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10% RevShare, Instant payout in BTC - TechnoTaur.com

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TechnoTaur selling VR headsets, drones and other mobile accessories.
They offer a 10% revenue share for every sale, that has been successfully purchased and paid through your affiliate link.
If a sale has been confirmed, they guarantee to pay out your share in maximum 12 hours (it depends on their administrative capacity, but it usually takes only 2 hours during the day).
Sending payouts in Bitcoin from as low as $1.
No investments needed, just a bitcoin wallet.

Check it out: https://www.technotaur.com/affiliates

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    • By AffiliateMastery
      Hi, I'm looking for a HYIP script that works with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Preferably like auroramine or genisis mining.
      If there is already a bitcoin/cryptocurrency hyip please let me know.
    • By Abdullah Al Mamun
      Bitkong is a gambling site but the strategy is not though like other gambling site.
      Instantly Bitkong Best Bitcoin Game
      The currency in the bitkong is processed in bitcoin.

      Normal mode:
      They have faucet site which offers 10 bits every 30 mins
      but when you link your fb account you will get 30 bits every 20 mins
      in order to use the faucet your main balance should be below 10 bits
      play mode :
      Following these simple steps you can be winning Bitcoin from Bitkong fast and easy.
      Register at Bitkong and they'll give you 100 free bits. One bit is 100 satoshi, so that should give you enough to get started.
      Start with the Medium setting and bet the lowest amount, which is 10 bits. Pick a side, if you win take the winnings of 19 bits.
      Repeat the minimum bet of 10 bits and choose the side that you won with again. If you win again take the 19 bits and repeat.
      If you lose on either your first bet or any subsequent bet then your next bet double your bet to 20 bits and choose the opposite side that you lost from.
      If you continue to lose, double your bet from your last one and pick the opposite side from which you lost from and repeat until you win.
      Once you win, go back to the minimum bet (which is 10 bits) and on your next bet pick the side that you won with.
      Repeat these steps and you will come out on top. In 10 minutes I went from 96 bits to 2,500 bits using this method.
      Join here free
      N.B: When you will gain good profit then stop and follow again this tomorrow.


    • By Coinmulti.com
      CoinMulti.com is a NEW BTC doubler with a brand new, unused, neverseen design.
      Coinmulti.com is  LIVE & PAYING already  more than 4 months ! We have paid more than 40 BTC already !
      * Login/Register system with md5 password hashing

      * 10% Refferal system with animated banners

      * "My investments" tab where you can track your investments

      * "Change receiving Wallet" where you can change your receiving wallet (more info below)

      * Password change system

      * Only members can access the site and check its content


      * Get 200% of your investment in 10 hours

      * Countdown starts after 3 confirmations on the transaction


      * When you register your receiving address will be the same as the wallet you registered with

      * If you want to change where the investment return will be paid of just go to "Change Receiving Wallet"

      * The new address is assigned with your account

      * You can still invest with the wallet you registered with


      * You get 10% of your refferals DOUBLED investment

      * You get paid when your refferal will be paid

      * Your refferal link is automaticaly generated when you register and you can find it in the refferals tab

      * Keep track of your profit made

    • By wavydavywavy
      With something as little as a $100 investment your whole financial life can change. With this new, expansive cryptocurrency on the rise, Bitconnect.
      What is bitconnect?

      BitConnect Coin is an open source, peer-to-peer, community driven decentralized cryptocurrency that allow people to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled currency(JUST LIKE BITCOIN), and even earn a substantial interest on lending investment.
      Currently ranked at #16 on the Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization chart going for $270 per BCC. Bitconnect is on the rise and everyone should get in now before everyone else. My prediction is that bitconnect will eventually continue to grow and become stronger and stronger and become synonymous with bitcoin while remaining it's own entity.

