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What Should You Choose for Marketing Campaign of Your Site?

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Do you need instant traffic or long term results?

All the organizations are realizing the importance of online marketing. Every website owner is confused about choosing the right marketing channel for their online business success. Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click are the most important part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tool for any business with a website. Let us analyze the main pros and cons of these two methods.

SEO vs PPC Analysis

To get first-page position in google through SEO is a long-term process and really need a lot of effort. You should have a high-quality website and a great SEO plan strategy to drive organic traffic from search engines. Most of the companies hire an SEO expert to do the SEO work.SEO depends on quality links and Google’s algorithm updates.  

PPC works instantly and provides much more focused and targeted results. It drives instant traffic to a website and no need to worry about Google updates. It requires no hard work and time.PPC is constrained by the campaign dates and budgets.Google Tax continues to rise and if more advertisers involve then the CPC will also increase.

There are some factors that influence PPC cost.

For advertising with Google Adwords, the cost depends on

·         Keyword popularity,

·         Number of advertisers who use that particular keyword,

·         Number of related websites that have ad positions for that particular keyword and much more.


As the Google keyword tool gives an estimate for the CPC for each keyword, you can calculate the average cost per click for the targeted keywords. You have to pay only if you ad receives a click, not for the views.



SEO is not better than PPC but they both can contribute to higher ROI. A well-executed SEO campaign provides a long-term traffic whereas PPC can be used for short-term, immediate traffic growth.


Conversion considerations

Various surveys prove that 86 percent of web searchers respect and trust the companies with organic ranking than paid PPC listing. PPC is the great way for products than service companies because 50-percent of people visiting retailer’s site from paid ads buy more than those from the organic link.




SEO is better overall. Both search methods will bring your website on the front page if it is well executed. SEO is more powerful and provide long-term value to your business.There is a certain time to use PPC ad campaign like launching a company and to build brand awareness for a limited time. SEO offers the trusted long term better quality traffic leads in search marketing.



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Search Marketing encompasses:

SEO: Earning traffic through unpaid or free listings
SEM: Buying traffic through paid search listings

Originally called “search engine marketing,” the shorter phrase “search marketing” is now often used as the umbrella term over SEO and SEM. The longer phrase “search engine marketing” — or SEM — is now typically used to describe paid search activities.

Good luck to you,

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Great summary @JustGiving.

Really HUGE things are going to happen SOON. Stay tuned !!!

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    • By macktry
      Hello to everyone.
      I am an SEO Specialist from Turkey Yusuf Esen. I am in 2007 I am intertwined with the Web Design and SEO sector.
      I've given over 500 sites to date. I still actively serve more than 150 websites.
      Best Regards, Thank you...
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      Hello-Is Mobile responsive website is necessary for SEO?
    • By affiliate marketing
      CB Passive Income 4.0 Review: 2017
      Last year in March, I wrote a review of this same product, but the version 3.0.
      Patric Chan goes to the effort to update the program regularly and so, I thought I’d just go over this updated system and let you know what is different about it and what I think of it.
      Unfortunately, on the main page and in the video, there are several moments where he still only refers to the 3.0. System, I’m unsure if that’s still due to be updated.
      In any case, there is a small difference between them, which I will go into in a moment.
      Product: CB Passive Income 4.0
      Cost: $47 per month, or $97 one off fee. Plus optional upsells.
      Overall Rating: 60/100
      Some people may give this program a considerably lower rating, some much higher…
      But, I have my own reasons for believing that this could be a reasonableopportunity for certain people, who already have a little bit of knowledge in the internet marketing space.
      Some people may call it a scam – I don’t think it’s a scam, but I don’t think it’s a good program to join if you’re new online, nor for anyone thinking this would be an easy road to making money.
      I will explain why as we go on…
      Have you made money with CB passive income 4.0?  Please leave me a comment below!
      What Is CB passive income 4.0 about?

