliate marketing and network marketing combined together . TheAdsTeam is getting a very good support from our make money online community too. It has reached 10,000 members within less than 10 days.
      Executive Summary
      - 3 different AdPack Plans from 10$, $25 to $50.
      - Revenue Sharing Up To 120%
      - Up to 2.5% Daily Earning Rate
      - Attractive Sales Commissions in 5 Levels. (8%, 2%, 1%, 1% and 1%.)
      - View 10 Ads Daily To Claim Revenue Sharing.
      - Revenue Shares in every 60 minutes
      - Up to $300 Daily Withdrawal (7 Days a week)
      - No Repurchase Rule
      - No Membership Fees
      Official Facebook Group:
      Who’s behind TheAdsTeam?

      Muhammad Azam | Co-Founder, TheAdsTeam
      - Experienced in Banking & IT with a Masters Degree in Computer Networking.
      - Became an Entrepreneur in 2013 and had the privilege to work with top leaders in the online and offline network marketing industry.
      - Helped organisations to grow from zero to thousands of distributors and reach millions of $$$ in revenue as a network marketing professional.

      Najam Ul-Hassan | Co-Founder, TheAdsTeam
      - Najam Ul-Hassan is Head of Marketing, Retail Affiliate Program and Digital Academy of TheAdsTEAM.
      - Experienced Internet Marketing and Network Marketing Professional who’s on a mission to make TheAdsTEAM a billion dollar company and to create multiple success stories.
      Pros and Cons of TheAdsTeam
      TheAdsTeam is creating good vibes in our Make Money Online Community from the pre-launch itself. However this is what I think about this venture…
      - AdPack Plans are starting from $10. That may discourage small-timers who are getting in to RevShares with a small buy-in.
      - Owners are not Professional RevShare Players. So initially they have to go through a small learning curve. There’s a bit of a chance to see some hiccups during the initial stages of this program.
      - Simple but solid AdPack structure with no crazy promises.
      $50 AdPack which shares revenue up to 120% is pretty good for stable project which can last for few years.
      - Strong Affiliate Partnerships with well known brands. This is a cleverly planned thing. Kudos to the owners.the-ads-team-affiliate
      - Since the owners of TheAdsTeam are coming from a strong Network Marketing background, I expect some new leaders and fresh capital to flow in to the Advertising RevShare Industry with this venture. It’s a really good thing! And there will be lot of offline promotions and live events too.
      - Every Day is a Pay Day. We can receive payouts 7 days a Week! 
      - Sales Commissions paid for 5 Levels deep. We can earn 8% from our Direct Referrals and 2%, 1%, 1% and 1% till the 5th Level.
      - Career Plan with attractive rewards such as iPhones, iPads, MackBooks and Holiday Packages.
      Some More Tips :
      - Add Funds with Bitcoins. It’ll save you a lot of money. 
      - Go for $50 Packs with your first Buy in. Then buy $10, $25 Packs with your daily earnings.
      - Try to be a Gold Member (200 AdPacks and 20 Direct Referrals) as soon as possible to get qualified for earnings from Leadership Pool.
      Join TheAdsTeam Today!
      Talk Soon!

      After free registration you will also get my email adress. Don't hasitate to ask me for any help!
    • By e-commercePN
      ePN CPA affiliate network.

      The huge Chinese economic expansion is obvious. It causes customers to take an interest in chinese online stores, such as GearBest.
      You can cash in on it with our Affiliate Program.
      Our CPA affiliate network features programs for such online stores as,,, etc.
      7 Facts About Our Affiliate Programs:
      We offer you best commission rates on market; We have progressive reward system (commission rates from 5 to 12%); 11.11.2016 at AliExpress November Sale during the one day of promotion we’ve paid our webmasters more than $1 300 000; ePN community consists of more than 150 000 worldwide affiliates; We pay twice a month via WMZ, ePayments (without fee), Wire Transfer, etc.; We have 5% referral program; Worldwide GEO targeting; How does it work?
          You get affiliate link via our webmaster tools;     You post a link and bring traffic;     You receive a commission from 5 to 11% of customers’ orders; Make money with ePN!
      Why we are better?
          Detailed stats;     Responsive support;     Accelerated payments;     Quality promo tools (LPs, smart banners, etc.)     Own (built-in) URL shortener for social media;     CPA and RevShare income opportunities     3 years on affiliate market Webmaster affiliate commission rewards

