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Join #TAGGAngBao and Earn $8 up to $28 for FREE!

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Hello! It's me again for another update about TAGG, a sci-fi strategy game designed to enable taggers to earn as they play.

I just want you to know that TAGG just launched another event to celebrate the Chinese New Year - Year of Rooster, the #TAGGAngBao.

What is this #TAGGAngBao about?

This #TAGGAngBao non-member as well as TAGG members has an ability to earn more aside from joining in https://goo.gl/p8OLlB. If you're already a member just put your TAGG email address to claim your Ang Bao.

Take note that the redemption of the code is on February 17, 2017 via email. You can activate those code by redeeming it on your TAGG account. There, you can keep it to earn more real money every week or withdraw it into your PayPal account.

So what are you waiting for? Join us, invite your friends and earn up to $28 each of your friends by joining #TAGGAngBao. For those who asking if this company is legit, yes they are legit. For payment proof, search on Google, Youtube or in Facebook about SIX Capital and TAGG. Just visit hashtag #TAGG, #PlayTAGG, #TAGGAngBao

For more details, visit BLOG about TAGG's REVINTHEAIR at http://bit.ly/2i60HtF or visit this page http://bit.ly/2kdGZfs to know more about #TAGGAngBao.

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