      The concept of this program is straight forward to understand.
      You will be given a personal link to a webpage that contains a free offer – all you need to do, is drive traffic to that link and hope that plenty of your traffic signs up for the free offer.
      Once they’ve entered their details on the webpage, they automatically go on to Patirc Chans email list.
      But that person is now linked to your affiliate link – so, if anyone that you direct to Patric Chan buys certain products, you will receive a commission.
      So, essentially, your one task is to direct traffic to a free offer and Patric does the rest.
      What Training Is Included?
      It may look like there is a tonne of training once you’re in the members area, but actually it’s fairly basic and does not go into enough depth often.
      For example, there is a large section of YouTube tutorials, that could be quite useful for people with limited experience there.
      But plenty of the training also doesn’t feel relevant for this program in particular, it feels like it’s just been thrown in to bulk it out.
      What people need really, is a step-by-step approach and more in depth information about exactly what to do and which traffic sources are likely to be the best to focus on.
      He also includes training in areas such as:
      SOLO Ads, virtual reports, guest blogging, stumbleupon, twitter, commenting on blogs, google + and more…. Anyone relatively new to internet marketing, or blogging in general, will know that one of the hardest parts to making money online, is generating enough traffic.
      So, doing that yourself, especially if you’re brand new to the game, will likely be very difficult.
      Also, once these people give their details to patric, they are on his list – but they do not know who he is at all, Patric is a stranger to them.
      People are incredibly unlikely to purchase from someone that they don’t know and trust.
      One way you’d avoid this problem, would be if you already had a list and an audience, in which case you could promote the free offer to a list who already trust you and you’ll be more likely to get sales.
      This would not be possible for a newbie who have no list though.
      For most people, if you’re suddenly getting sales emails, from someone you don’t know, you’re unlikely to buy from them.
      On the other hand, if that person has already been introduced to you and recommended by someone you do already know, then your level of trust will be far higher.
      Some people have had hundreds of referrals, without a single sale in months- what about you? 
      How Much Does Patric Chan Promote?

      Something that concerned me, is that Patric doesn’t state exactly how often he will be promoting these products to your referrals.
      Surely, this is a pretty big deal? What if one month, he promoted 5 offers and the next only 1?
      You’d think you’d want some assurance of some regular offers sent.
      But also, you need to be concerned that Patric claims all clickbank products are good quality and that only legitimate products are allowed on Clickbank.
      Therefore, he’s happy to promote any clickbank products confidently to his list.
      This is laughable, because it’s so untrue.
      There are tonnes of blatant scams on clickbank, as well as very poor quality products and little done to stop it or take those programs down.
      That is because, some of the best selling programs on Clickbank are considered scams.
      It seems to me, that Patric is largely trying to target people who have no idea about clickbank and are probably brand new online.
      What’s new about CB Passive Income 4.0?
      Well, this version will now be optimised for mobile use, as there has been such a massive increase in that area.
      That’s a good move, as mobile friendly pages are not going to convert well at all.
      Additionally, they’ve added a “Facebook click-to-optin,” element.
      You may have noticed how you can often login to websites now, via clicking a Facebook or Twitter button, which eliminates the need for you to add your details.
      So, rather than having to opt-in to the Patric Chan email list by typing in your email address, you can now also simply opt in with a click of a button, via Facebook.
      The main benefit is, you’re not losing out on mobile traffic and additionally that it’s easier to opt in and so hopefully that could lead to more conversions.
      While those are reasonable additional perks, there are not any significant updates.
      The price remains the same, $47 per month, or a one off time fee of $97.  I see no reason why you wouldn’t just go for the one time payment.

