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Is myfxbook secure?

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As you know, myfxbook is perhaps one of the most important social networking networks in the world, where traders and account managers meet indiscriminately, encouraging the exchange of information among users of myfxbook's own web platform. What initially started as a platform that audited your records of your forex operations and created an opportunity to export your strategy to all interested traders, was gradually becoming a social network of traders and investors. Anyone who had a trading platform like metatrader (MT4), could announce strategies for teaching purposes, everything was rosy in the world of social trading.


Lately, there has been a lot of transparency in the "middle" of certain trading account managers or traders, who want to show only a part of the reality as to their profitability of their professionals or also PAMM LAMM MAM accounts etc ... It makes me a lot Grace (well, I'm sorry, I'm sorry) to see how these accounts managers through myfxbook, are dedicated to show a part of their operations to the public, putting in excuse that they are their private systems and that it took them a lot to get there . So far everything is right, an investment or trading account manager, or even a professional trader who has his own right, has the right to hide certain details of his operation. This has my highest recognition and respect, but between what it is to keep the "Know How" "because it has cost you a lot to succeed in the stock market" (either as a professional trader or as a customer manager) and try to deceive the Investor trying to hide the dirty rags of your operation there is an abyss.



Lately the myfxbook website has been plagued by pseudo-investment managers in Forex especially, they use all kinds of tricks to try to confuse or deceive future customers.


Have any of you come across such cases or know of anyone? I think it's a problem for new traders.


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Myfxbook is a macroweb with high technology that offers various services, it is a weight system, which unfortunately was filled with garbage. There are countless brokers who use Myfxbook as a tool to project their trajectory by altering the statistics that the server throws, they can still alter MT4 results. This is how many brokers can trick traders. I wonder, with so much technology at hand, how it is that they stay with "arms crossed". Obviously there is a lot of money in between. That's crap!


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When it is question about security, then I suggest MXTrade where your fund will be safe. Deposit & withdraw process is quick & whenever you need you can deposit & withdraw. They don’t charge any hidden money from their traders. Transparency in every activity is one of the best characteristic of this broker. They are trustworthy & helpful. They provide dedicated trading service to their traders. I highly recommend this broker.

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    • By fouclycm
      Here are the results of this data that resulted from the research I conducted with a team on myfxbook its behavior and the opinions of traders from other countries that have been affected.

      1. Myfxbook is known to be a "reliable" automatic accounting system for many. But the truth is that this analysis is not transparent. You see, some systems exist that allow the analyzes of mifxbook.com to be adulterated without apparent view of that modification. Grave error The issue is that I still do not know exactly how it is possible. But in investigations have discovered the accounts of the corridors of powerful, the devices by myfxbook that have used this fraud.
      2. Myfxbook can access the inverter password, so you can steal the data and trading strategies and copy them into other accounts.
      3. Myfxbook eliminates the comments of users who report the scams of certain brokers only because these are covered by myfxbook, it does not matter if these are some potential scammers if they won much or little money. That is, they are protected because they pay huge sums of publicity to this web and of course, untouchable son. The worst thing is that there are users who were canceled for "certain reasons" that could never be clarified.
      4. There are virtual servers that can remove all information from myfxbook, and then the accuracy of the publican in other portals, for what purpose? Attract fish to the bait. This is my friends, it's called fraud.
      5. When uploading statistics myfxbook may force you to upload data, such as mql and dll, among others so that it can be uploaded. It's his way of stealing strategy - EA.
      Probably some do not like for this subject but the truth he closely followed a myfxbook and "ELLOS" I do not like it at all, you have already noticed. Not for nothing was blocked several times by runners and Metaquotes in years gone by.
      Judge by your own judgment!
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