      How can $100 dollars change your life?
      Bitconnect has this incredible system where they allow you to lend your investment to their trading bot which is trading on Bitcoin's volatility. They give you a daily interest of your investment (usually around 1% but it is advertised that this is not guaranteed as Bitcoin's volatility is never guaranteed.) Though it is usually around this 1% daily. The movement of Bitcoin's price whether up or down allows the trading bot to generate income and the greater the pool of money the bot has to trade the greater the money generated. It thrives off of Bitcoin's volatility, so if there's a day where there's not much volatility in Bitcoin's price movement, that would result in nothing for the trading bot to trade which further results in no daily interest on your investment (happens rarely, but they have investment tiers starting from $1010 where you get +0.10% daily or more depending on the tier. So if there happens to be a day where Bitcoin has no volatility in the market if you invested in that tier you would still make money that day.)
      $100 invested at 1% return daily only equates to 1$ a day. Thats nothing!?
      True, thats nothing...... yet. With Bitconnects system that $100 invested doesn't become powerful overnight, it becomes powerful with time. Bitconnect allows you to reinvest your daily earned interest at a minimum of 10$. This is where compounding your investments can eventually generate HUGE returns. After 10 days of having your $100 invested in Bitconnect (hypothetically receiving exactly 1% each day) you will have made $10 from your investment. If you reinvest that $10 that will make your total investment $110 and your new daily return $1.10. Now this still seems small but lets keep going with this math and principal. After about 180 days (6 months) you have invested $560 and are getting 5.60 from daily intrest. At this point x5 your invesment and making $5 everyday on the side. Lets keep going.... After 365 days (1 year) you've invested $3550.00 making 35.50 a day from intrest. We can keep going but these numbers only go higher faster. Eventualy within 2 years with this principal you will be making $1,000's daily. This continues to generate you income  and grow bigger for as long as Bitconnect is alive. And as long is Bitcoin is alive, Bitconnect will be alive. Bitcoin is not going nowhere neither, so this is a sound investment in my eyes.
      You see how powerful this gets once you give it some time. It's cool too how your building and growing your investment while the currency and brand Bitconnect is growing aswell, you feel part of the team lol. 
      That was with only $100 invested upfront. the minimum to invest is $100 and the maximum is $100,000. Imagine if you had started with $1000 as your initial investment or even $10,000 imagine what your daily return would be after 2 years of compounding? People are making LOADS of money off this as we speak guys. People are cashing out their money as they please guys, Bitconnect doesn't make cashing out difficult at all. When you're at the point of making $100-200 a day, do you really still need you part-time job? Think about it. The longer you wait the longer it will take for you to compound those investments and returns, the longer it will take to see $100's a day with this amazing opportunity.
      Bitconnect scam rumors?
      Alot of people believe that this is a scam. Would I promote something I believe is a scam? NO
      Would I invest my hard earned money into something I believed was a scam? NO
      Bitconnect has been alive since Nov 2016 if I recall correctly, It is ranked #16 currently and was once ranked #5 cryptocurrency, they already made all the money in the world, if it was a scam they would have already ran with billions long ago. Bitcoin is transparent doing ACTUAL SHOWS AND EVENTS, now why would a scam pay so much money to host and promote events exposing themselves if it was a scam? Like I said if it was a scam it would've happened already. At this point Bitconnect stands as something new and expansive creating all the hysteria and scam allegations. All you have to do is youtube or google the events if you want to see or know about them. They actually happened. People are going to call this a scam, mind you they called Bitcoin a scam and there's still many people who still believe Bitcoin is a scam.... sadly. 
      This is an opportunity to be apart of something great, which can truly make you a lot of money and give you the financial freedom you've been looking for. Get in now before it's not as sweet as it is now.
      I could write a lot more but about bitconnect but i'll leave that part to you, its very easy to do research. Watch videos, google, educate your self on bitconnect and how people are making so much money with it. You can be that guy too and you can be the one's telling your friends about this new amazing cryptocurrency. You can atleast get the first step out the way which is creating an account very quick and easy here.
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