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[CROWFUNNING FEAT MATRIX] Bitbang - system.bitbang.win

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****** BIGBANG PROJECT ******
**A Breakthrough Technology Mathematics
**A breakthrough model "crowdfunding" with the entire system is automated 100% and paid 100% for sales . 
- Chart binary system was filled in.
- When you have F1, the F1 it is ranked in your system on the principle of top-down, from Left to Right. 
- That Mechanisms will assist members. If you do not have newbie, you still have income because you are filling people down by upline.....

- Invest 0.2 btc, you will achieve the maximize profit with 160btc / month.
🔜 Share 1 F1 Receive 0.1 BTC ,10 F1 Rec 1 BTC, 100F1 Rec 10 BTC
( Share 2F1 receive 0.2bit immediately)
🔜 automatic upgrade commissions 25%
✳️ Upgrade Level 2 sent 0.1 BTC Receive 0.4 from 4F2
✳️ Upgrade Level 3 sent 0.3 BTC Receive 2.4 BTC from 8F3
✳️ Upgrade Level 4 sent 1.4 BTC Receive 22.4 BTC from 16F4
✳️ Upgrade Level 5 sent 5 BTC Receive 160 BTC from 32F5
🔜 25% for the last people 
when 1 ID join, system will keep 0.05 for community to help top below member in upgrade by supporting them

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