      Pros Vs Cons
      Initial cost is pretty low and reasonable value, if you go for the one-off payment of under $100. There is a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can still check it out and if it doesn’t work for you, feel good that you can at least get your money returned The offer you’re directing people to is a freebie and a decent one, so you can hope for a good conversion rate. You could end up with a pretty hands off source of passive income,if you manage to find a reasonable traffic source that translates into paying customers, CONS
      Your referrals are unlikely to convert well, which means you will need to be sending a huge amount of traffic to Patric, to really make a reasonable profit from it. It’s not passive – unless you’re a master of traffic generation, or already have a large list.  If not, you’re going to be working hard to make sales. Many people will turn to paid traffic, which can be incredibly expensive and dangerous to go into with limited experience – you can lose a lot of money, very quickly. Plenty of negative feedback, (do you have a gripe about passive income 4.0? Please let me know in the comments). You have no control over your list at all, unless you go for the higher price.  Patric knows most people will quit this program, but he will benefit from any leads you send him before you do quit – and forever thereafter. This program has been running for a long time, while the freebie offers can change, just how many people are trying to direct people to these very same offers?
      I personally found myself directed to Patrics offer via links over several different sites before, including Quora and Facebook – as well as, via other people’s lists I’m subscribed to.
      Patric boasts on his main page that his pages are highly converting, with some offers converting at 50% or more.
      However, many members who joined, don’t seem to have experienced that level of conversion.
      Lastly, even though this program has been going a long time, there are still limited positive testimonials – the main testimonial on the sales video was the same one there from at least last year and others on the site seem pretty underwhelming.
      I just feel that, if it was so straightforward to make money with CB passive income, more people would want to talk about their success.
      Additional Thoughts,
      Patric is a well established and successful online marketer and he’s helped many people make their first money online, via various products.
      One of his products I reviewed recently, I really liked called “blogging guru blueprint” – which unfortunately did have some issues, but plenty of good content.
      With this program though, there is a lot of mixed feedback and what I’ve noticed is that the people who seem to have done OK, are not beginners.
      Generally, they are more experienced marketers looking to create an additional income stream and are already knowledgeable about traffic generation and how to make it profit for them.
      So, although Patirc talks a lot about being newbie friendly, I don’t think it is.
      Going into a program like this, you will just end up way over your head if you don’t know what you’re doing – and could potentially spend a lot of money on paid traffic, that doesn’t convert.
      I don’t feel this program goes into enough detail and provides enough step-by-step guidance to people who don’t have any internet marketing knowledge.
      Also, I think in the long term, it’s far better to learn the basics and build up your knowledge and skill set from the beginning.
      For example, learning the basics involving SEO, how to start a website, email marketing, social media marketing, setting up an autoresponder and various other things that are straightforward to learn, but incredibly beneficial to you long term.
      Why start off in a position where someone else holds all the power?
      You want to be in control of your own business from the start, there’s little you’re going to learn about building your own business, by having someone else do it for you.
      And what is to stop Patric Chan closing this down at any stage? I don’t see how you can rely on this as a long term plan.
      If you want to check it out for yourself, you can do so here.
      If you’ve had any experience with this program yourself, whether good or bad, I would love to know. Leave me a comment below!
    • By debbiet1992
      Quick Summary of Operation $10K
      Rating: 2  It’s an overhyped and very basic affiliate marketing training program.
      The Good: The program’s buy-in price is just $19. There is a 60-day money back guarantee. You do get basic training in affiliate marketing.
      The Bad: The program has numerous upsells, which you’ll probably need to buy to become adept at affiliate marketing. The program overhypes how simple and easy it is to make lots of money with affiliate marketing. The videos and other training materials are very basic and won’t fully prepare you for selling your own affiliate products.
      The Bottom Line: While Operation $10K provides you with a decent start to affiliate marketing, you’ll soon need to purchase additional programs and/or upsells to make it as an affiliate marketer. There are more in-depth programs out there.
      Operation $10K Review
      Operation 10K, a program created by Desmond Ong & Matthew Neer, promises that you’ll make thousands of dollars each month by employing a simple four step plan.
      According to Desmond, who Matthew picks up at the airport in his red Ferrari, you don’t need technical or marketing skills to make money with Operation $10K. The only items you need are a computer and Internet connection.

      I am suspicious of work-at-home programs that showcase flashy cars and easy money; however, the program was priced at only $19, so I decided to try it out. Normally, Operation $10K is supposed to cost $47.
      On top of that, there was the program’s promised 60-day money-back guarantee.
      So, what did I find inside?
      Inside Operation $10K
      After my purchase went through, I was immediately redirected to…
      Upsell #1
      Unlimited Super Affiliate Package
      Here, you get five ‘done-for-you’ campaigns that are noted as generating at least $100/day. This bonus was discounted from $197 to just $39. When I passed on it, I was directed to…
      Upsell #2
      InstaSite Pro
      You get a ready-made website with its own traffic and product. This bonus is also discounted, from a whopping $297 to just $49.

      When I passed on this item, I was directed to…
      Upsell #3
      Viral Pop Up Bar
      This upsell is actually a piece of software that you install onto your website. The software creates a pop-up bar that offers discounts to customers viewing your products. This item is priced at $17/month, but Matthew tells you that it will eventually cost $97/month.

