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Guide To Make Up To $200 In Daily Passive Income

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Step by Step Method/Guide to Make $200+ Daily Passive Income

99% Autopilot Method




I’d like to start off by telling you a little about myself and the basis for this method. I am a 30 year old entrepreneur living in Philadelphia, PA.  I currently have multiple streams of income, including short & long term stock trading, I’m a real estate broker & investor, & I’m a long time internet marketing enthusiast. I am a true entrepreneur at heart. About a year ago I came across a company called MyPayingAds (MPA), and it immediately grabbed my attention and has changed my life. This company stands apart from anything else that I’ve seen to this day. MPA is currently providing me a passive income stream unlike anything else I’m involved with, and it’s almost 100% autopilot!


Now on to the good stuff… below you will learn more about MPA and my step-by-step guide to kick starting an immediate passive income, while only working just a few minutes a day.




What is MyPayingAds (MPA)?



(MPA) is an advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as earning opportunity to members through revenue sharing. There are many members making $200+ daily income from this revenue sharing system, which is 99% autopilot. Proof can be found on their Facebook member group (link below) with hundreds of members posting proof daily. 


Just a few minutes a day needed. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading…





MyPayingAds Facebook Member Group


MPA has an amazing support group on Facebook with over 80,000 members who post daily updates on profits, withdrawal proof, support on any questions you have, etc. It is a truly great & supportive community. Below is the link to the MyPayingAds group page.





FIRST- Let’s cover what MyPayingAds is NOT


MPA is NOT an investment/ HYIP/ MLM/ Matrix/ Cycler/ Currency Exchange/ Securities Site.





MPA Advertising Products (Not the Main Source of Income) But Useful


MyPayingAds sells advertising services in the form of their primary product called AdPacks.

Adpacks (or Shares). These AdPacks consist of banner ads, text ads, login ads, etc. You may use these advertising tools to advertise your business/website to all of the members and visitors to MyPayingAds.com. There are currently over $250,000 registered members and growing daily!



MPA’s Main Earning Opportunity- Profit Sharing or Revenue Sharing


MPA shares profits from every product (AdPack) sale, with all of its members who have previously purchased an AdPack. AdPacks range in value from $5, $10, $25, and $50 (See below of AdPack breakdown). Each $5 value of AdPack gives you 100 Business Directory Listing Credits and 3 Banner Ad Credits. Each AdPack bought matures at 120%.


Ad-Pack Plan 1:

Cost of AdPack: $5

Banner Credits: 2


Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 100


Revenue Sharing Rewards 120%

Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100


Ad-Pack Plan 2:

Cost of AdPack: $10


Banner Credits: 4

Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 200


Revenue Sharing Rewards 120%

Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100


Ad-Pack Plan 3:

Cost of AdPack: $25

Banner Credits: 10


Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 500


Revenue Sharing Rewards 120%


Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100


Ad-Pack Plan 4:

Cost of AdPack: $50

Banner Credits: 20


Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 1000


Revenue Sharing Rewards 120%

Maximum active adpacks one can have: Unlimited



There is no minimum purchase requirement for AdPacks, you can start with any plan you like. The more AdPacks you own the fast your earnings will grow.


Passive Income Strategy


1.       Signup Here: https://www.mypayingads.com/ref/254559/signup

2.       Purchase your first AdPack. You can start with any investment, but the more you invest the fast your returns will accumulate. I started with a $400 investment because I’m impatient J. But you can start with a single $5 adpack if you would like.

a.       Alternatively, members may purchase the low cost surf-free plan.

3.       The only work that you need to do to receive earnings for the day is surf 10 member business ads from the “surf ads” page every 24 Hours. This literally takes 3.5 minutes. Every ads is 20 seconds long.

4.       You are now eligible to receive profit share!!! That’s it!

5.       REPURCHASE- This step is extremely important in the first month. To grow your account you will want to repurchase as much as possible. This means every time you have earned enough to buy another AdPack you buy with your earnings. This is the true power of MPA. Use your early profits to grow your business. Before you know it you will be earning $10 a day then $20, then $50 then $100 and so on.


Once a member becomes eligible, profit share is distributed every 60 minutes (if sales are received within that period). There are over 250,000 members buying ads so there is always a return every hour.



How Long Does It take for an AdPack to Mature?


We cannot and do not provide a time frame or guarantee you any earnings from our site. Ad pack earnings solely depend on sales made in the site. So if there are no sales, your ad packs will not earn. Typically an AdPack matures at 2% daily.



The MORE adpack you have – the MORE cash you can make daily!


Week 1-4: repurchase 100% (cash and repurchase balance) to give your account a KICK START and then save your cash balance to take your “seed money” out! Pretty simple. Key is 100% repurchase at the start…. Get seed money…. Then grow what you have left. Join the Facebook Group and VISIT the group OFTEN to stay updated. Happy Earnings!!


(Disclaimer: Results are not typical, your results will depend how you work and build your business)



Is MyPayingAds free to join?

Yes. MPA is free to join.


Is MyPayingAds legal?



YES it is legal. In order for any program to be legal, it is required to supply a service and/or product to members! All members that purchase ad packs will get Business listing credits (100 credits for $5 value of ad pack purchase). More details are available in the “Details” page/MPA website.




Withdrawals are allowed 24/7. Minimum amount to withdraw is $5 and maximum amount each member can withdraw is $200 per day.


NOTE: Withdrawal request must be requested to the same processor used to deposit. In case more that one processor is used, the one with the most deposit to be used for withdrawal.




Good Luck Everyone!!!!   J

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