      AliExpress from 8,5% to 12%
      Banggood 6%
      GearBest from 5% to 11%
      ASOS from 3% to 7%
      Our affiliate managers are always ready to help you. Feel free to ask any questions via e-mail ( ) or reply this topic.
      Join ePN affiliate program and start making money today!

    • By djd1980

      YourSmartProfit is Advertising / RevShare / Matrix / PTC combination with good plan to make it sustainable.
      Except many ways to advertise, there are also many ways to earn.
      YSP AdPack:
      - Cost $10
      - 10 PPC credits
      - 200 Business Directory credits
      - 1 day Banner ad (125x125)
      - 1 day Text Ad
      After long thinking and many calculations we have decided to implement only one YSP AdPack that almost everyone can afford.
      If you purchase advertising on YSP website (YSP AdPack) using payment processor (Cash Balance), you’ll earn 4% daily for 30 days and if you purchase AdPack from Earning Balance, you’ll earn 2% daily for 60 days.
      As you can see, it’s better to withdraw your earnings and then purchase advertising again.
      With every YSP AdPack purchase, you’ll get quality Advertising to your other businesses and one Y - Matrix position that will earn a minimum of 100% back (on AdPack purchase) when cycled.
      We don’t have Re-Purchase rule!!

      To make our system sustainable, we have combined Cashback (as free gift from us for your advertising purchase) and Matrix modules with some tweaks and have made ‘’YourSmartProfit – Perpetuum Mobile’’!!!
      We have made 3 matrixes that are connected with each other:
      YSP Matrix, Golden Matrix and Fast Matrix.
      YSP 3 x 3 Company Forced Matrix where You can turn $1 into $390 when cycled.

      Y - Matrix position costs $1 and will be added after you have purchased YSP AdPack.
      Golden 3 x 1 Company Forced Matrix in 10 levels:

      Turn $1 into $1022 + Matching bonus, cash links and new matrix positions.

      Fast 3x1 Company Forced Matrix in three levels 
      that can earn You $150 + matching bonus, cash links and new matrix positions, when cycled. 
      Position costs $20.

      Paid To Click:
      There is no need to explain PTC, only thing I'll mention are earnings of
      +/- $0.10 per day + 50% Referral Click
      YSP system have only one membership, it's Pro membership.
      Cost $5
      Membership commission 80% in 5 lvl: 20%, 20%, 20%, 10%, 10%
      Purchase Commission 3 levels: 5%, 3%, 2%
      Referral Cash Link Click: 50%

      From our experience in MLM and other online businesses we know that many online companies without monthly membership have ‘’died’’ in no time. Also companies that have had memberships have closed their doors because their concept was not good or the owners were scammers.
      That was the reason we have tried and succeeded to make sustainable system for advertising/cashback where is monthly membership fee very important for us and also for our members (because you will have profit on your membership fee too). You haven’t seen such a good system until now!
      Great thing is Membership commission of 80% in 5 levels where you can earn a good sum of money only referring new Pro members.
      We all know hundreds of people but if you bring only 5 new pro members and they do the same, your profit will be $2030 in 5 levels, every month.

      At the moment we have Payza, CoinPayments, Payeer, PerfectMoney (and SolidTrustPay only for advertising purchases).
      Members can withdraw minimum $5 and maximum $100 daily at the moment. You can only request withdrawal once per day. At the moment we process all requests within 24 - 48 hours. 
      Sometimes withdrawal processes will be instant or very fast, during working hours.
      JOIN NOW:

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