      After I exited from this product, I was finally taken to the Clickbank page where I’d purchased my product. Here, I was able to download and view the Operation $10K product. What did I get with my purchase?
      In essence, the members’ area features 10 instructional videos.
      Video 1: Planting The Seed for Income Domination (7:01)
      In this video, you listen to Desmond as he pumps you up for affiliate and online marketing success. “Action creates success” and that kind of motivational stuff.
      Video 2: Understanding the System (7:31)
      Kier Chiu (at least I think that’s how it’s spelled), a marketing manager who works with Chromabit as a project manager, gives you an overview of how Operation $10K works. Kier notes that you’ll be working with buyer leads, not generic email lists.
      You’ll get these leads by selling cheap products ranging from $5-$10. This low price range will create buyers, which can then be upsold to more expensive products (ahem, much like how Operation $10K works).
      Video #3:  The Covert Money Blueprint (13:39)
      Kier talks about overdelivering on the products you sell so that your audience feels like it’s getting a good value. You then hear about going to Clickbank to find products to sell as an affiliate. Finally, Kier discusses how you can squeeze as much money as possible from each product sale by promoting products with the highest affiliate commissions.
      Video #4:  Identifying Your Cash Machine (8:58)
      You are instructed on how to select your product niche. Kier says that you should follow your passion when selecting your product. You should also choose a product you have some expertise in. Kier recommends finding a big niche so that you have a large audience to market to, and he also recommends validating your product idea by checking with a marketplace like Clickbank.
      Video #5: Value Creation (8:10)
      Product research is the focus of this video. Kier talks about doing competitor analysis to learn what works, and he recommends checking out websites including Clickbank, Udemy and Amazon for successful products.
      Video #6: Cash Cow Creation (7:42)
      You are told that you can create one of three products as your own personal product: an ebook, a video or a piece of software. Google Docs is introduced as a way to create your ebook, and Camtasia and YouTube are recommended as two tools for making videos. Software creation is not covered, even though software is noted as being the highest value item you can offer to customers.

      Bonus video- In-depth creation (13:57)
      Here, Kier goes into the details of using various online tools for generating your ebook. He suggests structuring your ebook by finding an example ebook on Amazon and essentially copying its structure and rewriting its text. He recommends finding popular subjects to write about by using Google search results to input keywords. Basically, you’re copying and pasting to create your own ebook.
      Another topic that’s covered is how to use Google Slides to generate your own video on Camtasia.
      Video #7: Making It Work (9:12)
      Other methods for product creation are discussed, including the following:
      Interview an expert and create a product based on that person’s expertise. Outsource your product to cheap overseas workers. Video #8: Money Magnet Asset Generation (9:16)
      The sales funnel is introduced and several online tools are recommended for building landing (i.e., sales) pages that convert potential buyers. How do you create a great landing page? Kier recommends just going to your competitors’ pages and copying their design and strategy.
      Bonus Video- The Magic Bullet (3:31)
      An example sales page is built for you in this video, with the example niche being physical fitness.

      Video #9: Tying Everything Together (3:27)
      Different platforms are introduced for marketing your product, including Clickbank, Warrior Plus and Cash Network.
      Video #10: Leveraging Top Marketers (7:32)
      Here, you are told to find top marketers who can offer your product(s) to their audience. How do you find these top marketers? Kier locates products being sold on Clickbank and searches on their reviews. He notes that most of the reviews are being written by top product affiliates who you can also contact about promoting your own similar products.
      Bonus Video: Forbidden Traffic Method (4:17)
      Desmond presents a method for leeching traffic from a high profile website by posting content to it in the form of a guest blog. First, you check the traffic level that a particular website is getting, and then you check Alexa for its rank (100K or below is ideal). Once you have a good candidate, you write the website’s owner about becoming a guest blogger.
      Other secret traffic methods are also provided, including the Trojan Horse Traffic Method, the Spike Method, and the Timeline Method.
      Two additional bonuses
      With Operation $10K, you also get two WordPress apps that install as plugins. They include the following:
      Bonus #1: FB Profits App Bonus #2: Media Spark App You also get a final bonus called Fast Track Affiliate Marketing Power, which is a Facebook traffic course.
      Operation $10K isn’t a scam but…
      This program offers a lot of good introductory material for creating your own affiliate product and selling it through online marketplaces like Clickbank. However, it takes a lot more than a 3-5 minute video to go over some of the more detailed concepts of product creation and marketing. For example, there should have been a series of videos dedicated to the concept of sales page creation. Instead, you receive only one short video and a few templates.
      Ebook creation is covered fairly well in one of the videos, but video and software production are glossed over. This is unfortunate because software is even noted as being a more lucrative consumer product.
      There is also the pointless hype around Operation $10K. Why Matthew and Desmond introduce this product with flashy cars, screen shots of bank accounts, and parties in Las Vegas is beyond me.
      Matthew claims that this system somehow beats other competing affiliate marketing training systems…but I fail to see how. The information presented here is good, but it’s not revolutionary. In the end, you’ll still be doing a lot of work to create and market your affiliate product(s).
      Finally, while the Operation $10K product costs just $19, its upsells will cost you nearly $388 if you keep this program for a year.
      Want to learn about an online program that is completely free to try? Then check out my top recommendation here instead.
    • By quangdung96
      Have you heard about something called Yoonla recently? Wonder what Yoonla is? A scam or a legit opportunity? Is it for beginners or make money online veterans? These and many other questions will get answered in my Yoonla review.

