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This really depends on the SEO company you are hiring. There are companies that will provide you only the analysis (a SEO audit) of your website that you should implement in-house or to hire a company to do it. Others will take care of implementing the changes as well. 

AS a SEO service provider I've worked both ways. They were companies not willing to share access to their website or have a development team in-house so I've only provided them an SEO audit and then monitor the changes done by their development team.

Other customers asked me to do the changes as they said they give me full access so I'm the only one responsible for success (or failure)

In my opinion, if you don't have anything agains giving editorial access to your site and the company you hire is trustworthy you should go with second method as you will be able to track results better.

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Thanks for the input. My friend recommended that I hire DemandWave since she has worked with them before but only in building her website. I guess I'll just have to contact customer support to know. I think I can work with giving them full access once I see if they look trustworthy and professional.

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