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Initial Token Offering: Pre-Bids
The first 10,000 signups at Banana Fund will have a 1 week window of opportunity, to place a 0.0133 btc (~ $10 USD) pre-bid into the Initial Token Offering in January. (The exact date will be announced closer to the time)

Pre-Bids will be ordered by your membership number - so the first person to signup, gets the first spot in the first block. Then all subsequent members queue up behind that bid, until they overflow into the subsequent blocks.

Any queue reservations, or other bids you make, will join the Initial Token Offering as a separate bid, placed after the pre-bids, on a first-come-first-served basis. You'll have the ability to cancel any bids you make prior to the tokens beind issued. (However you'll forfeit your place in the queue as a result)

The table below gives you an idea of where you're pre-bid will place, according to your membership number (assuming 100% participation; any less and your bid may move up to an even better spot!)


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Bitcoin deposits should be online by Tuesday 13th December.



We'll then run a one week countdown timer until the Queue Reservations open on December 20th. The form will go live the instant that timer hits zero - so you know when that will be, down to the second, a full week in advance.






In order to take full advantage of this situation, you will need to deposit just 0.01 bitcoins ($7.50 more or less) prior to December 20th. (So your balance is funded and ready).



Then as fast as you can, make the reservation bid using your account balance, the instant that function opens.



This will place you a bid to buy $7.50 worth of tokens in the cheapest block possible. (Likely 6-7-8).



Furthermore, as a result of this reservation bid; you will be able to top-up your full investment amount, at any time prior to January 25th. Investing unlimited funds, and all that money will be added to your reservation bid; giving you the best price possible on your purchase. Subsequently maximising your return the instant the marketplace goes live, as early as February.






In the meantime, fund a bitcoin wallet with at least 0.01 btc. That's all you need right now. Save the rest of your money until January. If you need help funding bitcoin, reply to this post, and I'll point you in the right direction.



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Last news:


Apologies for the lack of updates this last week... but the first version of the marketplace seems to be coming together, and the users are testing things on the dev server. So everything is progressing.

I believe we'll be issuing the tokens and putting the marketplace live sometime this week.
A few days after that, once we're happy everything is working as intended... We'll then deploy the cashouts module.
I'll update the website with this same news later on this evening!


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