      My In Depth Yoonla Review!
      This is the first time that I doing a review of Yoonla. I mean I will give live review on Yoonla progam which generates great results for me personally and can help you to do the same.
      Further as this is in pre-launch state, so as a beta tester I will give you my own results and tell you how I got them, Here we go!
      Who is the Owner of Yoonla?
      Reno Van Boven is the owner of Yoonla. He is New Zealand based internet entrepreneur and he started his first online venture back in 2006.
      His first online project kicked-off with a small profitable success after just a few months of launching.
      Barely 6 months later, Reno launched his second project with an incredible success.
      Helping people from all over the world successfully launch their own online business, with some of his clients reaching 5 figure monthly revenue within just a few months. What Is It?
      I had my first experience with Reno when he launched a program called Auto Affiliate X which in a way is similar to Yoonla but you can say that Yoonla is perfected and don’t have the flaws that Auto Affiliate X had.
      The Auto Affiliate X program paid me hundreds of dollars per month and I expect Yoonla to multiply it many times over since the commissions are higher.
      What is Yoonla?
      In short, it is a custom funnel set up which you get for free. You don’t have to do anything and as an online coach I happen to know that the technical stuff with setting up a funnel is something that a lot of people don’t know how to do. With Yoonla you don’t have to worry about any of this.
      They will do all the hard part right from setting up the lead capture page and autoresponder and they even launch a small advertising campaign to get you started to earn affiliate/CPA commission for you. A word of warning though, they do not do the promotion for you they just run  a small campaign. To get any results it is up to you to take action and follow the training in the videos Reno walk you through step by step.
      You just need to get a domain/hosting as well as an autoresponder account with Getresponse for email marketing campaigns to connect the Yoonla foundation system. That’s it. Right!
      I know, now you may think that you don’t want to get any of these but hey, it’s a business so you better treat it as such. Think of it like this, running an online business without an autoreponder and a hosting company is like running a restaurant without a kitchen, would you do that?
      Note: As it’s in pre-launch state so you can apply now and they will let you know within the next 15 minutes if your application has been accepted.
      If your application is successful then you will receive free unlimited lifetime access to the Yoonla™ Create a Digital Lifestyle platform.
      Further you will need a domain/hosting account and auto-responder to connect to your Yoonla™ Foundation system, which you can set up inside the membership area.
      What will you get for joining Yoonla?
      Unlimited access to Yoonla Foundation System. Yoonla Foundation software installed on your own personalized domain. Digital done for you information products that you can promote and earn CPA commissions. Personalized websites and high converting sales pages for 3 digital info products. A complete integration of capturing leads on each of websites so you can build your lead subscriber list and can tap into that list to generate more commissions. Complete automation process of your leads going into your digital sales funnel. Personalized automation campaign so that you can generate commissions even after someone initially signed up (automated email campaign follow up sequence). Integration of your digital marketing funnel with the Yoonla™ CPA affiliate program so you can earn up to $5 or more per membership lead. Special marketing campaign so that everything will be kicked into motion right away and you can start building your lead subscriber list and generate commissions right from the start (within 24 hours). Your affiliate account will be UPGRADED to the Yoonla™ VIP affiliate program where you will earn increased lead commissions plus 60% on any purchases your membership leads make inside Yoonla™. You will get access to Yoonla™ VIP Marketers Mastermind Facebook group (Where you can learn how to excel as a digital entrepreneur and connect with other top digital marketers). Before You Join:
      I signed up for the program and got my login credentials via email.
      Below you can see the screen shots.

      And surprisingly you’ll get all of this 100% free of charge.
      Actually join Yoonla you will also get 5 Steps Video training series, it’s really laid out for you step by step.
      Preparation. Install Software. Digital Setup. Automation. Traffic Profit Formula. All of the above training videos Reno Van Boven himself teaches you how to do this right.
      The First video is an introduction about Reno Van Boven as well as about Yoonla Foundation System by Reno Van Boven himself.
      In second Video training Reno teaches you how to purchase your hosting as well domain from Yahoo Aabac Small Business Account as well as Autoresponder  account with Getresponse  . (Don’t do it now as you have to sign up through his links during the sign up process, this is how Reno can make it free for you, he gets a commission only for getting you the things you need any way.)
      I really recommend that you go through all the videos as yoy will really understand how it works when doing so.
      When logging in you will get a message looking like this:
      “PLEASE NOTE! As you are one of the very first to have received pre-launch beta access to Yoonla™. You can wait approximately 3-5 days OR, we can offer to set everything up for you FREE of charge and have everything ready to go before everyone else.”
      Note: I have purchased my hosting/domain with Yahoo Business Domain as well as GetResponse account and send the details to them through Custom Setup Form. Right!
      Below you can see the email screenshots regarding my Custom Setup which I got directly from founder Reno Van Boven of Yoonla.

      Really they did what they promised. Within 24 hours I got my custom setup on my domain. Great!
      What I Liked:
      There was actually a lot to like about this product as I know it will help a lot of people starting to make their first money online just like I once did with Auto Affiliate X.
      First and foremost, the website really is free (no gimmicks), and you get paid to have other people sign up for free too. It’s called paid per lead and you earn anything from $2 – $8 per sign up depending on which country the user is based. Yes you heard right, you earn money without selling anything.
      The instructions were very simple, the steps were laid out very clearly, it’s just THAT simple.
      What is the Cost of Joining Yoonla?
      Absolutely this Free to Join. There is no cost to Join.
      Note: To set your own custom funnel, there is a cost for hosting/domain as well GetResponse (email marketing software).
      For hosting/domain with Yahoo Abaco Small Business for one month cost is $9.99 as well set up fee is $9.95 so total cost is $19.94 and after that $9.95/month.
      For creating GetResponse account the cost is $15 p.m for 1000 subscriber, don’t think just get it!
      Again let me clear this, to join Yoonla Program there is no cost but if you want to apply forCustom Setup from them then you have to pay for hosting/domain as well GetResponse account. Ok!
      They are not charging anything for setting up your own custom funnel. Its absolutely free.
      My Verdict.
      To me as an experienced marketer it looks genuine and legit and as I worked with Reno in the past I can assure you that he pays and its on time.
      As I always said before doing anything online always have Business Mindset (Not Free Bussinesses Have Costs), Positive Mindset and No Negativity. Ok!
      So with this frame of mind I am looking forward helping more people making money with Yoonla.
      If you want to join Yoonla program then you can join Free Yoonla Program here.
      Furthermore I recommend that you join Yoonla because it’s absolutely free and it pays if you just follow the training and get the traffic to start sending visitors to your landing page.
      Here are my results after promoting Yoonla for a few days
      I got 79 Subscribers into my GetResponse Account and earned $160 in commissions 24 approved and 136 pending review.
      Surely, amount is not big for me as an experienced marketer but if you think of it this way, this is what I earned from buying a 200 click solo ad to promote it. I’ve spent about $100 on traffic and earned $160 that means $60 in profit and the real money i make from my subscriber list by emailing them more offers. Apart from my new 79 subscribers I got from Yoonla I have 11 other lists with a total of 15,484 subscribers at the moment which makes me arount 10k per month.

      So, that’s it for now, if you want these results for youself, join here  and FOLLOW the training inside. Till then, have a nice day.
      Yes! If you have any questions or queries, then you can comment below or hit me up on Facebook. I would be so happy to help you.
      Finally, if you like my live Yoonla review then don’t forget to share it.
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